Yet Another Shooting in Chop – Mayor Still Does Nothing to Protect Residents

We are getting tired of seeing these stories on a daily basis. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted that things would go left in Seattle (no pun intended). Now that the shootings are starting to pile up in the CHOP zone, people want answers. The citizens of Seattle want to know why Mayor Jenny Durkan is sitting on her hands as the violence continues.

The latest shooting took place at Cal Anderson Park, in the north end. Seattle’s police department made the announcement earlier today. Some are trying to say that the park is not ‘technically’ inside of the CHOP zone but it is adjacent. While the shooting may not have taken place in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, questions still remain.

When a shooting takes place this close to an area where citizens are being allowed to carry firearms with impunity, no one is going to accept the first explanation that they are given. This city has all of the incentive in the world to pin the shootings on other residents. Durkan and her ilk do not want to look like idiots for allowing the CHOP zone to continue in its current incarnation.

The police are not willing to confirm the location of the shooting, either. They are probably rather annoyed that they are forced to remain outside of the zone. The CHOP residents are only willing to contact the police when it is time to pick up the latest body. Those who are injured or killed inside of the zone have no recourse available to them.

When emergency personnel are contacted, they are not even able to head into the zone without being forced to head to a designated waiting area. How is someone whose life is in danger supposed to receive proper assistance when these are the rules that are being made? Fortunately, the victim of the latest shooting is said to be recuperating and does not have any injuries that are considered to be life threatening.

This is good news but the next person may not be so lucky. There are no other details to offer at this time because that’s the way the city likes it. If their stupid experiment goes horribly awry (even more so than it already has), they can feign ignorance. “Oh, that shooting didn’t actually take place inside of CHOP, this is just the right wingers trying to stir up trouble,” they will say.

Mayor Jenny Durkan said it wouldn’t be effective to have authorities clear out the roughly six-block area in the city’s Capitol Hill section. Officials are working with Black-led organizations and “partners in de-escalation” to get the hundreds of people who have occupied the area to leave, she said.

“It’s time for people to go home,” she said, adding that it was time “to restore order and eliminate the violence on Capitol Hill.”…

[Police Chief] Best said the shootings were among crimes that have been reported within the protest zone. She said there had also been a rape, an assault, a burglary, arson and property destruction.

Durkan is claiming that it is time for these folks to go home but she is not trying too hard to make that happen. She could have the authorities clear the place out pretty quickly but of course, Durkan does not want to do that. Instead, she is essentially hoping that they will leave if she asks nicely enough. The city’s officials are now working in conjunction with black led organizations to remedy the current situation.

It’s almost like they should have put a stop to this before people started getting hurt! The sudden about face that Durkan has tried to pull off here is hilarious. She went from actively working to protect the protesters to asking them if they could go home, pretty please. Durkan was calling CHOP not that long ago, too.

MSNBC and CNN were not willing to cover her latest remarks because they go against the “peaceful protesters” narrative that they are both so invested in. They will continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world around them, as long as it aligns with their usual viewpoints. CNN ignoring the news during their prime time programming is especially irresponsible.

News broke during the 7 p.m. ET hour on Monday that Seattle’s mayor said the violence was distracting from changes sought by thousands of protesters seeking to address racial inequity and police brutality – but CNN’s 7 p.m. program, “Erin Burnett Outfront” did not mention the news as it unfolded.

CNN continued to ignore the news during its primetime programming, as there was no coverage on back-to-back editions of “Anderson Cooper 360” from 8-10 p.m. ET or during Don Lemon’s “CNN Tonight,” which aired from 10-midnight ET.

“Most mainstream media outlets have bent over backwards to portray the civil unrest as peaceful actions supporting the general aims of justice. That narrative gets largely disrupted if those news organizations now focus on the chaos in places like Seattle,” DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News.

“Thus, they ignore or downplay recent acts of lawlessness so as to not have to backtrack or explain away the simplistic manner in which they have covered events of recent weeks,” McCall said.

The reports on the latest shooting are alarming and our hearts go out to all of the Seattle residents who are being affected. It is hard not to take some shots at these protesters ourselves. No taxpaying citizen should be forced to live in fear because of a liberal mayor who needed to sit down and leave this to the adults in the room a long time ago.

