Democrats Are Now Calling to Burn Books Written by White Folks

Juan Vidal is one of more well-known writers on the alt left. Anti Trump websites like Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast regularly hire him to provide his signature ramblings. The recent article that he decided to publish on the NPR website is quite the doozy. He thinks that white people should start to “decolonize” their own bookshelves.

And how would a white person go about this task? It’s a natural question to ask when it comes to a request of this nature. Vidal’s answer is a simple one. The books that are written by white people need to be removed from your shelves and replaced by books that are written by minority authors. He offers no further explanation as to what you are even supposed to be doing with them.

It’s one of those things that probably sounds great as a pull quote but it does not make much sense in theory. The idea of removing and/or burning books that are associated with one ethnic group evokes obvious comparisons to the actions of Hitler. Any book that was determined to be of “un-German” origins was torched. Is this what the modern day left wants to emulate or are they willing to take a step back?

At this point, its an open question. Those who identify as white and only read white authors are being taken to task and these conversations are not going away anytime soon. White people are also being told that they need to silence their own voices. Vidal does not explain how any of this is actually going to happen. He just wants the cool points that come from this type of virtue signaling behavior.

Vidal: If you are white, take a moment to examine your bookshelf. What do you see? What books and authors have you allowed to influence your worldview, and how you process the issues of racism and prejudice toward the disenfranchised? Have you considered that, if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors, you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice on repeat?

The modern left will say anything that gets them attention. They do not care if they are making any level of sense. If they are able to come up with any sort of plan that offers them a larger level of control over the American people, that’s all that matters to them. We often find ourselves wondering if they believe half of the stuff that they are saying.

Once people are being told that they need to get rid of any book that was written by a white person, we are on the other side of the looking glass. While there are great conversations to be had about minority authors that are creating beautiful work, no one wants to get specific about any of it. As long as they can vaguely gesture towards some sort of anti white sentiment, that’s all they care about.

The nation is already in the throes of a Civil War, whether people realize it yet or not. The left and the right are on completely opposing sides of the current conversation. It is starting to look like the fundamental disagreements are going to tear us apart at the seams. When a white citizen is not able to read a book that was written by a white author without fear of reprisal, that is when things have gone too far.

Revolutions that are genuine stop at no boundaries. No area must remain untouched. Just as it revolutionizes people it also revolutionizes things. “Therefore, you are doing the right thing as you, at this midnight hour, surrender to the flames the evil spirit of the past. There the intellectual basis of the November Republic is crushed to the ground. But from the rubble will arise victoriously the Phoenix of a new spirit, a spirit that we carry forth, that we nourish and to which we give decisive weight.

Did Vidal even care to recommend books that were written by authors of color? Of course he didn’t. It wasn’t about helping others or increasing their access to the knowledge that he claims to have. It was about getting some likes and shares on social media with the same old rhetoric. This is just the latest salvo in the never ending social media war between the liberals and those who identify as conservative.

“Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

There’s a way to recommend good authors that the average white person wouldn’t be aware of and this isn’t it. This is all about Vidal’s feelings and his desire to establish himself at the top of some sort of social order that he has decided on in his head. We just hope that the white people he was pandering to were impressed with what he had to say. That’s the only audience that was paying attention to him.

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    • Next we will not be able to eat Southern Fried Chicked and Pork Chops.,BBQ, and Watermelon…it is time for a call to get armed and hide while eating

      • DEMS/RINOS/LIBS/BLACKS/ILLEGAL ALIENS are contnually showing their empty heads that never held anything but sawdust………….

    • I think it is time to squelch this B/S of erasing American History. This is not going away and will not end well.

      • What planet are these people from???? This is getting totally ridiculous and out of hand

      • I said that the other day. I’m so tired of people saying “ It’s all the white people’s fault.” Does he plan on taking books written by white folks off his shelves, I don’t think so. Why, why should it matter what we read. I read what I’m interested in. I think this is getting ridiculous. I think he forgets that not all white people are prejudice. Not all cops are bad. My problem is BLM. It’s horrific what happened to George Floyd. If that’s true then what happens when it’s Black on Black. We never see this happening when that happens. We don’t even hear about it. If BLM, but not when the murder their own. Then every ones life should matter

    • Why? Where they RACIST? I guess you fool don’t know a dam thing about anything but DRUGS! Nobody told you to buy a book written by a white person! Just like nobody told you to support Democrat party!

