American Hostage in Iran Released: Navy Veteran White Released After Trump Intervenes (Video)

President Trump made a recent announcement that is sure to warm the hearts of all those who are in search of good news at the moment. Navy veteran Michael White had been trapped in Iran for 18 months now. This detainment was certainly not lawful by any stretch of the imagination. At long last, Trump has been able to bring him back home.

He was placed on a Swiss plane and given the chance to come back to his home country. “I will never stop working to secure the release of all Americans held hostage overseas!” said Trump in a tweet that he sent about the matter. If all goes according to plan, Michael White is going to be reunited with his loved ones very soon.

Stories like this one seem to be harder and harder to come by. We are swamped by all of the bad news that is circulating right now and we could definitely use a smile. Having a president who works tirelessly to secure the release of any and all Americans who find themselves trapped overseas definitely goes a long way towards reassuring the rest of the country.

According to reports from the nation’s State Department, Michael White was arrested back in 2018, in the city of Mashad. Iran’s Supreme Leader felt insulted by White and as a result, he was given a 13 year sentence. The sentencing took place in 2019 and White also stood accused of posting private information online.

The unfortunate situation unfolded while White was paying a visit to the country, in hopes of spending some time with his girlfriend. He spent 683 days as a hostage and his mother Joanne is very happy to have him back. She spent the last few years living through a nightmare scenario that no mother should ever have to go through.

Now that her son is safe and sound, she is thanking President Trump. This is a story that you are certainly not going to see on any of the mainstream media outlets. They are far too busy pushing any story that makes the president look bad. Whenever he does something that the rest of the nation can take pride in, they do everything in their power to diminish the story and keep it away from the general public.

Any American who finds themselves in a difficult legal situation while traveling abroad has the full support of the United States government behind them. This is no small comfort during a time like this. There is so much unrest taking place, both at home and abroad. Americans need to know that their leaders are always going to have their backs, no matter what is happening.

This is certainly not something that Americans could have relied on during the Obama presidency. He was too busy figuring out ways to send drones to the foreign countries that had perturbed him. In a world where President Trump takes no shortage of criticism over foreign policy decisions, it never ceases to amaze us how easily Obama was able to skate past the same sort of critiques.

If he had been the one to get this man back home, we are willing to bet that CNN would have led off their news coverage with this story. Since it does not fit with their narrative, they are willing to ignore it. That’s how the mainstream media works. When the orange man does something that they can jump all over? They are all about it.

When he does something that even the least objective person can agree with? The mainstream media networks get awfully quiet. At this point, no one can claim to be surprised by what they are seeing. It’s been like this for four years now and we probably have another four years ahead of us. It’s not like Joe Biden is going to be running away with the presidential race anytime soon, that is for sure.