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  1. You morons and moronettes deserve the city govt that you have. Stand up for your rights, recall the mayor and put someone in office who will protect the people, property, dignity of all involved or face anarky!

    • u said every thing right what the so called blacks are breaking the law they should learn what they are doing is not good for them and killing is big time wrong. all that does is put stupid ppl where every one can get killed and that is not going to help what they want. and the dam govenor not doing her job should be fired and put someone in that will do the job about not letting that crap go on


      • The people of Washington and Seattle are getting exactly what they voted in. When you put an ignorant liberalist/communist/atheist/democrat in power this is what you can expect. Now, who do you think is capable of straightening a mess like this out? Another of the same? OR A Christian Republican! When you elect a liberalist/communist/atheist/democrat you wind up in bed with Satan. And what Satan loves is exactly what is happening here. To get good things you must turn to GOD (YHVH). You must put Him back in charge of your schools, police, government, finances, and YOUR LIVES! I guarantee IF you do this life will be so very much better. You can’t even imagine just how JOYFUL AND HAPPY LIFE WILL BE!!!!!! I pray to GOD that all of you in Washington and Seattle and the rest of the United States of America will do this. I pray in Jesus’ Name AMEN

        • AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!

          • You guys said it all spot on. The voters of Seattle put these bogus, spineless leaders in office. They need to put them out of office as well and learn from their mistakes. If they don’t, they have earned the consequences they receive. They are right now. Let them see the results of their leftist agenda and make them clean-up their own mess. Only then will they learn.

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  3. It must be impossible for Mayor Derkin to do her job with her head so firmly stuck up her own behind. The Mayor will do anything to appease the BLM and the Antifa mob. I wonder if the
    Mayor would start to protect the civilians if the BLM mob and Antifa start camping out at and around her front door. Would she get off her ass and start to do something that would reflect her her constituency? Would she start acting like an official if her husband and and children were threatened by the BLM mob. Ask yourself that!

    • I agree, I wish they would go to her
      house mess it up a little and she would change her mind real quick. Just like the Mayor in Oregon. Who took a knee with them .

  4. The people inside should call their State reps. and tell them the mayor and governor are failing to live up to their oath of office.

  5. It is not just the Mayor. The Governor of Washington State is alsp sympathetic to CHOP. Under these circumstances, the best anyone can do is stand back and let the idiocy unroll itself. For the tragic Opera lovers amongst us, “Vesti la giubba” as Pagliacci said.

  6. Recall the dumb ass. Or just go in and take her out of the Mayor’s office. It is obvious what she is and that is not a politician that gives a damn about the voters and citizens of Seattle. Unbelievable that people are willing to put up with this type of leader or lack of leader). Wake up Seattle before she and the city council cause more carnage and drives businesses away from your city.

    • There are way too many stupid liberals in Seattle. They voted for this mess, and they’ll probably do it again.

  7. The left wants to do away with cops. cops need to leave and dont respond to 911.dont need to push cops in harm’s way..

    • u got that right. let them kill themselfs that is what they want let the cops protect all ppl but them let see how long that last when they shoot themselfs

  8. THE COMRADE MAYOR and her posse of marxist fools are not really interested in halting this insurrection. the entire city council is to blame, along with the fool in olympia. THE NEW WORLD ORDER COMMUNISTS ARE ALL TO BLAME. this is going to take a concerted effort by ARMED AND READY TO FIGHT troops to stop. the democrat ballot boxes with their magical democrat generated votes from non-citizens and illegals, dead people and welfare recipients keep them in business. THE WORKING PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED-UP WITH THIS MESS.

  9. You folks out in democrap land deserve just what you are getting! The next election vote Republican. All over this country everywhere you see democraps in charge all you see is ruin and crybabies. Thanks Obama for getting this ball rolling.

  10. I DEMAND THE MAYOR AND GOVENER be arrested and tried for terrorism – aiding and abetting terrorism – fraud – conspiracy to defraud the US. Failure to uphold their oaths of office.

    • wow that is nice all ppl are sick of the crap that is going on if they cant do there jobs then they need someone that will do it or bring in the military now them men and women know how to take care of the crap that is going on there

  11. I wonder when the summer of love is going to start?

  12. I can’t believe that the citizens are putting up with this lunatic. Everyone keeps saying to get her out. Don’t just say it, Do it.