    • Guess the fool can’t see his own skins color! Now you know he just as stupid as those who SUPPORT him and the left! Why don’t he just move to Venezuela or any LEFTWING country? Is he a coward like the DEMOCRAT HOUSE AND the mayor of these city or the governor of those state! His mother must forgot to slap him hard!

    • If you’all keep going down this path you will self destruct and take millions of lives with a no end resolve issue that can be fixed now…..

  2. Adolf and the Nazis did the same thing!

    • Hitler did that, The Soviet Union did that when Stalin took over, When Mao took over in China, the Chinese did that. Clear back to the Library in Alexandria, when they burned thousands of books and manuscripts. Dictators always resort to this. They do not want their subjects to learn what the truth is.

      • Now history repeats itself due to students never being taught about history. If they were , they would know who the true facists are by what they are now doing.

    • Juan Vidal is illiterate and can not even speak his own language.

  3. Talk about racism

    • Vote for President Trump He Remembers the Nazi take over and I remember it too It was horrible Jews were burned and buried in mass graves My Uncle came back from world war two with pictures of dead people piled up in wagons If you go to Auswitch Germany you can see the ovens and almost smell the burning flesh. PLEASE dONT LET HISTORY REPEAT IT’S SELF! What they did in the past resulted in the Great Depression. I was born during the Great Depression, and my poor Dad worked so hard. Then we had D Day, and the whole world was liberated, and what a great day!!! You have no idea how bad it can get!

      • We are not those of World War two! We are Patriots AMERICANS who believe in fighting to keep our country FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! Just hope there are other brave men and women who love AMERICA! I will not mind killing my own child if they have turn to evil leader!

  4. I don’t read anymore but when I did I didn’t look to see what color the writer was. I didn’t care. This crap is going to far. What am I going to have to do, care a shot gun to the store? Damn.

  5. Once again we hear from an educated idiot.

    • Democrats DEMAND no more vanilla ice creme , or “Plain white Milk , ban all vanilla extract , all “White” paint, , all “White” cheese and white tortillas and white bread , get rid of all white street lines , do this for George Floyd and wash some BLM feet ! THEN your one of us and we will forgive you !

      • Only after you leave everything you have spent your life working for to them in your will. Better yet, give them everything NOW and start over earning more to leave them in your will. Then and only then will the idiots on the hard left be happy.

      • You think they can’t see the color of the democrat skins? I could care less about BLM or ANTIFA! Their parents are the biggest problem they have! We all know once these MOM AND GRANDMOTHER sign their future away to the DEMOCRAT PARTY. It was a death sentence for the black race! Doesn’t take a genius how to figure it out! The male were the one these women hurt the most! Think about it! Who holding you from reaching your goals? You might be talented ENOUGH for any professional sports! But who accept the DEMOCRAT program that kept you from USING YOUR BRAIN? These Democrat got RICH OFF OF YOUR RACE! Black and white Democrat! ONLY Trump is trying to motivate you to use your GOD GIVING BRAIN!

  6. This idiot is the most racist one out there. He needs to go back.unfer the rock that bashed him in the head. Or has he always been this ignorant?

  7. Great minority author: Sun Tzu – “The Art of War”

  8. Pure insanity from the lefty loons. They know no end to stupidity. It’s as if they try to out stupid each other and expect sane Americans to agree with their stupidity. This guy Vidal is a shining example!

  9. Sounds RACIST to me. I will read what I want. Burn the niggas books. DEMONCRAPS are CORRUPT & RACIST. So go F**K YOURSELF/ SCUMBAG **********

  10. Why not just burn all books so there is no discrimination? that should settle the problem.

  11. Read the Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451 published in 1953. It will explain it all to you.

  12. i have not found any good books written by blacks

  13. Yes and the U S A did tha Germany did also I watched it on news 12 they did the same thing burning the porn that the zionist trash published!!!

  14. Germany did something this STUPID prior to WWII, Somebody has to wake up and teach the young Americans of today that if we continue down our current path we and ignore history we are bound to relive it. My point isn’t that racism is dead, but we have reduced the standards of our education to accommodate. An example, a man came into a retail store with a string trimmer, the problem was that he couldn’t explain what the problem with the tool was. It was out of GAS. this man was 35 to 40 years old and wasted nearly an hour trying to enplane his problem.

