Nothing but Lip Services From Pathetic Seattle Mayor After 19 Year Old Black Teenager Murdered in CHOP

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (which was once known as CHAZ) has been the subject of some bad press as of late. As it turns out, turning over six blocks of your city to protesters and allowing them to run it how they see fit is not the best idea. There have been multiple shootings inside of the CHOP zone and we cannot believe that it is still allowed to continue.

Three shootings have taken place over the past few days and one man is dead. Is anyone even responding to these attacks? According to the national media, the protesters are taking care of these issues themselves. One of the shooting victims was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. They are now in serious condition, says Susan Gregg.

As the Harborview Medical Center spokesperson, she is trying her best to remain neutral. The first responders who would have normally been on the scene tried their best. When the fire department first arrived, the CHOP residents had directed them to a staging area instead. By the time they were actually able to help, the shooting victim had already been taken away from the scene.

We feel sorry for any law abiding citizens who find themselves stranded inside of the CHOP zone right now. How are they supposed to feel safe when emergency personnel cannot even access the area without being sent off to a “staging area”? Basically, these people want us to believe that they can shoot each other and simply drive one another to the hospital without any sort of interference.

This is all well and good until someone bleeds to death all over the backseat of a private vehicle. Paramedics should never be blocked from offering the necessary treatment and stories like this one should make any reasonable American uneasy. The next question that we have is also very simple. Where the heck is Mayor Jenny Durkan while all of this mayhem is going on?

How long can she allow this to go on before intervening? Domestic terrorism and violence are taking place because of this zone that she has allowed to exist. There are some who are tired of waiting for the mayor to intervene and they are calling upon Governor Inslee to do something about it. Neither of these public officials seems all that concerned at the moment, though.

CNN and MSNBC are more than happy to keep worshiping their liberal heroes but the local news is able to provide the real story. KOMO News has been tracking the latest development. Even they are more willing to take the government to task than the mainstream media. They called out the city leaders for remaining silent as CHAZ residents have turned violent.

The mayor’s office has finally provided some input but the statements will come as little solace to those who are being affected. All you need to do is take a closer look at the statement that was provided, if you’re looking for a good laugh. It looks like a parody of what a typical liberal mayor would say. We could not come up with something this ridiculous if we tried.

Working with Chief Scoggins, Chief Best, and other City departments, the City will continue to make changes on Capitol Hill in partnership with Black-led community organizations, demonstrators, small businesses, residents, and trusted messengers who will center de-escalation. In the coming days, I believe together we can create a Capitol Hill environment that allows for peaceful demonstrations at Cal Anderson, quality of life for residents, and take concrete steps towards a new vision for policing in our City.

We will continue to focus on the systemic changes demanded by this time in history. We must hear the voices raised in protest, admit and dismantle the systemic perpetuation of racism, and invest broadly in the health and wealth of our communities of color, particularly our Black community.

Seattle is now more concerned with offending their domestic terrorists than protecting their taxpayers. It’s the type of thing that would be shocking if we had not seen it coming. As soon as the protests and riots broke out, we all knew that the liberal mayors and cities would do everything in their power to show that they are down with the movement.

There’s no problem with that, as long as the rest of the population isn’t being forced to fend for themselves. KOMO News spoke to a couple of the affected citizens, who were too scared to provide their real identities. This doesn’t sound like a peaceful protest anymore. Hopefully, Durkan comes to her senses before it is too late. Blood is already on her hands.