(Video) Black Leaders Finally Waking up and Standing Against BLM Terror

A viral video has surfaced, depicting various superstar rappers speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement. As you would have expected, A$AP Rocky is leading the charge. While it may seem like it happened decades ago at this point, many of us remember his unfortunate incident in Sweden.

Rocky was imprisoned in the nation of Sweden because he got into a minor street fight. Video surfaced that showed he was not in the wrong. President Trump worked tirelessly to get him released from this jail and he is grateful for his efforts. He’s not down with the Black Lives Matter movement and points out all of the black on black crime taking place.

The rapper is quick to note that these crimes are happening more frequently in cities that are controlled by Democrats, as well. It’s something that seems to be lost on the liberals who are constantly trying to signal their virtue to people who do not even care about what they have to say.

He’s not the only one who is speaking out against the movement in the rap community. The Game and Kevin Gates are also vocal on the topic. Gates has spoken in the past about his encounters with police officers and he is regretful about his actions. He’s not someone who is looking to drum up sympathy by pretending that he had nothing to do with the altercations he was having with the officers in his city.

Most would think that every rapper is on board with BLM but nothing could be further from the truth. Ever since the Ferguson riots took place, more and more rappers find themselves being asked to speak on the riot. It seems kind of condescending, to be honest. Well meaning white people probably think that they are doing something good by asking these questions but we do not agree.

Why should a rapper be asked to think and feel a certain way because of their race? White rappers are the ones who should be answering the questions about Black Lives Matter. After all, they are the ones who are guests in a predominantly black art form. Why aren’t they being taken to task for what they are (or aren’t doing) to help the movement?

It’s happened in the past. Those who have watched Breakfast Club for some time now can probably remember a confrontation that Charlamagne tha God had with Post Malone. Post’s music borrows heavily from rap & R&B, so Charlamagne wanted to know what he was doing for the movement. Post was obviously flustered by the question and it became a teachable moment.

We are just waiting for Joe Biden to show up and claim that these rappers have lost their black card. The A$AP Rocky “diss” song to Biden would be one for the ages. The liberals are tiptoeing right past these types of statements because they know that they would be trashed for haranguing people who actually live the black experience, day in and day out.

White leftists are always sure to keep their complaints about these types of statements to a minimum, which is funny. If you are willing to shoot your mouth off at any white person who does not offer the support you deem necessary, you should be just as willing to say it to A$AP Rocky or Kevin Gates. They are reasonable guys who are simply sharing an opinion that exists slightly outside of the expected norm.

Isn’t that what America is built on? We are a cultural melting pot, filled with people with all sorts of different mindsets. When the leftists overreach and try to demonize people for thinking differently, that’s where we start to lose our way. Hopefully, people are able to allow others to speak their minds without trying to twist their words and turn them into something that they are not. It’s not too much to ask.