65 People Shot, 17 Murdered Including 3 Children and Democrats Don’t Care

The weekends have been incredibly violent in Chicago as of late. You would think that these types of stories would make the news but nope. The Democrats do not care and the mainstream media is sticking their collective heads in the sand, too. 100 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend before last alone.

Unfortunately, the violence is only going to continue. This past weekend, 65 people were shot and 17 of them passed away. Saddest of all, three of the victims were children. It is always a tragedy when someone’s life is cut short by gun violence but seeing children slain like this is truly heartbreaking. This past weekend’s youngest victim was all of one year old.

The baby was riding in a car with their mother when gunfire erupted. Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller spoke out about the incident. According to Waller, someone pulled up alongside of the family while the mother was driving and opened fire on their vehicle. How on earth could someone do that to a mother and her child?

Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller said shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday, the mother of the 20-month-old boy was driving south on Halsted Street near 60th Street, on the way home from the laundromat, with the toddler in a child seat in the back of the car. Another car pulled up alongside them, and someone inside started shooting.

The boy was shot once in the chest, and a bullet grazed the mother’s head, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller. The boy was identified as Sincere Gaston.

There’s nothing that we can say that ease the pain of a parent who has been forced to bury their child. No platitude in the world is going to make anyone feel better when a situation is this dire. Parents all over Chicago now have to wonder if their child is going to be next. This is the sort of stress that no parent should ever have to go through.

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday night, a stray bullet came through the window of an apartment on the 3500 block of Dickens Avenue in Logan Square and struck Lena Nunez in the head. Police believe two groups were firing at each other outside the apartment, when Lena was hit by a stray bullet.

Children are dying all over this city and their stories are not being told. If you take the time to look into it, you will find that stories like the one mentioned above are not that uncommon. We wish that they were the exception but they are the rule. Lena Nunez was a fourth grader who was killed when a stray bullet went through her window. Amaria Jones was all of 13 when her life was also cut short by a bullet that came through her window.

When young and innocent victims are continuously caught in the crossfire like this, people are sure to be angry. We just wish that the mainstream media shared our outrage about this. Since the killings do not fit the narrative that they have chosen, they are more than willing to ignore them. At least the local business groups in Chicago are doing everything in their power to apprehend the parties who are responsible for what is taking place.

One such group is already offering up $25,000 rewards to anyone who has information about the killings of 1 year old Sincere Gaston and 3 year old Mekhi James. Early Walker is the philanthropist who is spearheading the initiative and we wish him the best of luck. $25,000 is a lot of money and we just hope that it is enough to put a stop to the anti “snitching” ethos that keeps so many people from coming forward.

To be fair, many of the people who come forward in instances like this one are merely afraid for their own lives. Once the killers become aware that they have been informed on, they are usually out for blood. That’s what makes it so hard for people to confess to what they have seen. It’s a tough balancing act and we are tired of seeing it.

The business groups that are looking to help out are also against the idea of stripping the police of their funding. There’s no way to be in favor of such a plan at the moment without looking a bit crazy. There are lots of voices that are not being represented and these rational business leaders are chief among them.

If no one is willing to be honest about the violence that is taking place, we are powerless to stop it. The citizens of Chicago deserve so much better. The mainstream media and the Democrats might be willing to ignore what is going on but we will not. The blood from these casualties is on their hands.

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    • This is just what the Democraps want. If enough people are killed by firearms, they think they can push through gun confiscation, so lots of people dying by gunshot wounds is exactly what they want. Then they, the Democraps, will swoop in and save the day with gun confiscation and then they’ll have ALL the guns, except the ones owned by criminals who won’t turn them in and will kill whoever tries to confiscate THEIR guns . The Democraps, of course, won’t dare approach them for confiscation. See how it all works out? The Dems will then use YOUR MONEY to hire private security for themselves and you will genuflect to them, thanking god for protecting your “leaders”.

