65 People Shot, 17 Murdered Including 3 Children and Democrats Don’t Care

The weekends have been incredibly violent in Chicago as of late. You would think that these types of stories would make the news but nope. The Democrats do not care and the mainstream media is sticking their collective heads in the sand, too. 100 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend before last alone.

Unfortunately, the violence is only going to continue. This past weekend, 65 people were shot and 17 of them passed away. Saddest of all, three of the victims were children. It is always a tragedy when someone’s life is cut short by gun violence but seeing children slain like this is truly heartbreaking. This past weekend’s youngest victim was all of one year old.

The baby was riding in a car with their mother when gunfire erupted. Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller spoke out about the incident. According to Waller, someone pulled up alongside of the family while the mother was driving and opened fire on their vehicle. How on earth could someone do that to a mother and her child?

Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller said shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday, the mother of the 20-month-old boy was driving south on Halsted Street near 60th Street, on the way home from the laundromat, with the toddler in a child seat in the back of the car. Another car pulled up alongside them, and someone inside started shooting.

The boy was shot once in the chest, and a bullet grazed the mother’s head, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller. The boy was identified as Sincere Gaston.

There’s nothing that we can say that ease the pain of a parent who has been forced to bury their child. No platitude in the world is going to make anyone feel better when a situation is this dire. Parents all over Chicago now have to wonder if their child is going to be next. This is the sort of stress that no parent should ever have to go through.

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday night, a stray bullet came through the window of an apartment on the 3500 block of Dickens Avenue in Logan Square and struck Lena Nunez in the head. Police believe two groups were firing at each other outside the apartment, when Lena was hit by a stray bullet.

Children are dying all over this city and their stories are not being told. If you take the time to look into it, you will find that stories like the one mentioned above are not that uncommon. We wish that they were the exception but they are the rule. Lena Nunez was a fourth grader who was killed when a stray bullet went through her window. Amaria Jones was all of 13 when her life was also cut short by a bullet that came through her window.

When young and innocent victims are continuously caught in the crossfire like this, people are sure to be angry. We just wish that the mainstream media shared our outrage about this. Since the killings do not fit the narrative that they have chosen, they are more than willing to ignore them. At least the local business groups in Chicago are doing everything in their power to apprehend the parties who are responsible for what is taking place.

One such group is already offering up $25,000 rewards to anyone who has information about the killings of 1 year old Sincere Gaston and 3 year old Mekhi James. Early Walker is the philanthropist who is spearheading the initiative and we wish him the best of luck. $25,000 is a lot of money and we just hope that it is enough to put a stop to the anti “snitching” ethos that keeps so many people from coming forward.

To be fair, many of the people who come forward in instances like this one are merely afraid for their own lives. Once the killers become aware that they have been informed on, they are usually out for blood. That’s what makes it so hard for people to confess to what they have seen. It’s a tough balancing act and we are tired of seeing it.

The business groups that are looking to help out are also against the idea of stripping the police of their funding. There’s no way to be in favor of such a plan at the moment without looking a bit crazy. There are lots of voices that are not being represented and these rational business leaders are chief among them.

If no one is willing to be honest about the violence that is taking place, we are powerless to stop it. The citizens of Chicago deserve so much better. The mainstream media and the Democrats might be willing to ignore what is going on but we will not. The blood from these casualties is on their hands.