Minneapolis City Council “We Don’t Know Who’ll Respond to Crime After We Disbanded Police”

Call us crazy but if we were going to disband the police force in our city, we would probably have some sort of backup plan in place. While we do not believe that the cities should have a full plan already, it would be nice if they could answer some of the questions that they are being asked. If you’re going to dissolve law enforcement, you might want to be able to provide some sort of concrete response.

Minneapolis did not get that memo. They have given in to the angry mob and gotten rid of their police force before they were able to come up with a decent replacement. CNN anchors have been asking these officials about their plan repeatedly over the past 24 hours or so. If there was ever a network that would be sympathetic to these concerns, it would be them.

Even they seem like they are reaching the limit of what they will deal with and it hasn’t even taken that long. A city of 400,000 people needs answers and they are not being given anything to work with. At least Lisa Bender was willing to admit that she had no clue what she was talking about. Her initial response was severely lacking.

“Calling 911 is a form of white privilege” might sound great to the protesters but it comes as little solace to those who are going to have to figure out their lives all over again now. Imagine how frustrating it would be to live in a major city, only to have them get rid of their police force entirely. Are these local officials going to be shelling out for everyone’s moving costs when they inevitably flee?

Of course they won’t. The Democratic establishment is now left to pick up the pieces and these bleeding hearts on City Council are not going to be able to offer any assistance. The radical rhetoric that has been allowed to take root in this country is finally creating real consequences that no one in power wants to deal with. It won’t be long before city officials are renouncing everything that they said in the past.

Keisha Bottoms has found herself in the VP race, as Biden looks to tap an African-American female for the role. Whether he chooses her, Stacey Abrams, Condoleezza Rice or Cardi B, he is going to need to choose someone who can stay on message. Bottoms is among those who believes that the police forces of our major cities cannot be dismantled. Biden himself is backpedaling on the radical mumbo jumbo, too.

The Democrats have not even been able to mount a serious challenge for the presidency yet and they are already retreating into their usual moderate behavior. Maybe if they stayed in this lane, they would not have so much damage control to take care of right now. What good is the whole “defund the police” idea if the primary Democrats who are at the head of the table do not even agree with the idea?

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is also making sure that she gets herself in the news for opining on what should be done next. Like many other moderates, she is campaigning for funding to be redirected as needed. Instead of disbanding the entire police force, she would like to see additional funding offered for mental health agencies and social services. She’s not about to put much emphasis on the disbanding idea (unless it proves to be more politically viable, of course).

That’s all this comes down to at the end of the day. The leftists are going to say whatever they think will get the most people on their side and they will change their minds as soon as the wind starts to blow in a different direction. Anyone who believes that politicians truly care about the struggles that minority groups experience in America has been sold a bill of goods.

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  1. Since the violent protests initiated by BLM and Antifa have led to$billions in damage, riot, burning business and homes, wounded and dead citizens and police, it might be time to stop being stupid and reestablish police authority to enforce laws.


    • This is what happened in Nazi Germany. Hitler got rid if police force and organized his own force…the SS Squad and the Gestapo. Welcome to Socialist/Fascist America..

  2. Cant have it both ways .you either have law in the city or crime in the city..stop disrespecting cops.cops need to do their job.they are people too with the hardest job in the land.blm dont want cops because they afraid their young gun toting boys might not come back home.that says only black lives matter..

  3. DEMO C RATS ARE NEVER HONEST BUt if they were ever (NOT GONNA HAPPEN) they would say>>>> BUY GUNS and AMMO in case your Home or PROPERTY is in DANGER …….the few left COPS are safeguarding the (D) higher ups LIVING QUARTERS and you POOR TAX Payers are on your own!!! and Neither Pelosi, Schumuck-O nor biden give a hOOT about you !!

  4. That should not be a problem. The cops can go to other cities and the criminals can kill each other off .Disconnect 911 and let em at it .less cops will be shot and that will take care of over crowded prisons.and courts that let let’s em go anyway ,and tax money.go for it dumb demrats..

  5. If we are to defund the police, let’s start with taking all the police style protections from all who support this bill. We can put all the money saved from all the Democrat politicians, Governor Mansion details, all the Democrats who would have normally called 911 into the hopper and really make a difference. The rest of us (about 1/2) can keep the working police helping us and the other 1/2 can help the insane and others have a better life. Win Win.

