Baltimore Admits That Most Murderers in the City Go Scot-Free

President Trump’s recent remarks on police reform, he used Baltimore, Maryland as a prime example of the issues that police departments are experiencing. He does not want to strip police departments of their funding. The president believes that the departments need more assistance and greater access to the necessary resources.

One of the statistics that he cited was an alarming one. Of all the murders that took place in Baltimore last year, no arrests were being made. In most instances, the mainstream media will race to fact check the president when he makes claims like these. If you have noticed, they were not as quick to jump all over his case this time around.

CBS Baltimore issued a follow up report and once they took the time to check in on the Baltimore Police Department, they found that the president was telling the truth. Baltimore set a new record this past year for most murders, per capita. Like the president said, these murders are going unsolved in the majority of instances.

Their homicide clearance rate rests at just 31 percent. Because of these failures, the Baltimore police department has decided to invest more of their assets into these investigations. The homicide unit now has 14 brand new investigators. By taking the time to look more closely at their current failings, they are hoping to reduce the number of cases that are still open.

Baltimore City police confirmed the president’s statistic Tuesday saying they had a 31% homicide clearance rate, or rate of closing cases, in 2019.

A spokesperson said since Commissioner Michael Harrison arrived in 2019, the department has re-assessed assets and invested into the homicide unit, including 14 new investigators.

Now, the department is focusing on staffing and reduction in caseloads for homicide.

Additionally, the department is investing into accountability tools being put into place and the unit is building on Consent Decree policies and training.

Their efforts have been somewhat successful thus far. Through the first five months of the year, the clearance rate for homicide cases in the city has risen to 45 percent. It’s a major improvement over the 31 percent figure from before but there is so much more that needs to be done. It’s a dismal mark that still needs to be improved upon considerably.

The murder rate also tends to rise once the weather warms up and this must be taken into account. There are also those who wish to point out the factors that do not have anything to do with the police. If a murder takes place in a more sparsely populated area, it is easier for the police to narrow down the list of suspects. The more they can learn about a case that occurs in a more rural area, the better their chances of establishing a motive.

As for the murders that take place within city limits? Those are much tougher to find a motive for. If you cannot find out anything meaningful about the victim or the killer’s motivations, it’s hard to solve a murder case. The police can be handed all of the funding and resources in the world but it does not make a difference.

Police departments can track down information on their own but in many instances, they are only as effective as their informants. If there is no one who is willing to step up to the plate to offer the necessary information, the police can be limited in their ability to fight crime. The “stop snitching” mentality can cause any number of investigations to be stopped in their tracks.

Those who have spent enough time watching shows like HBO’s The Wire are sure to remember the retaliation that took place when citizens were willing to testify against the murderers responsible for polluting the streets with violence. The Baltimore police department is overwhelmed at the moment and the solutions are not as easy as anyone would like to think. President Trump is doing his best to understand the situation.

That’s the most that we can ask from any president. Baltimore will simply have to hope that their new mayor is able to get things under control. He’s vowing to be tougher on crime and for the sake of this city’s residents, we hope that he is right. With any luck, he will get the help that he needs from his federal government. We’re not going to be getting our hopes up anytime soon.

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  1. Police reform maybe, refunding, or doing away with No! That’s just lunacy. Chaos will result . Pretty soon people will become vigalanties.

    • Agreed! Enforce The Law as it is Written! Train Law Enforcers with the very BEST, then, expect the VERY BEST in RETUTN!

  2. Defunding* stupid auto correct *

  3. If you defund police protection they are not going to show up they don’t want to be sued.

  4. I also see the return of the Vigilante, and from where I stand I see it as a welcomed return. When the local governments fail to do their job and let criminals run free to riot, rob, burn, kill and threaten citizens, the citizens should take care of the threats themselves.

    • Yeah, about that whole idea of “Taking the law into their own hands” thingie.

      WE, THE PEOPLE merely HIRE people to ENFORCE OUR LAWS.

      They are not ‘police’ laws and WE, THE PEOPLE ARE the NEAREST POLICE BACKUP AVAILABLE!
      WE, THE PEOPLE hire people to ‘supervise’ OUR EMPLOYEES so WE, THE PEOPLE can go about our daily lives.

      WE, THE PEOPLE Created ‘governments’ as CARETAKERS of the Infrastructure and keeping OUR STREETS SAFE 24/7/365.

      When it comes to WE, THE PEOPLE, being Required to ENFORCE OUR LAWS, it becomes APPARENT you are not ADEQUATELY PERFORMING your Duties to the REQUIRED LEVELS you said you were able to do.

      I feel no obligation to pay for any continuation of your services, nor do I feel you have EARNED any post employment benefits.


      • How can people defend themselves without guns? If the outlaws know the citizens will shout them, they won’t be so brave. Most of the crimes are committed on people that don’t have the means to defend themselves. I hate to see it, but if the stuff that is going on in the cities tries to come to the west, not the west coast, the west will not put up with it. Most of the people I know have guns and many of them carry, not to hurt anyone, but to make sure no one hurts them or theirs. I don’t like guns, but I dislike what is going on in our cities worse! I hate to see western justice come, but it will come where I live if the gangs try to take over our communities. Our culture will not put up with it. I know we have a lot of liberals amongst us, but they won’t say a word when they themselves are protected by someone carrying a gun. They will complain and say how bad it is until they themselves need the help.

