The Left Wants You to Pay 14 Trillion in Reparations to Black Americans

Johnson believes that his plan would go a long way towards deescalating the tensions that exist within our country. He’s preaching about the importance of wealth transfer and claims that that is what’s needed. Of course, there is already widespread disagreement about the plan and those who are not African-American do not believe in its effectiveness.

As a billionaire himself, what is Bob Johnson going to do to help out? It’s easy to waltz into a situation and say that the government should be responsible for cutting a check. It’s not nearly as easy as it looks, though. Where is this money supposed to come from, exactly? Is the rest of America going to be forced to pay higher taxes in order to create the additional monies that are needed?

That’s going to be a tough sell. Imagine telling a hard-working American that they are going to have to spend the money that they have toiled for, so that someone else gets a free ride. It’s one of those ideas that sounds nice on paper but is difficult in execution. Slavery is the nation’s original sin and these conversations are going to keep happening over and over again until something is actually done.

However, plans like these are essentially a fantasy. We’re not sure how ripping $14 trillion away from one half of the country to hand it to another half is going to help anything. If these reparation checks are issued, it would also do a number on inflation. What’s to stop businesses from raising their prices if they know that they are about to receive an influx of cash from their customer base?

There is nothing to keep a business from engaging in these sorts of shady tactics and we would be right back to square one once everyone realized it. The amount of money that Johnson is suggesting does not even go that far these days. Sure, it may put you in a decent house but what happens when property taxes come due? What happens once the car that has been purchased needs costly repairs?

Once these secondary needs start to pile up, there is not going to be another check coming down the pike. Bob Johnson is not someone who understands those types of concerns. As a billionaire, he is well insulated from the issues that affect the average African-American. He won’t have an easy solution like this one to offer up again once all of the money has come and gone.

Instead, he will simply try to pass the blame elsewhere. Pointing fingers is as easy as it gets. Coming up with lasting solutions is much harder. If it were that easy, everyone would have done it by now. We need to be coming together to think of solutions that are actually sustainable. Quick fixes like these are only going to allow us to kick the can down the road and deal with the true issue later.

We just hope that Bob Johnson and the like are around for that conversation. If he’s not going to be the one to cut the checks, it is time to start thinking of the legitimacy of this plan. The transfer of wealth is a temporary fix at best and actively harmful at worst.

America would implode on itself if one segment of the population was given a massive check while everyone else struggles. There are at least 40 million fresh unemployment claims clogging up the pipeline as we speak. This is not the time to be proposing sizable cash payments to some, while others go hungry.

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  2. Is he for real . No one will see that money . He’s a rich person, share some of your wealth ,along with some of those bulging rich democraps

  3. This country is broke. We barely pay the interest on the debt. We need to quite funding the world and take care of our country, before it is too late.Bring back our manufacturing so people can have good paying jobs. Slavery was bad, but it is gone.Quit harping on the subject. Take away the welfare and make everyone go to work.

  4. This guy is insane. If this group of individuals do not like it here they can leave. I am all for paying them to leave!
    We would all be better off in the long run.

  5. Since it was the democrats that brought them here the money should come out of the democrats pockets.

  6. How are “eligible descendants” calculated? Some 3,000 blacks were slave _owners_; I wonder how many are descendants. And lots of blacks — maybe even most of them — aren’t descended from _American_ slaves at all. And what about those of mixed race?

  7. I notice his last name is Johnson. Historical FACT… The first slave owner in the United States was Anthony Johnson a black man. Who sold slaves into slavery, black men and it is still going on today in Africa. So, with the historical facts (I have many more) now in place start with them, not the white people who freed you. By the way there where white slaves, Asian slaves, Irish, Italian, German & the list goes on & on. The difference, everyone other than the black community has moved on and made a better life for themselves. Please understand, there are NO physically held slaves in the United States alive today nor are there any physically alive slave masters alive today. I say physically, because the black community has been enslaved by the DEMOCRAT SLAVE MASTERS for 60 years and counting. They have you right where they want you, Impoverished. The real problem with the black community is, the black community and the democrats. What you think is a hand out is actually a hold down. This includes most, not all black leaders today. They are apart of the problem!!! Look into Candace Owens a brilliant young woman she can explain all this much better than I.

    Who, freed the slaves, Republicans
    Who, voted against every civil right amendment, Democrats
    The worst, most violent, poorest, cities in our country have been under Democrat rule for 60 year and look where most of the destructive rioting is coming from. Look it up!!

    Wake the fuck up!! You deserve more but reparations is not, and never will be the answer. It’s starts with the black community, “look at the man in the mirror”.

    73% of all black children are born out of wedlock
    76% of black homes have no father figure
    black on black crime is the #1 killer of black men

    I could go on and on about the facts, but most black people and certainly ALL democrats don’t want to discuss the facts.

    Just remember…if you don’t vote for Trump you maybe a chump but remember Biden all ready considers you a chimp.

    Peace and progress to our black brothers and sisters!! It all starts with the truth and personal responsibility and accountability. When this happens I guarantee you your lives will change for the better.

    • I couldn’t agree with your comments more. It’s time for black people to stand up for themselves instead of trying to blame everyone else for their problems. The black people who are impoverished are that way because they want to “blame whitey”. Black people who are upstanding citizens in their community do not make excuses, they BETTER THEMSELVES!!!

    • Oprah laid claim to being a descendant of slaves. She had her DNA tested and was found to be Zulu. They did not go in for that slavery bit and the Moslem Arab slave traders left them alone. The Zulus were real bad-asses.