  6. If the idiots on the Minneapolis City Council would use their pea brains for something other than to hear them rattle when they move their head the answer to that question would be obvious. A hearse would be called to haul the dead thug to the morgue. Where anarchy reigns every person has to look after themselves, their families and their property because there is no one else to do it. And anarchy will reign when there is no one to enforce law and order. What amazes me even more is these are some of the same people who want to do away with our right to arm ourselves. The choices are plain. It is either a well-armed, well-trained police force or it is a well-armed citizenry.

  7. Cumila Harris is a POS only got where she is by gargling Jerry Browns knob. I live in horrible libafornia and she is a true IDIOT!!!!!!!

  8. WHO DO YOU CALL IF SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO KILL YOU? A mental health expert as some Democrats in Minneapolis are suggesting…And WHO DO YOU CALL IS A THIEF OR RAPIST IS ROBBING, LOOTING ,ATTACKING YOUR WIFE OR DAUGHTER? A social worker or why stop there ,why not Antifa or a Black Lives Matter Volunteer?
    Defunding and even disbanding the police protection is to be replaced by what exactly???WOULD THESE INSANE DEMOCRAT LEFT WING RADICAL HIPPIES, running the insane asylum called LOCAL AND STATE GOVTS. want THEIR HOMES AND FAMILIES ATTACKED? No, they have private guards and big gated walls protecting their mansions that we taxpayers pay for! No worries there! Liberals will prostitute themselves and any normal values just to get votes and stay in power…And do White, Asian and Hispanic lives matter? Apparently not… Yet they speak of “social justice”, for thugs and criminals that riot, loot and burn, costing decent businesses $$$ millions . WHAT HYPOCRITES! Most police are HEROES, dedicated,professionals that are under-paid and not appreciated for risking their lives to keep us safe from these dirtbags!

  9. If we don’t have our POLICE, then I guess from what I’ve seen,
    We best start packing guns to protect ourselves.
    I’m going to get one today. I will need. It’s what the democrats and the rest of the fruit loops are instigating .
    Riots, hatred like no other, power , our money, their rewritten laws, constitution rewritten their way, the lies, full control of AMERICA and its people.

  10. Yep,
    Well armed honest police,
    Well armed citizens.
    The people will be prepared. It’s happening now.
    The democrats are out to make sure there is not nor will there ever be a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA again.
    Hold on to your asses.
    Open your eyes.
    Listen to what is being said and make sure you hear it.

  11. I can’t believe that the people are so blindsided and I mean, really really out there and right out stupid\dumb.
    If you can’t see what the demos. are doing, then you’ll deserve everything that comes your way.
    They try to dress up as African American People at Mr. Floyd’s funeral. Really??
    And your not African Americans.
    Your white. Quit trying to be black. Your not.!!!!!!!!!!!
    You demos. need to act like decent white people that your not.
    And NanNanPig Losi,
    If you can’t get back up when you kneel,,
    You should retire (years back, your old), before you hurt yourself.
    You are outdated Pig Losi.
    You don’t get it, you can’t comprehend anything, (Joey).
    You and Joe go hide up in your place and do what you do best,
    Eat ice cream..
    Yum, Yum..

  12. Why on earth would anyone with half a brain vote Democrat. And if they had even a ghost of a brain would they vote for Biden who has NO BRAIN .the day that he was sworn in he would be declared incompetent or killed so the vp would be president

  13. All money donated to BLM goes to Action Blue. Action Blue is DNC. DemocRATS control BLM. Don’t know about Antifa, but bet they also are controlled by democRATS .This is illegal..

  14. At least the money the liberals are spending on posting bail, helping the rioters, etc. won’t be available to pay for more ads lying about how bad a job Trump is doing for the country.

  15. Since these idiot democrats want to abolish police then they need to get rid of thier bodyguards and anyone needing help calls the mayor’s and council members and windy mouth Winfrey and sorry loser abrams for help. I’m sure winfrey can take in alot of people since she has such a huge mansion and give them safety. These are the problems and not the solutions

  16. The Democrats want to defund the police, abolish the second amendment, and allow the rioters , antifa, illegals, and morons to be the only jack assess to illegally have a.k. 47s, rifles, hand guns, and other weapons. I will buy more weapons and ammo , defend any police under attack, defend family, friends and neighbors. Call 911 and when your put on hold, kneel down because America will not respond. It is already proven black lives don’t matter. You are not African Americans, and you are not americans. Remember , uncle Joe said *you ain’t black *

  17. Some people can’t see beyond their hate. They can’t be reasoned with. Racism is a individual problem . Racism is a sickness. Not a white problem as our media so often claims . We should be talking about disbanding them until they stop with the blatant lies . Racism exist in every race and if you think different. You are an idiot for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

