Watch Biden Incoherently Stumbling Through Roundtable Discussion

Biden’s gaffes are usually hilarious but we can’t lie to you. This one was painful to sit through. It’s gotten to the point where we are wondering if someone is going to intervene. The Democrats can’t trotting him out there like this. It’s only a matter of time before he finally makes the mistake that puts an official end to this doomed campaign.

No wonder the establishment Democrats want Biden to stay in his basement. All it took was one trip outside of his home to expose how ill equipped he is to handle this moment in time. The objective here was a simple one: Biden wanted to have a round table discussion about the ins and outs of reopening the economy.

It should have been an easy task but with Biden at the helm, nothing is ever as simple as it should be. The best part is when Biden manages to lose his entire train of thought while he is reading from the carefully prepared notes that he was given to prevent such a thing from happening. It’s like he’s actively trying to make everyone laugh at this point.

At least those who do not identify as Democrats or leftists are able to laugh. We can’t imagine that these clips are very funny to those who are depending on Biden to remove Trump from office come November. The establishment Democrats who worked so hard behind the scenes to make sure that Biden didn’t actually have to beat anyone else out for the nomination must be proud.

They knew that their guy could not win unless they rigged the game in his favor. No matter how many Democrats are willing to put their thumbs on the scale, it is not going to change the reality of the situation. Biden does not even know what Juneteenth is and this is the same man who was willing to revoke everyone’s black card not that long ago.

The bizarre discussion went in all sorts of directions, as Biden also tried his best to launch yet another feeble attack against the current president. This did not go very well. Biden’s mask was also dangling from his ear at a certain point. Does he even know that the mask is sliding off his head or is he blissfully unaware? Biden supporters may be able to play off the stuttering and stammering but this is next level buffoonery.

The brain freezes are only getting worse and worse as the election draws nearer. How can any of the Democrats feel good about this? They want to win so badly that they are willing to ignore all of the most obvious signs about his lack of cognitive ability. The party can only continue to neglect these types of clips for so long. Right now, they are benefiting immensely from the sheer volume of news that is attracting everyone’s attention.

In a quote-unquote ‘normal’ news cycle, a clip like this one would stay in the news for a long time. Biden would have to answer serious questions about his capabilities. Remember the good old days when the mainstream media could not stop speculating about President Trump’s mental capacities? If he was the one who couldn’t complete a full sentence on live television, they would have had a field day.

When it comes to Biden, they are all as quiet as church mice because they secretly harbor hope that he could win the election. That was the whole point of the Democratic party taking the time to kneecap every other viable candidate. They rigged the race in his favor and he is still unable to truly seize control.

Sleepy Joe is just bumbling about, killing time until he inevitably loses the election and is forced to crawl back into his basement. Obama may have done everything that he could to help him but these efforts are futile at this point. Maybe next time, they’ll let their presidential nomination be won by the best candidate….not the one who is considered “electable”.

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  1. We’ve BEEN bored listening to him! . . . he makes NO sense AT ALL.

  2. Biden has lost it and why would I want a president his age? NO THANKS – I will stick with TRUMP and I love what
    he has done for our country.

  3. He can hardly put together two words. He even looks like he is lost. And the demonrats want him as president????

  4. He ain’t right

  5. I can’t believe his wife allows him to make a fool of himself so often. That’s not love.

    • But she sucks Obama’s cock. Did so for eight years while he was president and Joey VP and still sucks him off.

    • Take this man out and get him the help he needs. Why his wife lets him mumbles threw papers that tell him what to say . Get him to mental hospital . Makes a fool of himself

      • all part of hillary plan, they want joe to win the election then they will take him out with medical issues then, killary will take it from there. that ladies and gents will start a new civil war and start of the downfall of the usa
        (only my opinion)

  6. Us good niggas ain’t votin for Joey Bidumbass. Us good niggas votin Trump. Trump is da man, braathas. That Bidumbass cocksucka is one weirdo mafucka. He got sheeet for brains. And Don Lemon ain’t no nigga. He a honky ass white bitch. Us good niggas hate the mafucka. Andrew Cuomotherfucka is a cocksucka. He one big asshole, bitch. Us good niggas hate that mafucka too. Black Power, YAY FOR THE GOOD NIGGAS.

  7. We’re bored with what he has to say also, as usual all talk, most of which makes no sense!

  8. Joe, you can always come out of your basement hole and debate the President on live tv.! Come on Joe, don’t be afraid,he doesn’t bite.

  9. This guy’s a brain damaged sexual predator, totally unfit for office of any kind. Far worse is the fact we’re told to be careful how we point Biden’s serious mental problems, because there are may people who either suffer from dementia or have a loved one who does. To them I say, fucking get over it! when the average person has dementia, it’s indeed sad. But when an entire political party knows their choice to be the most powerful person in the world is unfit and nominates him anyway, they are fair game! This is especially true when you realize their plan is to make Plugs a dummy rubber stamp lackey and have the most extreme leftists calling the shots.