  2. STUPID,, Blacks killing Blacks,, Boy are they smart


    • I do support hanging BLM members. Leave it up to black people going after the wrong people. IO still want to know how to join White Lives Matter More.

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  4. What did you expect from a Democrat Leftist run city? . . . Law and Order? Truth and FAIRNESS? “Thou EXPECTETH too much, me thinketh” . These are Democrats! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Vote for a democrat and watch Your city streets become sewers and the parks loaded with junkies that discard Their needles into the bushes where Your children can get stuck.

    • If you support Trump and his thugs then you are not very enlightened.

      • I support president Trump! And would like to enlighten you asshole! Not one penny donated to this blm is going it to help black people, it is all going the Dems and they are once again using the black card for there own gains they don’t give a shit about blm ! Trump 2020

      • And you supporting the mob and killing black children? Wheres YOUR outrage you hypócrte scum?
        These kids are innocent victims of your superior intelligence!!!
        Wheres your frigging outrage eh??? This is worse than the Floyd issue and look at the destruction, arson, looting you all created. IM voting for TRUMP and the REST of the GOP candidates. NOT ONE single demo rat will get my vote.

  5. Stop calling it Gun Violence it is Violence period! Guns are NOT the Problem People are and Until the Scum of the Earth Democrats crackdown on these Violent Offenders instead of Coddling Them this will Continue. Eventually if the Democrats don’t step up and execute the duties They were Elected for a Vigilante of group of Vigilantes will emerge to Solve the Problem for Them. If neither of these Happen then all of the Cities Controlled by the Democratic Scum with Collapse into Chaos and Anarchy!

    • They will not because its what they want. Keep it up if we get a Democrat president watch them call in the blue hats its what their hoping for then all these wannabe idiots will hide in mamma’s basement when the real fighting starts.

    • They call anyone who does not subscribe to their agenda racist and all kinds of others names. The truth is they are the racist. Just for the simple fact that they allow the mass killing of blacks in their democratic run cities. If they were not racist and they truly had any love and compassion for not only people of color but victims of violence they would have put an end to this carnage but being the phony double talking hypocrites that are. They will continue to do nothing and sit back and allow the violence to continue. Shows you how much they care about humanity as a whole. God help us all if you ever gain control of the Senate Congress and the presidency.

  6. Constitutional carry in chicago and a bounty on felons with weapons would cause a rise for one weekend and permanent drop in gun-violence , almost instantly. That first weekend would be like old Dodge city, after that folks would get downright Polite… NOT knowing if the next Robbery target would shoot back.

  7. This just highlights the problem with the lying MSM and the entire leftist strategy. In an effort to control people they create a distorted view of the world that focuses on their carefully crafted public fantasies and pretend that serious problems do not exist by never focusing on them. Meanwhile, huge numbers of innocents are being slaughtered along with the black thugs doing the killing each and every week! Just know that the Democrats could care less because it doesn’t support their narratives. BLM obviously cares nothing about black deaths that are not taken by white people, as they are Marxist activist, whose only goal it cause chaos and violence in an attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic! So, how long are we going to let these deranged evil people keep us from addressing perhaps the one most important problem in America????

  8. Am sorry for the kids being killed but the rest, let them kill each other. Eventually there will be less shooting if most are dead.

    • THIS is what the Dems want! First they had the KKK, then Planned Parenthood. Neither are working anymore, so they had to come up w/something else to eliminate the blacks! They came up w/the virus (along w/Italy -the pope, and China-who both WANT to reduce their populations for economic reasons) and are allowing BLM to meet openly to spread it among the blacks, while keeping their own safe, as well as keeping the police out so they can eliminate a few more of their targets! WHY, have the black citizens been kept down? To do their bidding, when the time comes when they will once again be their “servants”! When the educated black population (as more and more are becoming) stand up for what they want and need, they call them names and threaten them! What/WHO they can’t control, they eliminate!!!That has been the purpose of the Democrat party from the start!!!

