Barr Speaks up and Calls Violent Rioters for What They Are

The attorney general has an amazing knack for saying exactly what we are thinking. Many of us have been watching the protests and wondering why the rioters are being given a full pass for what they are doing. The media wants everyone to believe that the protests are all peaceful but this is not the truth.

The violence and destruction that is taking place around the country has received a sizable amount of attention but no one seems to be willing to call what it is. That’s what makes voices like Attorney General Barr’s so important. Small business owners have been left to pick up the pieces and no one seems to care about any of their concerns.

No one is talking about the deaths and hospitalizations that are taking place because of the protests, either. When Attorney General Barr sat down for an interview on Face The Nation, he had a lot of things to get off his chest. Margaret Brennan provided him with the necessary forum to speak on everything that has been taking place over the past few weeks.

He denied the Lafayette Park story that has been circulating. For those who might have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Barr was accused of ordering the release of tear gas, so that a path could be cleared for a Trump photo op at a nearby church. Barr also denies signing off on the deployment of active military in the city.

According to the attorney general, he had no idea that the president was planning on taking a walk on this fateful day. It was a decision that he came to all on his own. Barr did admit that they wanted the federal troops to remain close by, in case they were needed. As long as the resources that they had on hand were sufficient, there were no plans to deploy any military might to move the protesters.

They were not peaceful protesters. And that’s one of the big lies that the- the media is- seems to be perpetuating at this point.

There were three warnings given. But let’s get back to why we took that action. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, OK, there were violent riots in- at Lafayette Park where the park police were under constant attack at the- behind their bike rack fences. On Sunday, things reached a crescendo. The officers were pummeled with bricks. Crowbars were used to pry up the pavers at the park and they were hurled at police. There were fires set in not only St. John’s Church, but a historic building at Lafayette was burned down.

Brennan tried her best to get Barr to admit to the tear-gassing of innocent protesters but he was not willing to bite. He was prepared for the questions that were asked of him and offered thoughtful responses. The 82nd Airborne military police may have been in the area but that does not mean that there were any immediate plans for deployment. This goes against the narratives that have been circulating.

General Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper were on the same page. Neither of these men wanted to use any military force, if they could possibly help it. The president does have the ability to overrule state governments if needed. He is able to use military force when necessary but it depends on the circumstances.

Barr also sent some shots at the media for not being willing to tell the whole story about the protests. The Treasury Department was broken into, which was not mentioned in many of the reports. Barr went on to claim that tear gas was not used to displace the protesters. Pepper balls were used instead. Three warnings were provided to the crowd to disperse before they were fired. The protesters were not willing to listen.

Brennan even seemed to learn about the break-in that took place at the Treasury Department. There’s no real journalism at the moment. Everyone already has their preferred narrative in mind and they are not going to budge from it. There’s a glut of footage circulating right now, which makes it even easier to bury your head in the sand.

That’s what the left does when they are confronted with evidence of other narratives that do not align with their own. Hopefully, this interview is able to clear up any misconceptions about what has taken place in the nation’s capital as of late. 2020 has been an insane year and we are still trying our best to wrap our minds around everything that has been happening so far.