Georgia “Peaceful Protesters” Follow Police Home and Throw Firebombs

Those who were dismayed by the idea of the Blue Lives Matter website being taken down are sure to be mad at this one. All it took was 24 hours of whining to remove the website from the internet entirely. This is what happens when the liberals are allowed to decide what is offensive and what is not. If you click any links that are associated with the website, they will take you to a page where it is explained that the site is “retooling”.

The loss of this site is unfortunate. However, we were able to get our hands on one of the stories that they were providing and it is grim. Gwinnett County, Georgia protesters were found to have behaved in an abominable manner but that should not come as a surprise to anyone at this point. The protesters are using these demonstrations as an excuse to act on their most destructive impulses.

Three of these folks decided to track down the officers who were working at the protests. Two of them had already been arrested for their behavior at other George Floyd protests. From the looks of things, they did not learn their lesson. They elected to travel to the homes of the officers, so that they could attack them in person. Their squad cars were destroyed with Molotov cocktails and the destruction was vile.

Three people tracked two Georgia law enforcement officers to their homes and set their patrol vehicles on fire using Molotov cocktails on Thursday night.

The first incident occurred outside a home in Duluth sometime after 10 p.m., WSB reported.

Police received a 911 call that a Gwinnett County Police Department car was on fire at that location, but it had successfully been extinguished by the time officers arrived.

Witnesses told police they spotted three black males running away from the scene, WXIA reported.

Since when are police officers no longer safe in their own homes? This is not a part of protesting. This is stalking and its dangerously close to organized crime. We would expect this sort of behavior in the midst of a mob war, not a supposedly peaceful protest against the police. If not for the brave witnesses who were willing to testify against the attackers, who knows what might have happened next?

Had the officers decided to return the favor by opening fire or throwing their own Molotov cocktails, they would have been treated as domestic terrorists. These are the stories that fall by the wayside when everyone else is too concerned about signaling their virtue to the leftists. The police were able to arrest all of the suspects who were accused of these diabolical actions, so at least one corner of America is still somewhat safe.

There was an initial report about three black males running away from the scene of the crime but eventually, authorities learned that a female was involved. They have since been arrested on a litany of charges. Felony charges will be filed against the attackers, as they are presumed guilty of firebombing a government vehicle. This is not what the protests were supposed to be about.

That’s why so many folks are skeptical about what is going on. It’s one thing to be upset with police officers who are not upholding the values that are associated with their line of work. These are the officers who need to be relieved of their duties immediately. It’s quite another to go after officers at their own homes and force them to fear for their lives. Violent offenders should not be following officers to their residences.

It’s sad that we have reached a point where this even needs to be said. You would think that protesters would have some small level of common sense when it comes to matters like these. By all means, peacefully protest the officers who have done wrong. That’s the constitutional right of any American citizen. Launching violent attacks like this one? That’s going too far and we think that any sane citizen would agree.

What happens when one of these attacks manages to seriously injure or kill a non police officer? Are the people who are responsible going to be there to provide financial assistance to their next of kin? It’s hard to believe that they would. Let’s just hope that attacks like these don’t become the norm in America. The nation is already going through enough right now.

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  1. You all are sick in the heads. What happened over a hundred years ago is over. All lives matter. Including the police. Get over your power trips. Everyone.
    ( GOD).
    God bless you all.
    NanNan your only good at eating ice cream and you can’t get up off of your knee.
    That was to funny.
    You democrats make me laugh no matter the situation because you are so STUPID and at times and entertaining.
    Go feed your old cracked out tired looking face NanNan. Do something worth while. Yum, Yum.
    Missed a spot on your face a few times.
    Watch yourselves in T.V. at the end of the day.

    • The complete lack of knowledge is what the BLM and their looting, burning, etc., is exactly telling WE THE PEOPLE that the BLM movement is nothing more than uneducated , welfare collecting, inane individuals………

      • I’m sick and tired of this bull crap get over the crap that happened 200 yrs ago move on .I’m white and my family fought in civil war .all the way to Afghanistan war since 911 . All lives matter.not just BLM ..if you don’t want police then put your name on the list with your phone number and address so when you really need them they can say no you don’t want us.we can’t help you find some else

    • This is RIGHT ON! This SHIT is going way OUT , time for BLACK LIFE MATTERs to BE NOT SO RACEST! And work as one NATION UNDER GOD!!!!!!