  13. Why is that everyone speaking the truth is called a racist?

  14. I think that after all power, food, and water supplies are turned off, then the sewers should be blocked. Once this group of people is up to their armpits in poop, they may have second thoughts about staying there. Then, if they try to leave to collect at another spot, just keep moving them on, don’t allow barriers, and arrest anyone who has a weapon, regardless of the type. Maybe once they are required to live in their own shit, they’ll go home to their trashy lives.

  15. IMPEACH HER!!!!!

  16. Yes, the Mayor & the Governor seem to be doing NOTHING. they are sort of like at School., Would you leave, Pretty Please. Trump told them if
    they didn’t get with the programl he would be going in with the Natl Guard, or the Bikers for Trump, and run those people out of there. What they have done is disgusting.

  17. It is very apparent the Antifa and BLM groups are attempting to overthrow not only our government but also our very way of life. Appeasement has never worked in the past and will not work in the future. It is past time our government step in and end this mess. If not, it will just continue to get worse. No wonder gun sales are once again hitting new highs. I’m glad we live in a small rural community where common sense prevails. But I do feel badly for my city friends and relatives that fear for their own well-being. God has richly blessed our nation but we must do our part to care for it. I would hate to see a day come when He would remove His hand from us!

  18. Fire hoses can clean up a multitude of problems.

    • YES but make it hot water the hotter the better start spraying them like the cockroaches that they are and aim for the mayors and governors that let them run amuck

  19. Thia ia what atheism gets us. It is a total rejection of Uncondirional Love called God.

  20. Folks it’s not just the BLM and Antifa! Go to the Democrat Party; (Not “Democratic” because they aren’t) websites. They encourage people to join these groups and take donations for them! They list future “activities” within these groups! It appears the Demrat Party is backing these groups and their violence and as I see it they are using the duped blacks and Antifa in an attempt to overthrow our current government and President Trump because they know they can’t beat him any other way! Biden is senile and corrupt and in debates with Trump will look stupid and they know this…..(although they will no doubt sneak the questions to Biden in advance of the debates like they did Hillary)!! This is why the Demrat mayors and governors are allowing the violence to continue. They are all involved in this plot to overthrow our country!

  21. start shooting at her house and if you hit her who cares.

  22. what a bunch of gutless citizens. They sit on their lard asses crying and complaining. You voted for this shit, now live with it.
    I hope BLM burn down your houses, maybe then you will start to fight back. Drag that lame ass mayor out by her hair and fire her
    via citizen committee. This mayor is a useless piece of shit. You can’t sit there and wait for things to change, it won’t. You have to put your big boys pants on and take things on yourself. He who has the most guns will win.

  23. The mayor is a moron but at least she knows what the summer of love feels like. Every injured person whether it’s physical, emotional or perhaps a lost business in the chop zone should sue the city and it’s mayor. She better get behind her police force or things are going to get worse, especially for her. Is she so stupid as to believe the won’t come to her house to get what they want. Maybe Pelosi could help her. She went to Chinatown and enjoyed herself. Maybe a little chop zone love would be good for her. She might stop throwing tantrums and stop tearing up documents…who knows…she might feel so good that she donates a month worth of ice cream to the terrorists to cool them down. I never rooted for Pelosi before but I’ll give her kudos for effort if she goes to Seattle.

  24. Indict the Governor and Seattle Mayor for DERELICTION of duty . . . And DON’T forget to hold RECALL Elections to replace these WORTHLESS TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Communist/Socialists . . . ASAP! One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  25. What happened to the second amendment? Do these people not know how to defend themselves? Thats what the second amendment is for. Wake up idiots use your constitutional rites and blow these assholes out of your city. It only takes one of two of the leaders to end this bullshit. Wake up get off ypur asses and do something. Shooting these idiots is not against the law when it boils down to self defense.

  26. That mayor needs to be recalled, if that’s possible, or otherwise voted out. The city of Seattle could start by removing those concrete barriers they erected around the CHOP zone. How utterly stupid it is to beg the occupiers to go home!

