Marika: “Black Lives Matter Only When Democrats Need Your Vote” (Video)

Samantha Marika is a well known political commentator who has a lot to say about the Democrats and how they are handling the current situation. She’s noticed some contradictions that she wants to address. She started by pointing out the hypocrisy when it comes to the George Floyd memorials that have been taking place all over the country.

Marika wants to know why the same people who were being told that they could not have a funeral for their own family members are now watching memorial service after memorial service on television. The same politicians who were telling everyone to stay inside because of COVID-19 are now heading outside for photo ops.

The video that she uploaded came with a very powerful conclusion. She asked the Democrats a very simple question. Do they really care about the Black Lives Matter movement or is this just something that they say to get the votes they need? It’s a very real question and one that needs to be answered as quickly as possible.

People are finally starting to see all of the convenient political tactics. The Democrats could not care less about public safety OR structural racism. Malika’s observation is quite astute. We are not sure how anyone could look at this party and think that they have the right answers when it comes to racism but they have done a good job pulling the wool over everyone else’s eyes.

That’s because they have found a way to re-frame the conversation that benefits them. It’s never Democrats vs. racism. It’s always some form of “kind and liberal Democrats who love everyone” vs. “mean, angry Republicans who hate everyone”. In their defense, it’s a fairly adept argumentative tactic. If you turn everyone against the other party, they are never taking the time to examine your misdeeds.

At this point, we don’t think that the Democrats really have a leg to stand on when it comes to racism. They have done nothing to dismantle the systems that they claim are harmful. Barack Obama has decided to wade into the current media cycle and act like he has all of the answers. The way that he talks is so funny. It’s like he’s forgotten that he had eight years to put a dent in the same problems that he talks about now.

It’s easier for the Democrats to pretend like they care by using a different political party to juxtapose their actions. Marika notices this issue and she is not willing to stay silent. The last thing that the Democrats want is for people to start actually looking at their actions, instead of being swayed by a bunch of flowery words. They may start to notice all of the horrific things that Barack Obama did while he was president.

This is the same man who was willing to bomb foreign countries into the Stone Age and deport citizens at an alarming rate. However, the Democrats have succeeded when it comes to making everyone forget that. That’s the issue at the heart that Samantha is trying to get to the heart of. We just hope that everyone else has their awakening, too.

It’s never too late to realize that you have been hoodwinked for all of these years. The COVID-19 lockdown was never about keeping Americans safe, it was about giving the Democrats a chance to stand in opposition to Trump. If Trump had been the one who was telling everyone that they needed to stay indoors, the Democrats would have been the first ones to encourage everyone to head outside.

If Trump says white, they say black. If he said that the sky was blue, they would probably find a way to counter that claim as well. At least we only have to endure the Democrats’ nonsense for a few more months. Once their delusion of winning back the White House has been shattered, they are definitely going to get a lot quieter.

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  1. This beautiful young gal is one brilliant young lady. She is spot on! She is so, so right when it comes to voting, since the demon-crats have to have a show and yell and scream in your ear to vote. People wake up! Like this gal says, Your being used!!! Use your own brain for once. Do your research. THINK. Think as though your life depends on it. Because it does.

  2. Young lady is right that the Democrats only care is to win in any cost.only one thing I dont agree with is the Democrats will quiet down after trump wins. if the house is still under the democrat party .they will still try to impeach trump to cover up Obama’s 8 yrs of corruption and that big corporations thats been getting rich thru china …follow the money .Trump 2020.

    • The ssme party that promises “pie in the ski” could care less unless there is an election. Wake up!!!

    • Why are you and so many others believing that the Democrats will continue to hold the House of Representatives after this next election? Some voters may not all know, thanks to the news media, how obstructive this house under Pelosi has been and that they have done nothing positive, but many others are on to her game. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised when the Republicans regain control.

  3. Thank you Marika, you have brought the truth to light. Democrats will use the blacks to get what they want and then they will blame them for all the damage done to the country. democrats are an evil bunch. Obama has a lot of nerve even showing his face. eight years of his do nothing and all of a sudden he thinks he will solve all the problems wrong he will only create more problems.

    • You need to check your history. Every bills President Obama try yo pass Congress would block it down. You were about to go in a recession from the Bush’s he came in and bail the world out. Know your history child. Ask your parents about every thing you are green

  4. This is all beautifully stated by a extremely intelligent young woman who obviously loves this country as so many true patriots do.
    I pray for another Republican victory for My President, Donald J. Trump. He has tolerated so much ridicule and hate for 5 years. This next election has just got to shut up the ignorance and hate.

  5. Donald J. Trump is a 5 Star President…!

  6. She is spot on; she just needs to also let them know how the msm is lying to them and covering for the dems 24/7. Keep on telling the truth.

  7. Wow, with young thinkers like this in the United States, it makes me think there is hope after all. Thank you, Marika, for having the courage to speak the truth.

  8. Rioting & looting certainly honors George Floyd…What a TRIBUTE. Sad that this REPEAT offender was exploited by angry people throughout the US. Poor excuse to DESTROY property and STEAL merchandise.

  9. The Democrats created the kkk to prevent the end of slavery. How correct this lady is for Democrats trying to get the black vote. The Democrats don’t care about the black lives, just their votes to suppress them future. Some day, but not today blacks will realize how well they have been used by the Democrats to include Obama exploited them for political gain and then doing nothing for them.

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