  10. Yep, dems want him so they can manipulate him and later declare him unfit and slip in the person they really want.

  11. I’ve got a dog who eats grapefruit catches a ball and knows when it time for a bone and its bed time that is a sight more than sleepy Joe Biden knows

  12. The guy’s an idiot – they kept him hidden while obozo was in the WH and now – THE RETARD IS A BLABBERING RETARD….WITH FALSE TEETH,

  13. You know this Election is actually a disgrace to put me Biden in this position and his family to stand along side him and go along with this is downright shameful. You are making your father your husband the laughing stock of the nation and for whom may I ask. So someone who couldn’t win the Presidency might have a chance of serving as President when it becomes abundantly clear he cannot competently serve as President. You all have a whole lot to answer for when you meet your maker if you don’t get on your knees and beg forgiveness of Mr Biden and of God and the American People and the man you have all been trying to bring to his knees for the last 2 1/2 years The Peoples President. The Man who works for nothing not like you loafers who get paid for not working its time you turn the table around get yourselves right with the man upstairs get yourselves right with the Biden family get things right with the greatest man to have walked the corridors of the White House in Many years and work with our President duly elected President Trump Earn you Wages for a change stay at the table till it’s done.
    While I am on a role let’s take our country back. If our cities and towns cannot take care of themselves let’s get someone in and do it for them and replace the people in power there who fought against right charge them just like the looter and burners if they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem. Get rid of them. I believe the people will agree.

  14. IF BIDEN ever made President he would probably walk around with his DEPENDS on ! BIDEN ain’t gonna go no where because he is to OLD for ONE ☝thing ! He to SENILE in Second thing and Third thing he is a PERVERT . Touchy
    Touchy , Feely Feely , Samilly Samilly!!

  15. If by some miracle he did win, the person running things would be his wife or the person he picks for VP, there is no way he could stand the rigor of the PRESIDENT’S job, he is not only brain dead but body dead, just remember even if he could win the wife or VP would be the boss!!!

    • The Socialist Devilrat Party had to hide Dementia Joe in his Dementia Bunker so the public couldn’t see the fool he continues to make o& himself at every political speech he muffs .NO NO not JOE JOE’s wife but either HITLERy Clinton or Mooooshelllll as he doesn’t have the bumps on to run this or any other country other than into the communist ground.

  16. I love what Trump has done for this country. If state’s mayors and governors can’t protect the people of their state then Trump should go in and take control as peacefully as possible but if the rioters continue to loot and burn then they should be arrested and put in jail. Every time they loot, burn or OCCUPY they are interfering with the rights of other Americans and the tax paying people of that state. Cops aren’t perfect…No one is…but if we make their job impossible they will leave their jobs and law abiding Americans will be screwed. We are seeing the early signs of anarchy. If Trump has to bring in the military to restore order I am 100% behind him. We need reform not anarchy. America will continue to improve its people, laws and police policies. It’s better now than 100 years ago and it was better again 50 years after that but we as a civilized people can only keep trying for a better future. Looting, rioting and anarchy are not the American way so be prepared to pay the price if you choose this path.

  17. Remember, biden is picking his successor for president if he wins. This is what matters! Legs in the air harris, rice, brazille, warren! Its damn scary that one of these might be president. Biden will step down in 1yr if he is elected.

    • Elizabeth Warren could beat “Frump” with one hand behind her back!
      She’s a brilliant woman, but I doubt the time has come where we can
      get a woman in the White House! What an election we have coming !

      • are you on crack? that hagg would bankrupt this country in the first year. also no way she could do anything with trump. he would make her look more foolish than she is

  18. I didn’t know what the June 19th Massacre was either. I am glad that I learned what it was, but unlike Biden, I didn’t assert myself as the authority- or dare I say “master” -of all blacks.

  19. I don’t understand it. Even the democrats know that ‘Ol Joe is out of it. I wonder how they are going to dodge a debate with the president. There’s no doubt they will not allow him to be exposed to the pubic for any length of time. The democrat party absolutely MUST have a plan for another candidate to shove into the position at the last minute. Even if they provide him with the answers, as Brazille did for Hillary, Joe can’t concentrate long enough to hold a debate.

  20. Yeah ! Like you a got a brilliant dumb ball showing off his mini-brain, while
    hiding in a bunker? Give me a break! Unfortunately, both parties have a problem with their guy trying to win in November ! A while back in time and
    we would have had a brilliant candidate for president. BUT – time has taken
    its toll with both men…..Neither is White House material.
    So, as with the old saying : “Houston ! We have a problem!” Big time!
    Can only hope for a happy ending, come election day………!

  21. God help us, come election day!

  22. Creepy senile Joe has been a crook, liar and an idiot his whole life. They did not give him the nickname of doofus for nothing. With the onset of dementia he is unable to tell the difference between his sister and his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of our country? The best thing they could do for senile Joe is to find him his rocking chair and make sure he uses it somewhere out of sight.



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  25. The situation in Seattle is unacceptable.
    All of this talk and effort to appease these idiots will only bring on more hostility. They need to be spanked and sent to their room to learn some respect for the law something their parents never taught them. This is the United States and they are harming MY COUNTRY. THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS AND GET THE JOB DONE. THE MAYER OF SEATTLE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE WAY TOO!

  26. I have never liked the man, but I can have pity for him because I see the Leftist are USING HIM. Most people can figure out WHY ! And his wife and children should be ashamed of themselves. He is being used as a puppet when he should be in a Nursing Home. This is only one of the low-life scheme’s done by the Leftist. They don’t care about ANYONE !

  27. We need to see Biden answering unscripted questions on a number of issues………..if he can!

  28. I agree, Biden’s wife is Pathetic!!

    She watches him make a total ass of himself, knowing he’s Not capable of finding his way out of his basement!

  29. Socialist Dems and their friends in the news media keep pointing to everybody else about racism, but yet there they are insisting that their VP candidate be a Black woman or at least a woman. No consideration as to whether they are competent or not.

    This is racist against the whites in their own partly and is gender discrimination against men.

    But no one is daring to point this out. Just like in the story of the Emperor has no clothes.

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