Watch: The Democrat’s New Normal Is Here! Riots, Violence and Burning Children

According to the police chief in Richmond, Virginia, a horrific event occurred during the Black Lives Matter protests. He told reporters that these protesters (in addition to Antifa) were responsible for a fire that destroyed a multi family home. To make matters worse, they are also alleged to have blocked the path of the firefighters who arrived on the scene to put out the blaze.

William Smith is the aforementioned police chief and he could not get through the story without breaking down, understandably so. This night of chaos had a tragic outcome and stories like these make us want to cry, too. This incident truly illustrates the horrors that the nation is currently facing. We need to make serious changes if we are going to get past the issues that plague us.

Occupied buildings are being set on fire during these protests and it is time to ask some serious questions as to why. What are these types of actions accomplishing? How is anyone supposed to take a protest seriously when people use tragic events as the impetus for violence and destruction? We highly doubt that the mainstream media will be willing to report on this.

It would destroy the narrative that they are trying to build, the narrative where everything is the fault of the right wing. We are happy to report that the officers who arrived on the scene were able to save the children before it was too late. This is a story that could have had a far more tragic ending, if not for the quick thinking of the officers who were willing to put their own lives in jeopardy.

It’s not like these liberal enclaves were not warned about what would happen if they allowed the leftists to seize control. These are the events that are going to keep taking place, over and over again. How can anyone feel safe when they are living in a city where their lives are constantly at stake? If we lived in the state of Virginia right now, we would be considering all of our options.

Residents of this state are clearly sitting ducks and seeing your own police chief crying on television can’t make anyone feel protected. No one is criticizing the police chief for having a heart but these are the authority figures that are supposed to be keeping a stiff upper lip. If the violence is rattling them, we cannot begin to imagine how everyday citizens are feeling about things right now.

Hopefully, awful incidents like these serve as a wake up call to the elected officials who are responsible for running American states and cities. They have the power and the authority to make real changes. Sadly, many of them sit on their hands and wait for tragedies to happen before stepping up to offer unwanted platitudes.

Seeing a police chief break down and cry like this should show everyone that America is broken. That’s not to say that we cannot make it through this challenging time. The nation has been through a lot over the course of its history. The actions of a few evil protesters are not enough to shake our belief in this great country.

It’s been pretty interesting to watch the same liberal states who did not need Trump’s help to mitigate the coronavirus spread acting like he needs to intervene. Why weren’t these liberal states asking for the National Guard to help them when they were looking to control the spread of the virus? They were not so concerned then but now it’s the president’s job to bail them out, apparently.

Cities like Richmond now have to take a deeper look within and ask themselves if this is what they wanted to become. They have created an unsafe environment for their residents and we pray that no more harm comes to any innocent families during this period of unrest.