Georgia “Peaceful Protesters” Follow Police Home and Throw Firebombs

Those who were dismayed by the idea of the Blue Lives Matter website being taken down are sure to be mad at this one. All it took was 24 hours of whining to remove the website from the internet entirely. This is what happens when the liberals are allowed to decide what is offensive and what is not. If you click any links that are associated with the website, they will take you to a page where it is explained that the site is “retooling”.

The loss of this site is unfortunate. However, we were able to get our hands on one of the stories that they were providing and it is grim. Gwinnett County, Georgia protesters were found to have behaved in an abominable manner but that should not come as a surprise to anyone at this point. The protesters are using these demonstrations as an excuse to act on their most destructive impulses.

Three of these folks decided to track down the officers who were working at the protests. Two of them had already been arrested for their behavior at other George Floyd protests. From the looks of things, they did not learn their lesson. They elected to travel to the homes of the officers, so that they could attack them in person. Their squad cars were destroyed with Molotov cocktails and the destruction was vile.

Three people tracked two Georgia law enforcement officers to their homes and set their patrol vehicles on fire using Molotov cocktails on Thursday night.

The first incident occurred outside a home in Duluth sometime after 10 p.m., WSB reported.

Police received a 911 call that a Gwinnett County Police Department car was on fire at that location, but it had successfully been extinguished by the time officers arrived.

Witnesses told police they spotted three black males running away from the scene, WXIA reported.

Since when are police officers no longer safe in their own homes? This is not a part of protesting. This is stalking and its dangerously close to organized crime. We would expect this sort of behavior in the midst of a mob war, not a supposedly peaceful protest against the police. If not for the brave witnesses who were willing to testify against the attackers, who knows what might have happened next?

Had the officers decided to return the favor by opening fire or throwing their own Molotov cocktails, they would have been treated as domestic terrorists. These are the stories that fall by the wayside when everyone else is too concerned about signaling their virtue to the leftists. The police were able to arrest all of the suspects who were accused of these diabolical actions, so at least one corner of America is still somewhat safe.

There was an initial report about three black males running away from the scene of the crime but eventually, authorities learned that a female was involved. They have since been arrested on a litany of charges. Felony charges will be filed against the attackers, as they are presumed guilty of firebombing a government vehicle. This is not what the protests were supposed to be about.

That’s why so many folks are skeptical about what is going on. It’s one thing to be upset with police officers who are not upholding the values that are associated with their line of work. These are the officers who need to be relieved of their duties immediately. It’s quite another to go after officers at their own homes and force them to fear for their lives. Violent offenders should not be following officers to their residences.

It’s sad that we have reached a point where this even needs to be said. You would think that protesters would have some small level of common sense when it comes to matters like these. By all means, peacefully protest the officers who have done wrong. That’s the constitutional right of any American citizen. Launching violent attacks like this one? That’s going too far and we think that any sane citizen would agree.

What happens when one of these attacks manages to seriously injure or kill a non police officer? Are the people who are responsible going to be there to provide financial assistance to their next of kin? It’s hard to believe that they would. Let’s just hope that attacks like these don’t become the norm in America. The nation is already going through enough right now.