  5. First, why would anyone want to be a cop in Baltimore? Second, the voters of Baltimore voted for the Democrat mayors and city councils controlling the city for generations. Is that what the people of Baltimore want? If not, throw out the Democrat leadership. If yes, live with murders and live with being the Chicago of the East.

  6. Why is it people want to criticize police and protest when a bad cop kills a black man,nothing is said or brought up when a different person of color or white person is killed by police? What about murders that are happening regularly? People of all races will not step forward to help police solve murder..If people are afraid to come out in support of police investigations,to help solve crimes,all crime,then use the TIPS hotline..OUR CITIES are being controlled by FEAR of gang,[drug dealers,shooters,etc.] retaliation ..Many unsolved murders involve children and innocent by standers..Why is nothing said,until one of your own is killed and then it is to criticize police for not cleaning up the communities?OUR communities are what we make them..Remember the TIPS hot line and let US begin to help clean up OUR streets…Take a good look at the TRUTH,help yourselves and the police…..

  7. Since it is mostly Blacks Killing Blacks, just let it Go. Only deal the other Murders. The Blacks, Hate the Blacks so much. That is why they are called Criminals.

  8. The Criminals go Free all because of Liberal Governors, Mayors , Crooked judges and DA supported and put in office by George Soros


  10. Democrat controlled cities are s**tholes. The people who keep voting for and re-electing Democrats deserve NO BETTER. You vote for handouts – you get hand outs – gubermint housing and all. You vote for opportunity you get opportunity – get an education – work hard and the world is your oyster. Sit around on your ass waiting for handout and you are a slave to those who provide the handouts. If you step out of line they take your hand-outs away. When you earn something – it is yours – they can’t take that pride away from you.

  11. What the hell are the Marxist Democrats doing starting all of this destruction, murder, rapes and everything else? Starting with Nazi Pelosi, they all need to be themselves shot and I mean what I said! They are going to absolutely destroy all of America.

  12. people living in these cities really need to wake up

  13. If police departments were defunded, the goons would be the first to call 911. The first to bitch nobody responds to black on black crime. The first to beg for police protection. If police departments are still funded, why the hell should police risk their lives for blacks who hate the police? You hate police and the police hate you. It works both ways.

  14. The NEO Democrats are responsible for all this inefficiency. They FAVOR the criminals thinking they will vote for Democrats so they can keep their fat paychecks and do NOTHING to serve the people. When the police arrest the left release them for jail sometimes before they are even charged. Especially if they are BLM or Antifa criminals.

    • Exactly. The politicians think they’ll ALWAYS have their protection and the minions cannot grasp they are usable and disposable. They care about nothing but power, period.

  15. Remember the movie Mad Max? Well, that’s what the USA will be like without law enforcement. Look what’s happening in all democrat cities. They don’t care about the people, just hoping to get Trump out. That in itself should show everyone what they’re all about. They’re allowing murders, looting, assaults and say it’s a “ peaceful protest “. Yeah, you have to pretty naive and blind to believe that one, which is what they want you to believe. They are using the black people. Using the term racism is their motto. They keep the people of color oppressed. Biden put 40% black men in jail creating the need for welfare for their children and women. He’s had 47 years, 8 being VP and did nothing? He and Obama blaming Trump whereas they did absolutely nothing for 8 years but now during election s calling for change. Trump has done more for them than anyone in 3 years. Don’t fall for their lies and look at the evidence. It’s pretty clear.

  16. Perhaps parents need to start teaching their children respect. Respect for the Police, for Law and Order, For their Country and for their elders. Yes, parents do own some of this. They work hard, but they are not teaching their children (yes, I am generalizing) Parents are not teaching their children in God’s Law, which our Nation was founded on.

  17. Baltimore admits that most MURDERERS go Scot Free? What a sad commentary on LAW & ORDER AND JUSTICE THERE in that DEMOCRAT RAN HELL HOLE!

  18. DEMONCRAPS are CORRUPT. Why is all the problems due to DEMONCRAP OFFICIALS. They have made the areas where people live highly unfit. Just put all the LOWLIFES & THUGS together. Let them kill each other off. Get rid of all LIBERALS/DEMONCRAPS because they hate this country. Devil Worshipers. There is a Civil War ahead. Putting up with BLACK on BLACK CRIME, guess it is O.K. for a BLACK COP to kill a BLACK MAN, but the racist niggas when it is a WHITE COP all hell breaks loose. I will call the BLM—BLACK LIVES MURDER. Obummer had eight years & he did nothing except commit TREASON along with his other thugs. The worst President we have ever had. Put there asses in Prison & throw away the key. NIGGAS ARE NOTHING BUT RACIST PRICKS. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE BLM or any other of the LOWLIES or THUGS..
    TRUMP 2020—Keep building the wall & DRAIN THE CORRUPT SWAMP.

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