  15. So does that include the Bible?

  16. F this guy and his wacky, leftist views. So sick of liberal voices and celebrities telling us how to think. Instead, I think he should read “Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater.

  17. I don’t care the Writers are White or Black but… if Good Idea, Smart, Healthy Mind expressing out of Their book are able to create Actions, Performances…

  18. Why not start with Hillary’s books? They are just lying propaganda. Or how about the white parts of Obozo’s books? Let’s burn any books from white Democrats. How about the Saul Alinsky rules of overthrowing a government? Maybe Carl Marx’s Communism book? Sounds like a great start to me.

  19. Orwell warned us that the fastest way to defeat a country is to separate its people from its history. It is no accident that the Marxist Left is now using racial divide as a lever to separate US citizens from their history. For Orwell, it’s how Lenin took over in Russia. It’s how Hitler took over Germany. Since then, it’s how Mugabe took over in Zimbabwe. It’s how Erdogan took over in Turkey. It’s how Maduro took over in Venezuela. It is now again how the Marxists are making their next move to take over here in the US. If they can keep people angry enough, long enough, it’s how they hope to overthrow the election results in November and make room for the rise of the next Marxist state, in what was once known as the USA.
    It’s been oft quoted that “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” If we, as citizens, don’t start standing up for our country and its values of God, family and community, then, as Ben Franklin cautioned, we will soon lose it.
    Say NO! to the Marxist Left. Say NO! to those who would separate us over racial divide. We are Better and stronger than that. We fought a Civil War over that. Don’t let the Marxists bury us with their perverted and distorted version of our history. Be Proud! Stand up for our history and our symbols. Stand up for the USA!!!

    • Couldn’t have expressed it any better! Hope there is a majority of us out there who feel this way and fight back. Can’t let these lunatics destory our nation and our freedoms. Thanks!

  20. Every time I think the Democrats have reached the bottom of the barrel another one of their idiots proves me wrong. Can those on the left come up with anything more insane than this? Based on past performance I am sure they will.

  21. This madness must stop NOW or we’ll never get back to any semblance of order.
    These people need to stop doing what they are doing and act like Americans and not idiots.

    • george soros needs to be removed from the US and preferably the world. He is the one driving it and paying the idiots. Remember, they are not all black. But they are all idiots.

  22. Erasing history doesn’t solve any problems it creates more.
    Mr. Vidal if you’re so racist against white people then maybe we should start with burning you’re garbage. And you’re Social Justice, ANTIFA hate has no place here in America. You’re Left-Wing Fascist, Communist, Globalist trash is not welcome here.

  23. So I guess these DEMOCRAT want every book written by a Democrat white person remove! There is NOT a book written by a politician worth reading if they are a DEMOCRAT! Just like there is NOT a rap music worth listening to! Anybody can talk trash! But only fool get kill by another fool over his trash!

  24. When I was a little girl a long time ago, my Father told me about riots and what happens when law and order breaks down. There was a lot of civil breakdown during the depression years when folks were hungry and desperate. He told me do not ever loot during a mass uprising as the police have orders to shoot to kill any looters. I wonder what he would think if he were here today to see masked and hoodied up punks in gangs, emptying entire stores and then torching them. Any time there is an incident is a time for the looters to appear and cause millions in damages. Why do they attack and destroy Pharmacies? It is to steal drugs to be sold on the street. These looters and rioters and the antifa terrorists have teamed up together just to destroy, maim and kill. They like to do their dastardly deeds under the cover of night. They come equipped with pocket incendiaries, buckets of rocks hidden in the bushes, weapons, full pallets of bricks placed strategically as they have already chosen the targets for destruction. Why would these goons attempt to destroy a bank? there is nothing of value available to them even if they can enter the bank. Could it be their Marxist training has taught them the hatred of banks. Face it Americans–They have declared war on unsuspecting Americans and this will not end well unless they are CRUSHED

  25. I have a couple thousand books, I don’t know the race of most of the authors. I don’t care about that, I care if the story is any good. I have gotten rid of books by white authors that were poorly written and uninteresting stories. I enjoy science fiction stories, which is overwhelmingly white and male, and historical stories, both fictionalized and factual.