  9. The DemoRATS, BLM, ANTIFA and all these LOW LIFE SCUM of the earth protesters, don’t care about Black Lives or any other Lives. They are all only interested in COMPLETE POWER AND CONTROL AND HOW MUCH CASH THEY ALL CAN FILL THEIR OWN POCKETS WITH. THEY ALL HATE THEMSELVES AND ALL HATE AMERICA, “THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD”.





  10. Democrats don’t give a damn what happens in their own towns – they just raise hell about what happens elsewhere. Look at how Maxine Waters raised such a fuss over Jussie Smollett’s fake rehearsed beating. That lunatic is still ranting about Justice for Jussie and demanding that Smollett’s be compensated for “All he has been through”. Yet this deranged racist witch never made a peep about the tow gay black men who turned up dead at Democrat Mega-Donor Ed Buck’s L.A. home did she. That’s her district. She never made a peep about another gay black man from L.A. who claims to have been Adam Schiff’s lover and that Schiff physically sexually and mentally abused him. Schiff and Buck are also very good friends – lovers? The FBI is said to have recovered incriminating photos of Schiff and Buck from Buck’s home during their investigation. That evidence is probably in the same place all the evidence against the Clintons went too. Interestingly – in another article today – the FBI has taken Ghislaine Maxwell into custody. Maxwell who recruited the under-aged girls for Jeffery Epstein’s and his friends including Bill & Hillary Clinton sexual pleasures. I wonder how long Maxwell will last before committing Arkancide like Epstein?

  11. It is an absolute shame that there are people in the world who would shoot another person just because they think they can get away with it. I haven’t been to Chicago in a long time, and now I do not even think about going there. But the MSM must start reporting the news not only fairly, but accurately, without the cute plays on words, so frequently fashioned.

  12. “You can’t fix stupid”. – Ron White was right.

  13. we should move congress to chicago in the middle of the shit the praise see how long they will last!no police or sercurity to protect them !leave them to deal with the way of life in these citys ruinded by democrats stupidity !

  14. What a cryin’ shame that our otherwise great cities are being eaten out from the inside by this cancer. “Thine alabaster cities gleam/Undimmed by human tears”…..umm, I don’t think so.

  15. As it continues to rot…..let it go.

  16. Where are the all holy and righteous blm folks? This just shows how phony their supposed cause is, and that they are just a bunch of left wing terrorists!

  17. It doesn’t do any good to turn these killers in. The DA will just release them immediately. They won’t pay, in this life, for the lives they take, but, they will pay when they stand before the Supreme Judge.

  18. Coming soon to your neighborhood, courtesy of the Dems. The AHs are embolden by the inner city Mayors and will soon be spreading outwards. Problem is they don’t understand that then people they encounter in the suburbs and rural areas aren’t the same as the inner city socialites.

  19. What can we possibly expect from DEMOCRATS – they are disgrace, the kids don’t get proper education, NO jobs, NO money and at the same time another DEMOCRAT comes in elections like PRITSKER and they vote for them even though the DEMOCRATS HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY. FOR THE PAST 51 YEARS I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE CITY GOING DOWN AND DOWN. And now we have Mayor who devoted herself and the people to the NWO which will be another disaster. DO THEY CARE – ABSOLUTELY NOT ! I do hope they are proud of destroying this city and the people. TRULY DISGUSTING – NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE LEAVING ILLINOIS just like California.

  20. There is no such thing as gun violence! Guns never have and never will be able to kill anyone unless a PERSON pulls the trigger. I know liberals don’t get the concept by choice as there is no other explanation.
    The Democrats, BLM, Antifa, the gangs and people like Bloomberg want you to believe that they are not promoting violence with their backward policies. Like defund the police. Talk about stupid. Criminals love the leftists and their favoritism to all criminal acts .