  27. Let them kill each other. Too many weak ass people giving in to the BS
    demands to these homegrown terrorists. You pampered these ungrateful little pieces of crap with safe spaces. Taught/ brainwashed in schools/colleges by liberal pushing people who refuse to have rashionable conversations with conservatives.
    Trying to erase history and symbols of our past because they are offended by it. You’re offended and I’m racist.
    I’m deeply offered by all the BLM.
    All lives matter. Y’all are racist for only thinking Blm and things will never change until everyone says ALL lives matter not just black ones. The state/division of our country is the saddest it’s ever been. I was embarrassed when Obama went around the world apologising about how our country acts and when he started the political correctness BS.
    Obama was the best chance of healing most of the racial tentionsand all he did was devide us even further. So so sad.

  28. How far away is the misguided city and state from being placed under Marshall

  29. Raised in Alabama,rural town,where blacks had their own school,sport fields,and community..Little to none racial problems..Everybody shopped in town,people were respectful of each other,worked together,even sat and talked/joked,and laughed at lunch,during work hours….Sundown,all went to their respective homes..Living in this small,but ideal country town was simple,no tv’s,race baiting,or threats to ones living..I never considered myself racist,until several white women were raped in their homes,one murdered with tongue cut out and several other body parts damaged,by two black men [local}..over the course of several weeks,and one more horrific rape/murder,these men were caught [ages 17 & 23]…LONG STORY SHORT,they were tried,convicted and sentenced to death,death penalty ruled unconstitutional,several years go by and sentence reduced to life/no parole..Outside black org.’s get into case,cause racial unrest,stir up anger/hate both sides..Our once peaceful,idealistic small town was no more…Hate became a way of life..when civil rights began in the 60’s,I learned what being racist is…it took me over 60 years to tamp down my hate and racial feelings,until now…blm and an-tifa,with all the BS they have created,has brought forth all of the hate and anger,I had not known for decades..I sense radical changes,if this insurrection is not stopped,and people are not held accountable….lets see change,but not insurrection or capitulation,by cowardly mayors,gov.’s,federally elected officials….PEACE OR NO PEACE!

  30. If you are a communist, FUCK you. If you are black or antifa, FUCK you. All Democrats, FUCK you. I have bullets with your names on them. FUCK you.

  31. The mayor should be the first to be arrested. Then a hefty lawsuit brought against her. Then very lengthy jail time.

  32. If local or state authorities don’t take a leadership role, and soon, in resolving this situation then the resolution will be removed from their hands, either by local self organized Militia or by Federal Authority.

  33. I don’t know what, if any, the decent people of Seattle have at their disposal. But after watching this garbage for a while we have decided upon an answer. We have got together in my home town and put a welcome party together if these scum decide to come here. Our welcome party is well organized and made up of one hundred and fifty two (152) combat veterans. Some are democrats, some are republicans, some are African Americans and some are white. We are NOT allowing ourselves to be affiliated with any political party. But collectively we are fed up with this gang of thieves and thugs. If is our intention to inform the “peaceful” protestors what we are about and if they want to stay safe, STAY HOME. We fully intend to take these scumbags down. And WE CAN DO IT. WE sincerely HOPE they don’t come here. But our law enforcement people have guaranteed us they will be very busy somewhere else if this thing comes to a confrontation.

  34. Dear President Trump, please move the 1st Marine division into Seattle, arrest the mayor and the city council as well as the governor for aiding and abetting Insurrection
    Give the insurrectionist 2 minutes to be on their face arms and hands extended. anyone standing after 2 minutes shoot them in the head.
    Fly them to Guantanamo Bay, jail them after a couple of years we will decide what to do with them.
    Oh and you faggots perforning the Insurrection, I dare you to shot at or throw anything at the marines.

