Charlamagne Calls on Blacks to Remember Biden’s Racist History After “You Ain’t Black” Remarks

In a world that is full of strange feuds (Lady Gaga vs. Lana Del Rey, President Trump vs. the leftists, Nancy Pelosi vs. common sense), this one certainly takes the cake. Ever since Joe Biden made his controversial appearance on the Breakfast Club, he and radio host Charlamagne tha God have been engaged in a nasty dispute.

Every time Biden speaks, disaster ensues. That’s why we are not stunned by what took place here. All he had to do was get through this interview without tripping over his tongue. Instead, he elected to question the blackness of anyone who would deign to vote for another Donald Trump term. This is certainly not his place but he didn’t let that stop him.

He must have spent a little too much time around Barack Obama. Maybe he thinks he’s a honorary black man now? We cannot think of any other explanation for his insane statement. While Barack Obama might have tolerated this kind of nonsense in his presence, Charlamagne is having none of it.

To make matters worse, Biden would not even take responsibility for the crack. He claimed that it was Charlamagne’s fault for baiting him into the answer. This could not be less true. He wanted the world to think that he and his friend were just being “wise guys” together. That is not what took place here.

Don Lemon interviewed Biden on the matter and refused to push back against any of the statements that he made. We would expect nothing less from CNN. Biden lied about being “baited” into the remark live on the air but no one saw fit to call him out for it. He’s the one who decided to be condescending to Charlamagne.

LEMON: We have a short time left here, Mr. Vice President, because I know you have to do other interviews. Listen, I know how familiar you are with black community. It is clear that many African Americans, and rightfully so, see you as an ally. Today you showed a level of empathy that African Americans want to see and by contrast, that comment that you made a week ago, that appeared to take black voters for granted. In light of these horrible events of the last week, it’s important for black voters to know which leader are you going to be?

BIDEN: The leader I’ve always been. I apologized immediately for responding to Charlamagne, who was baiting me, and if you looked at that film, you’ll see I was smiling at him. I was referring to him. I wasn’t referring to all African Americans. But I should have never said it. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever taking the African American community for granted. I have been their ally and they have been mine and I’ve worked hard to earn every single vote I’ve ever gotten, and that’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what I’m going to continue to do. No one should be taken for granted based on their race, religion or background at all.

Can you imagine what Lemon would have said if a Republican had tried to tell a lie like this in his presence? We never would have heard the end of it. CNN lives to call out everyone on the right who upsets them and they never engage in the same sort of behavior with the left. They treat Biden with kid gloves. That’s why he feels compelled to run wild now.

He doesn’t think that there is anything he could say that would cost him the presidency. Biden is banking on the fact that people will be sick of Trump and vote him in by default. There is a major conflict building on the left and we already have our popcorn ready. Biden badly needs the African-American voter to remain on his side but he is not doing a very good job of that so far.

As for Charlamagne, he is not about to let Biden off the hook so easily. He is going on the offensive and rightfully so. He was not “baiting” Biden, he was asking a legitimate question about his racist history. The 1994 crime bill is a massive stain on his political record and he’s not going to be able to scrub it off by popping up on DJ D-Nice’s Instagram Live.

Charlamagne pointed out Biden’s racist voting record in the Senate to CNN viewers who may not have known better. He is not closing the door on a Biden presidency, either. He wants to give Biden a chance to show that he can do better by the African-American community. This is more mercy than he deserves. In Charlamagne’s eyes, he can undo a lot of the damage by selecting one of the “overly qualified sisters” as his running mate.

He has a great deal of influence over a voting bloc that Biden desperately needs, so he would do well to listen to what he says. If he decides to go against the grain and pick someone like Amy Klobuchar (who he is currently vetting, for what its worth), all hell will break loose. In the meantime, we are more than happy to keep sitting here and quietly munch on our popcorn.