“Peaceful Protesters” Burn Down 70 COVID-19 Testing Sites

The riots are causing a number of media outlets to show their true colors. We have seen far more enthusiasm about what is taking place than we would like. There is only one entity that is happier about the riots than the mainstream media. COVID-19 is still a major threat and with each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that the second wave is going to be a nasty one.

President Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx is warning the rioters about their actions in a newly leaked conference call. The protesters might be wearing masks but they are negating these benefits by burning down various COVID-19 testing sites. The virus is only going to continue to spread when we do not have access to the necessary testing.

Birx is advising governors to take the proper steps now, so that they can replace these tests before it is too late. The mass gatherings that are taking place at the moment are causing problems for citizens all over the world. The protests are allowing the virus to continue spreading and the destruction is removing valuable testing sites from the equation entirely.

Speaking via conference call, a recording of which The Daily Beast obtained, Deborah Birx, Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator, relayed fears that the yelling by protesters could potentially negate the health benefits of wearing a mask, and that the destruction of testing sites at those protests would set back efforts to contain the virus’ spread. Birx said 70 such sites had been destroyed, which had already resulted in an appreciable drop in testing rates there. She advised governors to “scramble now to make sure there is testing available in urban areas.”

While Birx offered some reassurance by saying that she had not seen evidence that the Memorial Day parties had caused an increased spread, she did go on to say that renewed community spread was taking place in various states. North Carolina, Arizona and California are among the states that are currently enduring an increased spread.

Birx noted that while all states had dramatically increased testing, three states—California, Arizona, and North Carolina—had seen positive test results rise at the same time; an ominous sign about the virus’ trajectory. “That makes us quite concerned,” Birx said. Pointing specifically to increased cases in Phoenix, Charlotte, and in Salt Lake City, she said it was her belief that “there is active community spread in California, North Carolina, Utah, and Arizona.”

Birx noted, in particular, that her team had seen data that showed community spread in “metro Hispanic neighborhoods,” and she urged governors to ensure that the communities there knew that “there are tests, and tests are free.”

Birx wants governors to test in all of the urban areas that are currently in trouble. Nate Silver has noted that these outbreaks do not appear to be as horrific as the initial spread that took place back in March and April. Multiple states are over the 1.0 mark when it comes to their transmission rate but not by much. These numbers give us hope that we are not going to slide backwards into a full scale lockdown.

This is not the time to panic but it is time to be concerned. People may want to believe that the worst is over. It’s understandable. Folks want to get back to their normal lives and wearing masks outside during the summertime is hardly comfortable. The red states should be especially concerned. These are the states that were looking to open the earliest and out of the 12 states with a 1.0 transmission rate, 10 are red.

Arizona and Texas wanted to open on Memorial Day and from the looks of these numbers? They are now paying the price. This is not a coincidence. There’s been an uptick in hospitalizations in many of the states that decided to let their citizens enjoy some much needed socialization. At the moment, it would be hard to attribute this uptick to the protests. The current information aligns with the COVID-19 incubation period.

In a few weeks, the story could be vastly different and only time will tell if the protesters’ masks were able to protect them. The national attention span has drifted away from the virus recently and that is definitely going to change in the weeks to come. Birx’s claim about a noticeable drop in testing rates in the area with destroyed testing centers is also not passing the smell test at the moment.

Only time will tell how much damage the protesters have done when it comes to the spread of the virus. People are clearly nervous at the moment but all we can do is keep doing what we were doing. It makes us wonder how many facilities were “ruined” and how many simply needed a day or two to clean up minor damages.

As for the White House, the president seems to have moved on. He’s already looking to hold a rally and is reportedly having one in Tulsa next Friday. We cannot wait to see what Birx has to say about these rallies (which will be held indoors, unlike the protests). We’re sure that the tune is going to change.

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  1. Lets burn things just because

    • The Constitution provides, under the Second Amendment, that if the government either cannot or WILL NOT protect the Citizens, it is the DUTY of the Citizens to join together as the National Citizen’s Militia and to DEFEND themselves, their families, their property and their community from all that would do harm. In addition, the Citizens are to provide their own weapons, ammunition and food for at least seven days.

      The Founders of our Nation foresaw the tyranny that the Democrats would try to enact against the Citizens of America and provided a means for the Citizens to protect themselves and protect this Nation from Tyranny.

      • Excuse me, it is actually the Citizen’s Continental Militia, not the National Citizen’s Militia.

      • AGREE!! TOTALLY!! Remember, Democrats were the first to invoke slavery, and the KKK!! Time to take back our Country from these Imperialist IDIOTS!!! May be a good idea to start at the site of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and the like. Pelosi, old b*tch wants to take qualified immunity away from police officers. I think that Congress should take away this same right from themselves. They should not be allowed to say things in Congress which can be proven lies; like Schiff; and they can be sued for lying to the nation. No immunity for Democrats.

    • So where exactly are the 70 sites that were destroyed. I want to go and help them rebuild unlike some others who just want to complain.

