Dems Wage War Against Blacks That Don’t Submit to Their Intimidation Campaign

We are not quite sure what to make of this but we can say with some certainty that it does not look great for the Democrats. Senator Tim Scott is trying to create a reform package that will tackle the very real issues that are taking place when it comes to policing. Of course, this is not good enough for the Democrats and they are using racially charged language to communicate that point.

Dick Durbin is the Democratic senator who made the remark. He called the bill a “token” effort and while we do not see much wrong with his choice of words, we all know how this would go if a Republican said it. They would be referred to as a racist and people want them removed from their post immediately.

Guy Benson is in the same boat that we are. He is not about to jump down Durbin’s throat and call him a racist. However, he recognizes the double standards that are at work here. Everyone knows that this remark would have been treated like the end of the world if it had not come from a Democrat. This is a party that likes to act like they have solved all of their racism.

You can’t ever accuse any of them of any sort of misstep when it comes to race. That’s blasphemy to the Democrats. These are the same people who came to work dressed like they were headed to the Black Panther premier night and thought that they were doing something to combat systemic racism.

Benson believes that the comment was tone deaf at best and actively harmful at worst. The benefit of the doubt is hard to come by but some of us are still willing to offer it from time to time. The Democrats might like to try it, instead of lunging at any and every opportunity to refer to someone else as a racist.

Conservatives are constantly accused of working racist terminology into our statements when we are merely trying to get a point across. That’s why we can take the time to understand where Durbin is coming from. He should have thought twice before he used that particular word but we are not here to assassinate his character.

Tim Scott had the last laugh, anyway. As most of you already know, this conversation spilled out into Twitter land. Scott was not about to let the opportunity pass him by, so he took the opportunity to mock Durbin for the aforementioned kente cloth stunt that was pulled. It’s definitely one of the more ridiculous things that the Democrats have done recently.

That’s why they are the last party that needs to be talking any form of tokenism. Are they actually willing to do anything for black people outside of the superficial gestures? Sure, let’s name a few streets after the Black Lives Matter movement. That will show the racists. It worked so well when all of the streets were named after Martin Luther King Jr.

Durbin will probably never step in it this badly again and that’s all that really needs to be said. In the future, maybe Democrats will see how quickly certain things can be flipped back on them when they are not careful. All of the kente cloth in the world is not going to save them from being called racists when they say and do things that are not received well.

If they want to apply these same types of standards to the liberals who think that they are above it all, fine by us. Make Durbin answer for what he said. Perhaps getting a taste of their own medicine will cause them to think long and hard about the crap that they pull on everyone else. In the meantime, we are definitely going to be laughing at Scott’s response and showing it to all of our friends and loved ones.