Leftwing Lunatic WA Mayor Kneels With Protesters Until His Own Home Is Vandalized by Protesters

A story like this one was never supposed to happen, not like this. Olympia, Washington has a very progressive mayor who is committed to standing with the Black Lives Matter protesters. If there was anyone who deserved to remain safe during these turbulent times, it was her. Cheryl Selby is a far-left mayor who has taken quite a bit of flack in the past but her heart was certainly in the right place here.

She was even willing to take a knee with various protesters just a few short weeks ago. Why would a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement be treated so poorly? Now, the movement has one less supporter because people wanted to trash this woman’s house for no good reason. She’s referring to it as domestic terrorism and she’s right.

People who are doing their absolute best to understand the message and give back to their communities are being treated like garbage. How is a movement supposed to gain any traction when people are ready to act like this at a moment’s notice? It’s an honest question that needs to be answered. Selby needs to know why this happened to her.

The issues took place on Friday night. Two different groups set up shop in downtown Olympia and it did not take long before the destruction began. Flags were burnt, buildings were burned and Selby’s house took some major damage. A group that was dressed in all black made their way through the Capitol Hill region. From there, they headed into South Capitol and that’s when Selby’s house was trashed.

Once they arrived on the scene, chants of “abolish the police” started to break out. Selby’s door and front porch were vandalized. “BLM” was spray painted on the home, as if she was already not a supporter. There was even a man who was carrying a device that looked like a paddle, encouraging the police to move it along.

The officers were even threatened if they didn’t! This is the liberal enclave that was willing to support the movement and even they are being treated like redheaded stepchildren. What hope does the rest of the country have if this is how a leftist mayor is being treated? Fortunately for Selby and her loved ones, they were not home that night. They did not know what was happening to their residence until they started to receive frightened text messages from neighbors.

Selby also referred to what took place at her home as being “unfair” and that’s not even the half of it. The liberals are now being forced to stew in the mess that they have made and they do not like it. While our heart does go out to her during this trying time, she is the one who was perfectly fine with all of the protests until they started to work against her.

On Friday night, two groups converged in downtown Olympia, and some became destructive, burning flags, smashing windows, and spray painting businesses and Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s home.

The black-clad group eventually marched up Capitol Way and into the South Capitol neighborhood to Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s house. There, the group chanted “abolish the police,” and a person spray painted her front porch and door with “BLM.” A man with a flat, metal paddle-like object who was backed up by a line of cars told the group to leave, threatening them if they didn’t.

Selby and her family were not home last night, but her neighbors began texting her when the protesters arrived at her house.

“I’m really trying to process this,” she told The Olympian over the phone Saturday. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.

Someone needs to be willing to take responsibility for the mess that the liberals have decided to create. As soon as things go awry, they decide to turn around and play the victim. It’s like they think everyone is going to regret that they were all supporting the movement on social media for weeks now. They bank on everyone else having short memories and feeling bad for them.

What did Selby think was going to happen? If she was smart, she never would have encouraged these protesters in the first place. Now, they have grown too powerful for her to destroy on her own. We give it about a week before the liberals are begging for the military to show up and save their butts from this awful mess.

Far leftists are always going to struggle in situations that require any form of nuance. They may excel in scenarios where everything is kept simple for them but anything outside of that is always going to be outside of their chosen wheelhouse (or echo chamber).