Leftwing Lunacy: “Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities Be Made Whole”

Irami Osei-Frampong is a teaching assistant and a graduate student at the University of Georgia. He made a statement that is sure to have everyone talking. Can you believe that he thinks some white people need to die in order for black Americans to be made whole again? The statement was originally made on Facebook.

Of course, this man does not understand why people are furious about what he is saying. We think that this is called gaslighting. For those who are not familiar with the term that has been gaining major traction on social media, gaslighting refers to the practice of telling people something that is insane and then acting like THEY are the ones who have lost their minds.

Osei-Frampong speaks out about equality related issues regularly but this is the most inflammatory thing that he has said thus far. Some believe that he has crossed the line this time. In addition to these quotes, his social media is also full of “gems”. The man claims that fighting white people is a skill? We are not sure who is going to pay him to do that but alright.

Tony Thomas of Channel 2 interviewed Irami and he is doubling down on the “I’m so confused” defense. While he is not calling for violence at the moment, he believes that it should remain an option. These are the double standards that we are forced to live with now that the liberals have established their stronghold.

Many have noticed that the same type of commentary would get any white person fired from their job. If it’s not alright to advocate for people’s deaths for one race, why should it be acceptable for another? If anything, Irami should have to debate these points and explain himself. The mainstream media is too scared to investigate this, though.

We now live in a time where even questioning a black person’s own words is enough to get you called a racist. It’s easy to see why people are nervous about stepping up to the plate at the moment. At this moment in time, it feels like a lose/lose proposition. No one wants to be forced to defend their own beliefs just for disagreeing with one statement.

Worst of all, this man is allowed to continue working at one of the more well known colleges in the south. What happens if people start to show up at the University of Georgia, seeking answers for what he is saying? No one is condoning any form of violence and we strongly believe in the importance of free speech.

That’s a far cry from how the liberals tend to handle things, though. If anyone says anything that is remotely critical of the Black Lives Matter campaign, they are relieved of their duties almost immediately. We have reached a point where social media activists have made a sport out of it. Anyone who has spent any meaningful amount of time on Twitter has probably seen it happen in real time before.

The University of Georgia should also start preparing themselves for the inevitable lawsuits that are going to start raining down on them because of this man’s continued employment. What happens if a white student at the university decides that they do not feel safe while they are learning on this campus? It’s a concern that is bound to come up before too long and they need to be ready.

What happens if someone sees him on the street and decides that they want to preemptively want to protect themselves? These are questions that the university is not prepared to answer. They are too busy pretending that they did not hear about these truly ridiculous statements. Let’s hope that no one decides to take Irami up on what he is saying. Things could definitely get ugly pretty quickly if someone decides that he is truly putting their lives in danger.