  2. Democrats are the most hateful, deceitful, corrupt group in the world. Soon they will be sending suicide bombers into crowds of peaceful Right Wing protesters. Look out America.

  3. You have governors and mayors with no backbone! They want to act like they are the arsonists and rioters friend.
    Hope to see how they act when they start torching the mansions they live in.Should be comical.

    • Governor Inslee claims he “didn’t know it was going on” that 6 blocks of his state’s most populated city has been taken over by ANTIFA? To make matters worse, the Seattle city council refuses to help it’s own citizens. Liberal lunacy knows no bounds!! Thank God I live in New Jersey

      • As if THAT’S any better! I lived in Jersey for 18 long months, and, I can tell you, Trenton is the armpit (i’m being nice, here!) of the world! Yes, rural NJ is pretty nice, but, you should try being the only blond haired, blue eyed boy with a Southern Drawl, in the middle of all those who weren’t!

  4. LOCK and LOAD! . . . Open season on BLM and ANTIFA rioters. Prosecute the SURVIVORS with STIFF FEDERAL Prison sentences with HARD LABOR (chain gangs) and put the REST in BODY BAGS destined to a LANDFILL someplace.

  5. Need to have an open season for BLM, ANTIFA and illegal aliens. Some of us want to retire and can’t afford to support the world.
    Of course we need to set limits though.

  6. These “Peaceful Protesters”, these idiots, are convinced that by burning COVID-19 tests, they defeated the coronavirus. Now this terrible COVID-19 does not pose a threat to these “fearless heroes” – they are “winners”!

  7. the protesters are clearly responsible for any uptick in covid. you can’t fool us. all sicknesses and deaths are clearly on their heads.

  8. A lead diet is the only thing which will stop these anarchists, which is what they are.

  9. The Democrats. Sorry i meant the terrorist. Just want destroy our president, they not care about the people.

    • YOUR president is an insane, egotistical, jackass. He has done nothing but divide this country with his stupid thoughts. He has done nothing but lie and obstruct. He gas spent more on golfing trips in 3 years than Obama did in eight. His campaign promise was to be to busy to be golfing.

      • You are a left wing nutjob.

      • My President, Donald J Trump, is attempting to repair the damage previous occupant of the White House, Barrack Hussein Obama , has inflicted on the United States of America. In eight(8) he caused race relations to go back a few decades. He did NOTHING to improve the lives of his own people and squandered an opportunity to improve the lives of those living in States and Cities governed by Democratic Governors and Mayors while insuring thee Obama’s reaped all the riches anyone could want.

      • No, It was your last president who set race relations back to the 60’s. He did much more than that. He purposely started the racism by publicly deciding who was guilty when any black was killed. Between him and gun running Holder they did a job on this country. A very bad one.

      • You are the idiot,Trump has done more for all of the American people than any other president. Think about that because of him before the virus we had the lowest unemployment rate for all people. No matter what color you were. It is time for the American people to fight for everything that most people who worked their whole lives for. To have it burned down is wrong. As for the test sites 4 of them are in Atlanta. Because of another shooting. If these officers would stop and think they should have called a tow truck just to get the car out of way .

        • These responses , seems to me, have invited only-a-few not agreeing with our administration. And their responses reflect their lack of listening to the positive actions and responses by the ‘Right’. For a short summary of the Origin of America, CLICK on this (see below) and make sure to review the LINK (Political and Economic Results of today) at the bottom of the page.
          God Bless America

  10. There will be BLOOD!

  11. The Revolution is coming and thats exactly what the Govt. is trying to achieve. It gives them more power to turn this country into a Socialistic society so they can control the country. Make the people depend on them. People need to smarten up and unite, Fuck the Government!

  12. I’m waiting for the rioters and looters to drop from covid-19. Only then, will I believe in Bill Gates and Dr Fauci’s pre- planned plandemic.

  13. The biggest problem is that the Republican place the blame on the democrats’, and the Democrats blame the republicans. The real problem is the Goon that is in office, along with his greedy staff. They are getting away with taking this country apart, while placing the blame on others. They have, so far, brainwashed their followers, (Sheep), that they are repairing this country while they feed off of the tax payers like a bunch of parasites.

    • You, sir or madam are doing nothing but spouting the Democrat/Communistic agenda.

    • Whah! Whah! Whah! Evidently you have not looked at any of the numbers since he has been in office: i.e, best of all time which includes minorities. Evidently, you are missing the same gene, along with all DemoRATS, that has to do with COMMON SENSE, WHICH YOU HAVE NONE!

    • It’s amazing to me how people like you can be such a moron! Do you pay no attention at all?

  14. Since the democrat socialist revolutionaries have mayor and governor support to destroy, rob and burn down buildings legally I guess under equal rights for all Conservatives are free to start burning, robbing and destroy buildings of all companies they feel support the left wing violence. Snap chat, Facebook and other social media sites should be prime targets if they refuse freedom of speech.


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