  2. Black thugs have no concern for the lives they are out to destroy.
    i hope they lock them up and throw the key away. police put their lives on the line
    and the public should be thankful they have them but no the heartless democrats and the media
    only wish for more destruction. come november if you want your life back vote Trump 2020

  3. These particular individuals are nothing more than SUB-HUMAN pieces of dung! PATRIOTS will visit you very soon!

  4. Just going to get worst..Time to lock and load .that all these thugs understand..

    • Their day is coming what goes around comes around!

      • Enough is enough.BLACK LIVES MATTER is nothing but a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.Their own co founder of BLM Los Angelo’s Melina Abdullah tweeted “it’s time to take this to the white neighborhoods , so they can feel our pain” shortly after that tweet 250 businesses in SANTA Monica LA were attacked by black n whites dressed all in black that pulled up in vehicles with 3 to 6 in each car.they smashed windows/ stole money from registers/ busted computers/ destroyed merchandice/ looted/ attacked a few owners if these businesses that tried to stop them.ITS time we CITIZENS took matters into our own hands cause democratic mayors had given orders for police officers to ” STAND DOWN” while BLM protested and then attacked n looted at night & sometimes in daylight looting also.THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY / mayors of these citys being attacked are complicit in the actions of these riots by not allowing the police to stop them.Then they make it impossible for police to do anything for fear that officers will be charged with assult charges or we the people must now put an end to this chaos. Lock n load.

  5. Can’t people see what happens when the Police are kept out of area’s. Just look at Chicago where Black on Black runs rampage. Last year there were, so it has been reported, 8 African Americans liked by Police but what has not been publicized were 18 Caucasian killed by Police. Please tell me, just in Chicago, how many African Americans have been killed by other African Americans. The Democrats, led by Pelosi only tell you their side of the story.
    President Trumps has put more minorities to work than ever before but that is a FACT that the Media and the Democrats forget to mention

    • Last weekend there were 12 black men shot to death by other black men in Chicago per news reports.

    • They do not care who or what dies in Chicago. We could have televised every black on black death, that does not fit the narritive. Only white on black sells. This is about killing us from the inside out like cancer. Our country has lots of cancer. No matter how many statues are torn down, tv shows cancelled, nothing will fix this except a complete cure.


    • We don’t shoot to kill, we shoot to stop. A load of buckshot to the chest is a great way to stop someone.

      • I have to tell you, well not really but I’m going to. I used to be the most anti gun person you could meet. Then I started to hear that Obama was arming departments and that just didn’t make sense. I kept doing more digging and have done a 180. And now seeing what is happening to your great country (I’m Canadian) forming a patriot militia is very possible. As for my country we pretty well have a dictator who wants to take all guns including hunting rifles away from law abiding citizens. God help both of our countries and I mean that as a fervent prayer.

        • I was born in Toronto and moved to Texas with my parents when I was a teenager. I went to college in Houston, but before I could finish, I was drafted and served two years in the U.S. Army. While in the Army, I had black friends, I ate with blacks, I slept in the same tent as blacks, and I partied, when possible, with black fellow soldiers. I did have a black section leader, a SFC, who was as racist as you could be, going so far as to call one of our squad members from California, “Little Whitey” and it was not said in a nice manner. But we survived the Army and those racist comments.

          Canadian hunters who own guns should tell Ottawa to “piss up a rope” when they assess big fines for gun ownership, especially those persons who live in some of the “boondocks” of the country. I’m sure that someone who lives with wolves and bears in the area, of say, northern Ontario, would hate to give up their rifles because some liberal politician is afraid of guns. Let them get rid of the guns that the criminals have in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Windsor,and even Vancouver, then start to worry about the rifles and shotguns owned by law-abiding Canadians.

        • We can only pray! Your country (Canada) is under SOCIALISM CONTROL GOVERNMENT! We will not let it happen in AMERICA! We conservative and Patroit AMERICANS will fight to keep our FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! THESE DEMOCRAT ARE OUR WORST ENEMY!

      • You are a certifiable POS- I assume you know what that means. This is exactly the attitude that some people (including cops) have towards blacks and why they don’t get treated fairly.
        But YOU won’t ever change, probably, because you’re a feet-in-cement A-hole. Unable to change, stuck in the past, and ugly as hell between the ears.

        • One of the best friends I had in the military was Black. We never discussed race because it was never a problem.Black Lives Matter has done more harm to the Blacks than the KKK. They can’t just go out and protest. They want to destroy everything whether it belongs to a Black person or white. They are just a big mob with out a leader or if there is a leader he is really stupid. People are getting fed up with their crap and will soon start fighting back.