    • Actually, racism is much more pronounced among the Negro population than any other group. They really believe that the Caucasian population owe them something for some reason that I cannot comprehend.
      There is no one alive today that was a slave or a slave owner,. The Negros had the ability to travel freely anywhere they wished since the middle 1800s, so if they think they are being treated so terribly here, let them go to some other country that they think will treat them better. No one here will take offense nor try to stop them.
      As far as the idiotic idea of reparations, the emancipated slaves were given compensation under the Emancipation Proclamation consisting of 40 acres of land and a mule to work that land. At that time that was quite a lot.
      The Caucasian population nor any other race owes anything to the Negros. If the Negros are envious of the wealth of the other races that is a shame, but certainly not the fault of the others for working hard, getting an education (that they paid for) and getting a decent job, instead of dropping out of school, joining a street gang, and being either in prison or dead by their 22nd birthday.

  18. In Minneapolis, they are disbanding their police department because they are deathly afraid of the mob and the riots and the looting. So, Minneapolis officials want to give the mob what they want. But they don’t have a Plan B. When there is a crime and someone is breaking into your home or your store…if your wife is being assaulted when she is out shopping or your daughter was pulled into an alley and is about to be raped…when you call 911 but there is no police force to answer the calls — who do you call? Kamala Harris? Maxine Waters? The Mayors and the Governors? How about a social worker or a therapist? You idiots need a Law Enforcement agency called the Police Department. Just because the MN police department had a couple of bad apples, you don’t get rid of the entire department. You can’t give into Mob Rule. If you want social change, sit down and TALK with the city/state reps. Nothing is ever changed if you simply give into mob rule. With no police, who will you have to protect you and yours? The Hollywood Elite chime in and say “Defund the Police and Abolish the Police”. They have walls around their homes and they can hire private police to protect them. What do they care what you’re going through. Maybe they can invite Minneapolis to live with them. Maybe that is their Plan B.

  19. Our Nazi Democrats already have their police force Antifa!

  20. LOCK and LOAD anyone trying to break in, set fire to your house or business that is when YOU shoot to KILL

  21. How damned ignorant can you be? Not hard to tell this is Democrat city.

  22. This is what politically-over-corrected, idiotic, ass-tattoo’d fools, pink-capped, rainbow-licking fools amount to…useless, foolish IDIOTS!!!

  23. -and the Black community doesn’t realize that biden is picking this woman only because of her race? Talk about pandering.

  24. This is going to be fun to watch! When the “big shot politicians find out that the “mob” are going to consider them just like any other person with money and supposedly “power” they will turn on them just like they have everything else! So let them disband the police! And listen to them cry and smell the oder of their bowels as they fill their panties with FEAR looking for someone-anyone to come to their rescue! FAT CHANCE of that happening! Far as I’m concerned they are going to get just what is expected! ROTFLMAO!

  25. Buy your pistols and ammo, NOW!!!! Cause WAR is coming!!!!!! The left will end up in a pool of blood, starting with all the politicians that voted to de-fund the police!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Just a suggestion. Since the Minneapolis leaders are so afraid of protests maybe the REAL citizens of the city should march on the Governor’s office and the City Council and show them where their paychecks come from! While they are there, since there’s no cops, haul the cowards out to the street and make them explain their totally irresponsible actions. BLM does not run the government in the US. All they are is a racist, terror organization. Grow a pair or stop pretending you are public servants for ALL.

  27. I hope the council members are the first ones who get attacked by the criminals who are going to
    have a heyday in Minneapolis. I can not believe any community of people could be so stupid to ever
    elect such a bunch of illiterate fools. These people must have been some mighty liars when running for office
    to get elected. The citizens of Minneapolis must be real proud of the garbage they elected to their council.
    The people should drum them out of the office and put new people in who a half a brain since these do not
    have one at all.

  28. How does this Minneapolis City Council not know who will answer all these crimes after they dissolve the police? – Of course, ordinary people – robbed, humiliated, lost their businesses, lost money. And the city council of Minneapolis will be all right – do not worry.

  29. So glad I don’t live in a Democratic city. I did live in Detroit in the 1970’s, but got the “L” out while the “Gettin’ was Good”!
    Population was 1,8 Million then, Now? Only 673,000. Most of the companies that were there are now closed and moved away. Just read that “Truckers” will NOT DELIVER to any city that defunds or disbands the police. Or where there is rioting! That should finish those cities off in a week at most? The old saying, “You Reap What You Sow”, comes to mind.

  30. Welcome to the third world country. Enjoy your slums,thugs,looters,killings, businesses leaving,etc. May you get what you DESERVE. Karma is a bitch.

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