The Left Wants You to Pay 14 Trillion in Reparations to Black Americans

Johnson believes that his plan would go a long way towards deescalating the tensions that exist within our country. He’s preaching about the importance of wealth transfer and claims that that is what’s needed. Of course, there is already widespread disagreement about the plan and those who are not African-American do not believe in its effectiveness.

As a billionaire himself, what is Bob Johnson going to do to help out? It’s easy to waltz into a situation and say that the government should be responsible for cutting a check. It’s not nearly as easy as it looks, though. Where is this money supposed to come from, exactly? Is the rest of America going to be forced to pay higher taxes in order to create the additional monies that are needed?

That’s going to be a tough sell. Imagine telling a hard-working American that they are going to have to spend the money that they have toiled for, so that someone else gets a free ride. It’s one of those ideas that sounds nice on paper but is difficult in execution. Slavery is the nation’s original sin and these conversations are going to keep happening over and over again until something is actually done.

However, plans like these are essentially a fantasy. We’re not sure how ripping $14 trillion away from one half of the country to hand it to another half is going to help anything. If these reparation checks are issued, it would also do a number on inflation. What’s to stop businesses from raising their prices if they know that they are about to receive an influx of cash from their customer base?

There is nothing to keep a business from engaging in these sorts of shady tactics and we would be right back to square one once everyone realized it. The amount of money that Johnson is suggesting does not even go that far these days. Sure, it may put you in a decent house but what happens when property taxes come due? What happens once the car that has been purchased needs costly repairs?

Once these secondary needs start to pile up, there is not going to be another check coming down the pike. Bob Johnson is not someone who understands those types of concerns. As a billionaire, he is well insulated from the issues that affect the average African-American. He won’t have an easy solution like this one to offer up again once all of the money has come and gone.

Instead, he will simply try to pass the blame elsewhere. Pointing fingers is as easy as it gets. Coming up with lasting solutions is much harder. If it were that easy, everyone would have done it by now. We need to be coming together to think of solutions that are actually sustainable. Quick fixes like these are only going to allow us to kick the can down the road and deal with the true issue later.

We just hope that Bob Johnson and the like are around for that conversation. If he’s not going to be the one to cut the checks, it is time to start thinking of the legitimacy of this plan. The transfer of wealth is a temporary fix at best and actively harmful at worst.

America would implode on itself if one segment of the population was given a massive check while everyone else struggles. There are at least 40 million fresh unemployment claims clogging up the pipeline as we speak. This is not the time to be proposing sizable cash payments to some, while others go hungry.