  7. There is no defense for these actions. The current attacks are either engaged in based on personal vendettas against the police or they (more likely than not) are part of the bigger picture which is to bring normal society to its’ knees. If not brought to a halt with lawful means instituted by the rule of law then the ongoing criminal behavior of these anarchists will no longer be tolerated by the victims and vigilante justice will begin. That is not what a law abiding society is all about, however, that society is failing to protect itself and its’ citizens and if that inability to do so is not halted, watch out.

  8. shoot them and they will go away. They have no right to exist in a civilized society. get rid of them with finality..


  10. This is why the president needs to declare Marshall law in the states where it is totally out of hand. When it is declared the military will come in arrest the thugs they will go to military jail ( no one will be able to bail them out & charges won’t be dropped) they will go before a tribunal & serve time in a military prison. Wonder how many will have to be arrested before the msg is sent loud & clear ENOUGH is ENOUGH it’s time to stop the carnage.

    • That last line is EXACTLY what the blacks are saying, and since they’re getting shot by cops WAY WAY more than the cops are being shot by them, and more than whites, asians, or hispanics, and certainly more than is warranted by their actions, they certainly have a point!

      • Wrong! Police has shot more WHITE PEOPLE than BLACK PEOPLE! MOST of the black race are KILLED BY ANOTHER BLACK PERSON!

      • INVALID ‘point’! Blacks, per capita, commit wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more crimes than all other races combined and then, they complain about getting being in ‘the system’. I know that the apes have inferior primordial brains and cannot get an education as a result. This then leads to them being incarcerated because they cannot get a job. Go back to Africa!!!!!!!!! You complain about being in the USA against your will. PLEASE do go to your homeland…the bottom abyss of the continent of Africa!!

      • That’s not true at all.! Obama had them do survey’s on police shootings back in 2014, I believe and found cop’s shot more whites than blacks. But these anarchists destroying stuff and attacking people only makes people believe they are violent and need to be put down. They are hurting the average person of color and society more with there violence.

  11. I’m so sick of this “BULL S–T”.It needs to end now cause the longer this goes on the harder it’s going to b able to “STOP”The Demos.have been outta hand far too long and it needs to stop “NOW”..

  12. This certainly IS NOT PEACEFUL protesters. They are just thugs.

  13. Bring the thugs around my neighbor hood, around when I am shopping, driving or getting gas , I will shoot to kill, no questions asked. If I see an officer in trouble I will not hesitate to assist him or her. You have been warned morons.

  14. if the protesters want to live by law of the jungle instead of law of the land, there are a bunch of jungle fighters who would be happy to have a rough and grough meeting with you. I must warn you we play a game that makes your your look like tiddly winks, we cheat, don’t play fair, and since there are no cops it would be target rich environment and it wouldn’t long to settle the dust.

  15. Absolutely disgusting……. animals…thieves, looters, despicable liberal lunatics……..
    N Pelosi and co should get out of DC…. They are America’s enemy…they hate law and order, they hate good hard working patriotic Americans.. what is wrong with them??????
    And for the little snots that are protesting…send their mothers and fathers the bill………
    Makes one want to puke…….

  16. To think society has come to this. Every democrat in Washington who advocates for the dismantling of the police is responsible for the degradation of humanity as we see now. So all this is about the killing of George Floyd, take a step back and stop the crime.

    • How is “taking a step back” supposed to “stop the crime”?????
      The CRIME here is people being SHOT TO DEATH or KILLED in other ways for small or non-existant crimes!!!

  17. Folks, it appears we are in the first stage of an ideological civil war. This is not necessarily a war between races but a war between those who want to establish a communist government in our country and the sane people who oppose it. Unless our government gets a grip on these ‘peaceful’ protests and puts a stop to them immediately I have the feeling things are going to go from bad to worse. Most people are fed up with Governors, Mayors, City Councils, and other authorities sitting on their ass, sucking their thumbs, and letting the mobs run wild. When enough people get fed up with the lawlessness and the inept politicians doing nothing except kowtowing to the bastards they will take the law into their own hands to protect themselves, their families and what is theirs. Who will stop them? Politicians won’t do what is necessary and they won’t let the police do it. I figure that about now would be a good time for one to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. That may be the only thing to protect you.

  18. Remember crime don’t has color. If you not like law and order you are a criminal.

    • Like you don’t HAS english?
      I’m afraid it’s a LEETLE more involved than your moronic statement would suggest….

