(VIDEO) The Dem’s New World Order: Mob Throws Explosives at Sleeping Homeless Man

The angry mobs that are controlling many of the streets in our major cities at the moment are causing all sorts of undue stress to those who are just trying to live out their daily routines. While no one ever stops to think about the homeless during times like these, they are the ones who are suffering from the lack of direction in the streets.

In most scenarios, they are going to be left to fend for themselves. The horrifying incident in this story is proof of that. We cannot believe the level of cruelty that human beings are capable of at times. According to local police sources, a lit firework was tossed at a homeless man who was not harming anyone at the time.

No one is sure where the incident took place, in an exact sense. Reportedly, the homeless man was attacked on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. The cities that are allowing their protesters to run wild are experiencing all sorts of issues. The ones that are not do not have these sorts of problems to contend with. It’s almost as if lawlessness should not be encouraged under any circumstances.

Too many people have used the protests as their excuse to act like a bunch of jerks. It is safe to say that throwing fireworks at the homeless is not going to do much to preserve the memory of those who have been killed by police brutality. All this does is provide ammunition to all of the folks who could not care less about the protests and are looking for any reason to shut them down entirely.

Politicians are adding to the madness, with their willingness to pander to the protesters. They want all of the Black Lives Matter protesters to know that they are on their side. This is what they have created with their unwillingness to put their foot down when it comes to these unruly mobs. They are not the ones who should be calling the shots but what do we know?

We are not nearly as intelligent as all of these liberal mayors who are allowing their cities to be reduced to rubble, that is for sure. All jokes aside, we empathize with this homeless man. He’s all alone in the world and maybe he even viewed the protesters as kindred spirits. After all, this is one of the many people that America seems to have left behind.

Instead, he is little more than the target of a cruel joke. De Blasio and his ilk need to take a long, hard look at the world that they are creating and decide whether they want to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. How much longer can these supposedly intelligent public officials continue to pander to the protesters so nakedly?

The worst part of this entire video is when there is someone off-camera who can be heard laughing it up about the whole thing. You would think that someone would have intervened and told these folks what an awful idea this is. These are the “allies” who supposedly have everyone’s best interests at heart. In reality, they are little more than a mob that is ruled by their worst impulses.

This is what happens when groupthink is allowed to flourish like this. People start to believe that their worst ideas are worth acting on. We hope that the people who are responsible for what took place here are willing to accept the consequences of their actions. It’s childish behavior at best and potentially fatal at worst.

How would they have felt if something had happened to the homeless man as a result of the fireworks attack? Judging from this video, they would not have cared too much. They are more interested in trying to have some ill advised fun at someone else’s expense. It’s a horrifying watch, for sure.