Minneapolis City Council “We Don’t Know Who’ll Respond to Crime After We Disbanded Police”

Call us crazy but if we were going to disband the police force in our city, we would probably have some sort of backup plan in place. While we do not believe that the cities should have a full plan already, it would be nice if they could answer some of the questions that they are being asked. If you’re going to dissolve law enforcement, you might want to be able to provide some sort of concrete response.

Minneapolis did not get that memo. They have given in to the angry mob and gotten rid of their police force before they were able to come up with a decent replacement. CNN anchors have been asking these officials about their plan repeatedly over the past 24 hours or so. If there was ever a network that would be sympathetic to these concerns, it would be them.

Even they seem like they are reaching the limit of what they will deal with and it hasn’t even taken that long. A city of 400,000 people needs answers and they are not being given anything to work with. At least Lisa Bender was willing to admit that she had no clue what she was talking about. Her initial response was severely lacking.

“Calling 911 is a form of white privilege” might sound great to the protesters but it comes as little solace to those who are going to have to figure out their lives all over again now. Imagine how frustrating it would be to live in a major city, only to have them get rid of their police force entirely. Are these local officials going to be shelling out for everyone’s moving costs when they inevitably flee?

Of course they won’t. The Democratic establishment is now left to pick up the pieces and these bleeding hearts on City Council are not going to be able to offer any assistance. The radical rhetoric that has been allowed to take root in this country is finally creating real consequences that no one in power wants to deal with. It won’t be long before city officials are renouncing everything that they said in the past.

Keisha Bottoms has found herself in the VP race, as Biden looks to tap an African-American female for the role. Whether he chooses her, Stacey Abrams, Condoleezza Rice or Cardi B, he is going to need to choose someone who can stay on message. Bottoms is among those who believes that the police forces of our major cities cannot be dismantled. Biden himself is backpedaling on the radical mumbo jumbo, too.

The Democrats have not even been able to mount a serious challenge for the presidency yet and they are already retreating into their usual moderate behavior. Maybe if they stayed in this lane, they would not have so much damage control to take care of right now. What good is the whole “defund the police” idea if the primary Democrats who are at the head of the table do not even agree with the idea?

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is also making sure that she gets herself in the news for opining on what should be done next. Like many other moderates, she is campaigning for funding to be redirected as needed. Instead of disbanding the entire police force, she would like to see additional funding offered for mental health agencies and social services. She’s not about to put much emphasis on the disbanding idea (unless it proves to be more politically viable, of course).

That’s all this comes down to at the end of the day. The leftists are going to say whatever they think will get the most people on their side and they will change their minds as soon as the wind starts to blow in a different direction. Anyone who believes that politicians truly care about the struggles that minority groups experience in America has been sold a bill of goods.