  21. Way to go lightfoot. Let em burn and rob and loot and murder and vandalize etc. and now punish businesses trying to feed their families with closing their businesses and promising to not let them re open. She needs to be held accountable. She is a terrible leader and is bitter and vindictive.

  22. Keep it going, until All Democrats and BLM, members are gone.

  23. I lived in Chicago for 18 years in the 1960’s and 70’s. Richard Daley Sr. (D) was Mayor, and he did a very good job of running the city. He, himself, was a frugal man, and not a money-grubbing corrupt politician like we see too many of today. In those days we had smart, patriotic Democrat leaders like Scoop Jackson and Pat Moynihan. Now we have corrupt Demonrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Richard Daley Sr. made good use of Chicago’s graveyards in getting JFK elected. Daley’s successor, Harold Washington, was Chicago’s first black mayor. By all accounts, Washington would have been a good mayor, but he died at his desk of a heart attack after only three months in office. Richard Daley Jr. then took over; he inherited his father’s political machine and was sort of OK, but leaned to the Dark Side. His successors, all Demonrats, have all been disasters great and small, culminating in Lori Lightfoot who is surely a major disaster. What is the difference? Richard Daley Sr. was totally focussed on the welfare of his city and its citizens, white and black. Today’s leaders are focussed on bending their domains to the Socialist Dream.

  24. Well Waters is shading money & give it to her daughter or who ever else she desires. She should be in prison. Lightfoot a disgusting lesbian & CORRUPT DEMONCRAP. Now with Whitmer she is the niece of George Soros. No wonder she is a SCUMBAG. The speaker of the house needs to be impeached. Newsom is worthless. He learned CHEATING from the speaker of the house/CORRUPT piece of shit. Oh I could go on but make it short ALL DEMOCRAPS ARE CORRUPT/LIARS/CHEATERS & Satan’s followers.

  25. All these deaths – SOMEONE is going to be held accountable. For every innocent child killed I hope 100 hell 1000 – thugs die. I really don’t think the majority will care anymore when it happens either. This is bullshit. I’m sure there are other “activist” arming up as we speak. There will be no sympathy for these thugs as they have brought this on themselves.

  26. Evil is unleashed. Law and order are undermined. When is this going to stop? Only when we honestly admit what that scum is all about and not to be afraid to say it out loud. I don’t know what drives politicians in troubled localities: stupidity, incompetence or a deliberate ill intent to destroy the fabric of this country which can be qualified as treason. Enough of playing with fire already! This lawlessness is far more dangerous than the “pandemic” scare.

  27. Sounds like a place that would benefit from stop & frisk.

  28. The killing will continue as long as Tat mayor is in office and your chief of Police is spineless. The Governor is not concerned about it
    That mayor is Racists in my book and she is supporting the BLM

  29. Gee, whiz, say it ain’t so, Joe? 67 wounded and 14 dead??? Golly, gee, how does that stack up against 62 MILLION MURDERED BY LEGAL INFANTICIDE, A.K.A. ABORTION??? Talk about ignoring the 800 ton gorilla in the room and the silence being visceral!!!

    And we just blithely deposit all concern about their fates into the toities leading to the sewers where their bodies were consumed by the resident vermin?

    Wow, just wow.

    • My God, you can’t be serious. At least the idiots that lost their children to abortion wanted to, what about these folks dumbass?

  30. I think the Far East has something to do with these stories of not printing the truth of the malice in our country.
    We must fight against that evil that is so far from anything good. Those people who shoot children are total evil and should be extinguished. Eliminated off Earth.
    And taking vital parts of people and letting them pass has to be the greatest sin against us. People.
    Stand up and studt

  31. I c can’t imagine what kind of a piece of shit (yes, I said it) would kill a child just to push their Anti-American agenda through. I’m normally a pretty laid back guy buy, whoever was responsible for this, has a special place in Hell reserved just for them. And, given the chance, I’d happily send them there.

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