  8. Spot-on comment. Probably the best one I’ve ever read on this subject.
    I wonder just how they intend to make this happen. It would appear to me that MASSIVE DNA testing would have to occur on EVERY black person in the country (at least the ones who are wanting that money….and that would be ALL of them). How would DNA be obtained from the slaves themselves? Some form of proof of their ancestry would have to be obtained. And yes, what about people of mixed race?
    This is opening a very smelly can of worms!

    • Oprah laid claim to being a descendant of slaves. She had her DNA tested and was found to be Zulu. They did not go in for that slavery bit and the Moslem Arab slave traders left them alone. The Zulus were real bad-asses.

  9. Most of what I could say is already well said.

  10. They need to go after the Dutch traders company that brought the blacks to this country collect your trillions from them.

    • There is more money to be gained from the slave raiders and the slave traders. They will be easy to find because they still control the slave trade in African Blacks today. As they have for the past 6000 years.

      African Blacks were being captured and sold in India, China, and other places east for millennia. There are more slaves in the world today and none are in Western or Christian nations. Their descendants are not found in the East because the prospective owners wanted them castrated. Some wanted the penises cut off just to make sure.

      There are open-air slave markets in Libya that began as soon as 0bama got rid of Kadaffi. The European nations put an end to African slavery in the early 1800s.

      Mohammad knew better than attempt to change 3 things from the Arab culture when he created Islam. 1). Polygamy; 2). Slavery; and 3). the Kaaba.

      • The Arabs controlled the slave trade in African Blacks from the earliest times. After Mohammad, it was the Moslem Arabs that controlled the slave trade in African Blacks as they still do.

  11. A huge majority of the white population of the USA are children of European immigrants who arrived in this country long after the end of slavery and have not one iota of a connection to anything to do with slavery. Forcing these people to pay Reparations for Blacks who also had no actual connection to slavery is complete nonsense, and if this burden was ever forcibly visited upon the White population, I believe we would experience another Civil War. In all fairness this Country has been paying what amounts to Reparations for most of the last, and current Century. Funds in the Trillions of dollars have been directed to the Black communities throughout the USA to hopefully enable their better integration into the mainstream society and in very many cases that effort has been successful and should count for something, but it just does not seem to. Musing about Reparations is realistically non productive and only serves to raise the ire on both sides of the question. Its similar to arguing if UFO’s are real. Everyone has an opinion.

  12. The only reparations they will get from me is a Dixie cup full of Confederate money!

  13. Fact: At the peak of slavery in the United States only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves. Fact: 3,000 blacks owned 20,000 plus slaves.

    Question: How much are blacks willing to cough up for their own reparations?

    I do know one thing. Slavery was already abolished by the time I was born so do not come to me looking for dollars.

    • Absolutely No, my family never had slaves.We were damned poor. I’m tired this RACE CARD that everyone play. All lives Matter.Stop you whining

  14. To hell with the insane idea of reparations for blacks or anyone else. I don’t owe one damned cent to any black for any wrong they claim they have suffered. Almost 160 years ago the War Between the States ended and with it slavery. There is no black or any other person living today that can rightfully claim to have been the victim of slavery. It is time for our government to quash this idiotic idea immediately.

  15. Walter Williams, reported that $22 trillion dollars have been spent of President John’s Great Society programs since 1965.

    For the younger generation and the victims of public education, usually the same thing. The Great Society programs were to keep the Blacks voting Democrat for 200 years. It was a series of programs to improve Black sections of cities and bring them into the American mainstream.

    Again for the young ones and victims. Walter Williams is a Black economist and college professor. A gentleman and scholar that I wish had taken a position in government, but then, he makes too much sense.

    • Excuse Me for the Addendum:

      $14 Trillion dollars + $22 Trillion dollars = $36 Trillion dollars.

      Again for the Youth & the Victims.

  16. Will I, a Caucasian whose grandparents were indentured servants receive any of the reparation funds? They were white, living on a huge spread or what used to be called a plantation. They had twelve children, all of which were required to work as soon as they were old enough to pick up & use a hoe or axe, herd cattle, care for the farm animals, plant vegetable gardens & wheat, tobacco & corn fields. All the grandchildren were expected to work the farm as well with no pay except to know that their grandparents could continue to live there. Except for the color of our skin, we grew up just like the black work hands and their children. None of us made our skin color an issue. We were friends that worked & played together. We didn’t know about words like racism, reparations, equal rights or even slavery. Everything we knew was just how my Mothers family lived. That was all I ever knew, with nothing to feel angry about. As I got older I saw the divide begin but I never agreed with the divisiveness. Some of the black kids I worked & played with as a child are still my friends.

  17. Get a fxxxing job .

  18. F**K YOU***** I will never get on my knee from your bullshit. Lowlife Motherf**ker. I also don’t support anything that you use to support Floyd. Another piece of shit. Gutter Trash.

  19. No way will I pay a red cent to Black Reparation as I had nothing to do with having slaves. Why don’t they try the Moslems and the other slave traders or the other African Tribes who captured them in the first place selling them to the stinkin Moslems

  20. You have a better chance of seeing GOD in your living room that this ever happening!!! Don’t like it here, get the fuck out!

  21. How will the government determine who needs to pay reparations? For example our families ( husband and me) came here after the civil war and before 1900. We never owned slaves here or in Sweden where our families originated. Other people who came here in similar cases must not be held liable for payment of this. They won’t accept it .

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