  35. Welcome to the lib China CHAZ CHOP SHOP!!!! Globalist Soros and his minions the Deep State NAZI Commie Satanist liberal party corrupted to the core, MSM (Fake news) , Antifa, BLM, CIA, FBI, Activist Judges, SJW, Hollywood Rats, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, All the useful idiots, RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting, looting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

  36. Nothing to see here, folks. Just Seattle enjoying its increasing slide into the ranks of 3rd World Cities because of democrats and socialists. Jenny doesn’t give a crap about the people who elected her. She thinks they will condone everything she wants to do to the city. Well, she has a point. The idiots elected her. They made their beds, now they should sleep in them. If the voters had any stones at all, they’d march on city hall and on Jenny’s residence, demanding that she resign as mayor. And if she didn’t, perhaps they should take “some action.” But I don’t have any faith in Seattle voters, so they got what they deserve. It’s too bad that a few good people in that city may get hurt. If they stay, though, that’s their choice.

  37. Notice that when these terrorist try this crap in a republican state or city they are dealt with ASAP. In fact many cities have had law enforcement warn that they have given the citizen every right to protect themselves and their property. It is only the liberal democrats who endorse the looting, burning and killing of their citizens by these terrorists. Makes you wonder just what kind of stupid would keep voting for democrats knowing this will happen again and again if the democrats feel it will help them remain in office. The citizen’s businesses, jobs, communities and lives mean nothing to these liberals who take their oath of office to mean “do what is best for yourself not the people who pay you.”

  38. The Spineless and Worthless Mayor needs to be replaced and the same goes for the Governor. The National Guard or Military need to go in and arrest all of these protestors. if they are allowed to walk out free, they will do the same thing in a different part of the city. The Police Force needs to be reinforced

  39. The U. S. Military has already responded! Our Military Leaders in the Pentagon have already relayed to P.O.T.U.S. That they will not intervene in Seattle!! At this point, whether or not the Military can be Compelled to intervene has not been made public.

  40. It may well fall on any Seattle Law Enforcement that’s left and willing to take back the city, and/or armed citizens along with private militia groups to TERMINATE the Insurectionist’s, Anarchist’s, and Domestic Terrorists, Anti-Fa, and BLM’S Occupation of Seattle!! My best strategy?? Close off thst four block area completely! Anyone attempying to go in or out of the occupied area,does so at the risk of their very lives, cut off all transport of goods, food, water, power, medical attention. Occupy high rise vantage points surrounding the occupation, and utilize those sites as Sniper Sites! Then, declare Open Season on anyone inside of the occupation that is armed and freely patroling the area. A sad scenario, but considering the disdain portrayed by City Government towards the citizens trapped behind concrete barriors, and the entire Citizenry of Seattle, and the Military’s reluctance to take action, duch drastic and deadly steps may be the only avenue to ridding Seattle of these Treasonous Parasites!!!

  41. Well, looks like it’s time for a little POLICE violence to clear the scum from the streets. Lets see if the ‘mayor’ cares about THAT!

  42. The blind leading the blind. We all fall short! JESUS CHRIST is the answer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 –If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
    We have taken our freedoms for granted. It’s like we’re entitled. Our forefathers who worked long and hard and wanted God’s order for our country, that the constitution would reflect and afford all citizens of the USA the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our soldiers who served and those serving now, hoping that somehow some way they would have made a worthy sacrifice.
    The price of our disobedience: Our aborted children. Our children thinking “what’s the point?”. Prayer removed from schools because a select few complained. Why didn’t they opt out? Our families who lost their loved ones on our city streets or during the different wars, with no regard to color, but one single goal to keep us safe & free of turmoil in our land. My prayers for our families who lost loved ones (God’s peace in the mist of turmoil) and a sincere Thank you.
    Our streets littered with people that follow what the others are doing cause it sounds good. Marxism/communism? Are you for real? We need our police!!! The moment something happens to them, they’re the first to complain that no one came to their aide. Common good should be the goal, not for a select few. There have been some who think they are above the law, but justice will be served. We are all accountable. LORD teach us your ways.

  43. Nothing much from the mayor, little more from the governor. What of the police, one might ask. Interestingly, the courts have repeatedly ruled that the police owe no particular service to the individual, they are there “to protect society”. You tell me, in plain English please, what the hell that means, or am I asking a dumb question.

  44. Seattle is a sh**thole anyway, infested with rats and liberal morons and now infested with subhuman animals that need to be deported back to the homeland. Let them destroy it. As for the mayor and governor, bring back public stoning.

  45. Gun sales and ammo buys are way up… It’s coming. The demonrats gave us the first cival war…

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