  19. The American Taliban–They are Unamerican and have threatened us all as they have bragged to” just wait until they come to the suburbs.” Legally putting these criminals away sometimes takes so long that we have Justice Denied. If they get in front of a friendly judge who thinks that “boys and girls are just being boys and girls for looting, burning, assaulting, murdering and other assorted felonies.. The judge may just say they were only “wilding” as was once said about some NYC men who gang banged a young woman. These young and even a few olders have but one thing in mind and that is a enough riots and destruction to overthrow civil government. Wake UP.

  20. I don’t care what some people say but it is time that the POLICE START HAVING THE RIGHT TO use DEADLY FORCE when attacked with FIREBOMBS or MOLOTOV COCKTAILS…..WE MUST HAVE TRUE “LAW AND ORDER” or we will have CHAOS and DISORDER!

    • The best thing to do to someone with a “firebomb” especially if it is a glass bottle, is to shoot it while the perp is holding it, then when he or she is screaming while engulfed in flames, hand them a phone and say, “Call 911”!

  21. The new democrat idea. The criminal must pursuit to the police and the decent people.


  23. The only solution to this kind of thing is for ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT to stick together. Doing your job for law and order is one thing. But when they begin stalking you and coming to your home the right thing to do is take ’em out And the rest of the force refuse to make an arrest and back ’em up. With the political crooks we have calling the shots that’s where it’s going anyway. May as well get it on. Sure there are bad cops and they need to be gone, now. When I saw what happened to George Floyd I was furious. But to blame everybody else for the crime is asking for trouble. Everybody doesn’t belong to the bad guy crew. What I’m hearing some say is you are against me because I’m African American. Well hell folks that’s what you’re saying about me because I’m white. I think we all could stand a little house cleaning.

  24. Time for some dead protestors if they followed me home to throw firebombs…

  25. I am prepared to stack them up outside if they come here and threaten me or mine.

  26. what will happen if and when the protesters become ill with the coronavirus and there is not place to help with the sickness due to the protesters burning the buildings down. guess the protesters will just have to stay ill and either get themselves will or die.

    • What will happen if you go to a trump rally and take off your mask?
      Guess you’ll just have to pass the virus around to each other and make some of you die!

      The interesting part is Trump doesn’t CARE. Not even about his own supporters! What a Guy, huh?

      • Since when did the DEMOCRAT care about you? I support Trump and I will keep supporting him as long as he stand up to the corruption DEMOCRAT HOUSE! Did you protest? Beg you did and a fool like you will get the fake coronavirus!

  27. It is a shame that all the monuments are being torn down or vandalized. .
    America is a great country and full o history. Why are you doing this. Destroying
    all this will not change history. Your grandchildren will never know how America
    became this great country. Unfortunately, there is little any sane person can do. Violence is not the answer. I came to this country many years ago. It is a great country. Do not destroy it.

    • It all due to the fact we no longer teach the real history of our country. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out! DEMOCRAT are trying hard to cover up their role in our history! Even if they are responsible for most of it! They started the KKK and the BLACK PANTHER now they started BLM AND ANTIFA! Can’t hide it! Even they were the ones who pass the laws to keep BLACK people on welfare and GOVERNMENT PROGRAM! Holding them down so they didn’t try to reach their dreams! Who else would tell the mother to VOTE DEMOCRAT for a lifetime of government benefits? Only to destory the mind of the young children?

  28. Keep it up idiots. Sooner or later you will awake something,you will never forget. If you yourself awake. People of America will only put up with so much of bullshit. There are groups that will defend these cops. And,the innocent people of this land. You are now treading on the lives of the innocent and civil. You will be met with a force. Your video games and your actors that you worship. You will finally see its all make believe. And,what you will be receiving. Will be that of nightmares. Good nite. HOORAH

  29. Light up the throwers

  30. Liberals have been so brainwashed for so long they cannot even use a small percent of the brains they were born with to think for themselves. If they ever took a minute to stand back and look at and listen to what the libs are doing (including Soros, actors, news media, legislators, Antifa, BLM etc), they would probably be shocked that they supported it. This will never happen. The libs have done one thing “right” – they figured out years ago that communists (Hitler, Russians, Soros, Styer etc) brainwash the masses and they’ve done it so long, it is second nature. I’m disgusted with the things being taught to our kids, in college, high school, grade school etc. Those children should be taught to think for themselves and not have to listen to how they can choose to be a boy or girl. Every filthy thing they call Donald Trump and republicans are things they have done themselves. I’m not alone when I say I’m very scared about how our country will changes if the liberals are elected for President, senate and house. I don’t want to live in a communist country. If these brainwashed liberals cannot see what is going on in blue states right now, they deserve what they get for voting liberal, but the rest of us don’t deserve it.

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