  26. And the Democrats are so ideologically misinformed/dumb they can’t even see how dangerous what their doing is !!!

  27. Only one major thing left. This 2020 election elect only democrats and give them full power. That should open the door for ALL enemy nations to take over the USA. So take your pick. Will we be speaking Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, or maybe a little of all of it depending on which part of the nation they allow you to live in. I thought for a while it was just because Trump defeated the Queen. But it appears he is just in the way of a major plan to bring this nation to a dictatorship. If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t believe our country is in deep trouble right now they must have been asleep for the last few years. It’s all falling in line. If Pelosi, Schitf, Nadler, Joe Biden and Schumer can get the control they’re shooting for it’s O V E R ! ! ! ! !

  28. This is the exact way things were started in both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. This is a true start by the Socialist Devilrats for their planned Socalism in America. Next if they gain control Obama will become the true Dictator, Islam then can move in as Moslems take over. The murder rate by them will be in the millions and Moslems world wide will flock in and there will be no more America just another Islamic land of hate as all whites will be gone just the islamics and Reconditioned Blacks

  29. So why did they choose white horses for their white carriages to carry George to his grave? Then there’s the Pearly Gates to Heaven. I think we should ban the movie “White Chicks” about black men in “white face” pretending to be white women. But, no that’s okay.

  30. it’s time to end this crap!! all lives matter!! anyone from any group that abuses it ‘s pwoer must be accountable, we will not do away with Our Law and Order!! Were a Republic and you want a different way of life LIKE SOCIALISUM then I suggest you movie to a country where they live with socialist lines to get dinner soup and bread water if your lucky!! Most of us want a simple productive life, with neighbors and friends and help one another, Sunday is a day of pray no one works this day!!

  31. Any polls out to vote on whether white folk should be giving cash reparations to the black American citizens?

  32. Seems there is an idiot behind every blade of grass ! And sadly there are at least a dozen “snowflakes” that will think its a good idea and fall in line to follow the “pied piper” of stupidity! This result is from your liberal teachers in the wonderful collages we are supposed to support! The ignorance of todays liberal “children” and lack of any common sense is unbelievable! There are a mass of people of “color” who went to school paid attention and resisted the street ganges and selling dope robbing killing! And are outstanding citizens with stable lives! There is more to being good than playing basketball or foot ball and getting disappointed and being hateful and trying to blame everyone else for your own short comings of not having what it took to make the grade. But then thats when we play the race card! You don’t like me “cause I is black” Bullshit! Your not liked because of your attitude and hatred and lack of a back bone to face disappointment and recover from it! Your not the only person or persons that have faced failure! Stand up like a man and try something besides burning looting and acting like some sort of deranged animal!

  33. HITLER did the same thing !!!……………….LOOK where it got him !! The Dems days are numbered !!

  34. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Read it. You will see who the book burners (the DNC) really are.

  35. BURN BOOKS , BY THE ORDER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY , You democrats in Washington are doing your best to start a war with the citizens inn our country ! NEWS FLASH, you would most defiantly loose !!!!

  36. These people calling the republicans fascist/races. Let us all think. Who was the cause of chryistl nigh. . Who was it broke in to ancient old Libraries destroying books and glass. They sound more like the Fascist than the Republicans. i guess when you/one has their media ways or its propaganda one can say and do anything.

  37. No need to burn books written by blacks because there aren’t any worth while to buy, words are misspelled, and you will not understand Congolese, Booga Boogaloo, chimpanzee, or arangatang. All the pages are black on black anyway.

  38. So if any white Democrats wrote a book, like Clinton for example, can we burn it? Ok I’ll start with that one! Hey Vidal go f**k yourself. Us white folks from America have been pushed too far before. Watch out. The Nazis burned books, so did the USSR and look where they are now. GONE!

  39. Has this Nazi looked in the mirror lately. He’s white. Burn his article for starters.

  40. Solution? Vote President Trump and straight Republicans! He needs alies who will support and defend the agenda that are for the good and welfare of the American people! Vote out all demonrats from the highest to the lowest position in government because they only enrich themselves and their families while in public office!

  41. Does anyone still believe there are good democrats? When civility and common sense are absent as is the democrat party, the only opposing sound is crickets.

  42. I have a Black book that I read…the Bible. Is that okay if I keep it?

  43. I love visiting the Philippines. Korea does not have as many beautiful islands as you do. I’m comingbn back again this summer

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