Left Openly Threatens to Burn Down Restaurant Because It Caters to Police

This Tennessee restaurant decided to cancel a catering gig because they received threats from leftists. Shuford’s Smoke House is the business that was threatened because they had the audacity to accept an order from the boys in blue. According to Shuford’s, leftists told them that they were going to burn the business down if they filled the order.

The angry mobs have won again and this is the sort of nonsense that keeps us wondering where things are going to go from here. WDEF is the Chattanooga CBS affiliate who is reporting on this developing story. The restaurant claims that they are being falsely accused of making a political statement.

They were merely looking to provide food for the Back The Blue rally. In the current climate, restaurants are not really able to pick and choose who they provide service for. There are too many folks out there who are in need of employment for restaurants to play fast and loose like this. To play a bit of devil’s advocate, we would not be surprised if the restaurant had staffers that agreed with the protesters.

Owners of Shuford’s smoke house say organizers of today’s Back the Blue contacted them to order food for the event.

Shuford’s says they accepted the job because they believed it was another opportunity to offer their catering services.

Once it was publicly known they took the job , the business says they have been harassed and threatened on social media.

“It was not donated . It was not a reflection of our opinions -our political views” said Co-owner Madison Davis.

“It was literally just a business transaction and I think that’s where the misunderstanding comes in. We’ve never discriminated on what jobs we take. If someone comes to us with money wanting to buy food, we’re not going to turn away money because we are a business and that’s what we’re trying to run.”

Shuford’s says they cancelled the order because of threats to burn down their business.

That’s probably not too big of a leap to make. It’s not crazy to think that an entire restaurant staff would be comprised of folks with different points of view. We are also willing to bet that they were willing to overlook those views to keep the business running in the proper manner. That’s how life works, especially when so many companies are struggling to keep the lights on.

No one has the luxury of only catering to the businesses or groups that align with their chosen point of view. Sadly, this restaurant was not even able to make the choice for themselves because they were threatened with a fiery attack by leftists. As soon as their acceptance of the job became public, they were subjected to horrific treatment.

Madison Davis is the co-owner of the restaurant and she is speaking out about what took place. The restaurant was merely trying to carry out a business transaction. Davis said that the order was not meant to serve as an extension of their political views. This should have been obvious to everyone but the leftists are never satisfied with these types of explanations.

They believe that their outrage needs to be catered to, every step of the way. It’s gotten to the point where they are now ready to take the food out of people’s mouths if they do not agree with them. As if this were not bad enough, they are now looking to destroy the livelihood of any business that is not willing to play ball with them.

Madison believes that the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and is hoping that the leftists see it her way. If you ask us, she is being much nicer about this than we would have been. We would have dared the leftists to try us and let the chips fall where they may. Obviously, it is better when cooler heads prevail but we are just being honest!

Davis went on to say that she is willing to fill anyone’s order, as long as they are ready to pay. That’s how it should be. Anyone who is looking for restaurants to turn into virtue signaling types are in for a long wait. No establishment can survive with that sort of mentality. Shuford’s may have been forced to cancel this order but other restaurants may not be so accommodating in the future.

What happens if a different restaurant is not scared by the threats? It’s a showdown that is bound to happen sooner or later, regardless of our wishes. There are sure to be a number of confrontations like this in the coming months, as more and more people decide to stand up to the anti police sentiment that continues to spread across the country as we speak.

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    • Dana Sue Gray should be Biden’s VP pick.

    • Madison Davis was not forced to cancel the order. She was intimidated, and if one allows herself to be intimidated by these domestic terrorists, the terrorists wins. Her thinking that “this is all just a misunderstanding” is either extraordinarily naive or dangerously stupid. Did she not call the police to report the threat? Can she not hire security? If the answer is no to these questions, she is already mentally out of business. Until patriots are willing to stand up to these thugs, they are going to continue to use a terrorists primary weapons, fear and intimidation. Old saying: “There is no such thing as a bully unless there is a coward.”

      • Who can help? These people have no heart or soul. They are pure evil.


  2. Time to fight fire with fire.

    • Dana Sue Gray should be Biden’s VP pick.

    • We need thousands to band together and destroy these jackasses! That poop mob needs to be annihilated! Citizens must fight! X vets with guns, clubs, bats, whatever or drop a bomb on that whole cesspool of demons and filthy monsters! God will win in the end! We need to prepare to fight for our country, what’s left of it to restore the union, just like 150 years ago but in reverse! Civil war on ass tifa!

  3. It’s already gotten out of hand and time to recognize this is now a revolution in progress. We either stand up, fight back with every means at our disposal of leftism will take over and destroy everyone in Americas lives black or white.

  4. This thing has gone far beyond too far. It’s time to turn up the heat. It seems all these pos thugs understand is violence so why not give them some. Break out the heavy stuff and let ’em feel it. They’re cowards anyway and don’t have the guts to stand face to face but they are willing to sneak around like vermin and destroy something. Why don’t some of you Tennessee folks break out the squirrel guns.

  5. Should fill the order instead of being intimidated. Who will the next group you’re not allowed to fill be?

  6. Shoot the fucking bastards who tries to shut the restaurant down.

  7. Fight fire with a flame thrower !

  8. Shoot the bastards.

  9. This is a bunch of bullshit can’t believe people are letting these stupid people tell them what they can and can’t do. It’s time to grow some balls and stand up to these assholes. Not to cater food to the men and women who risk their lives everyday to protect us is a disgrace to our officers. Is everyone going to bow to this bullshit and let them take over. GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS

    • amen we need to start a stampead and run them out of the u.s.a not just out of town and don’t buy china goods’ boycott their stores.///////////////buy u.s.a. only even though it may cost a little more ;it will a least jobs will be our people.

  10. This is your new totalitarian , lawless government, voters. Welcome to the dem party’s new enforcement rules. Either comply with these domestic terrorists demands or they’ll burn you business down.

    Won’t it be just great to live this way in the near future? It will be IF you vote for the lawless, eliminate law and order anti-police dem candidates in November. It’s your choice, make it on November 3. Freedom or anarchy the dem party’s been allowing.

  11. Fire with Fire – follow them home and do the thing – follow them to work – to school – to their playgrounds. They must be stopped.

  12. They’re only nervy when you let them be. Keep calling them “the mob”. That’s what they are.
    If you ever get in a bind, make sure the mob knows their time’s coming…
    Sad thing is our government isn’t doing much to get these knuckleheads squashed either.
    The DA looking to arrest a couple for arming themselves against the mob that broke down their gate to get in shows that. Innocent folks, just trying to defend theirs from the mob.
    Add in a few mayors who openly abuse our police on every fake-news channel that’ll listen.
    Well, there’s no mention anywhere that it’s anyone else’s job to protect you. Protect yourself !
    One of the benefits of the constitution is we CAN do that.
    joe biden, diane feinstein, maxine waters, nadler, cortez, sanders, and lyin’ adam schiff stiff haven’t figured a way to stifle that. Yet…

  13. I gust if you don’t stand up for your self then you must be part of them

  14. LOCK and LOAD . . . Aim and FIRE! Don’t FORGET to PROSECUTE these surviving Leftist with the STIFFEST Federal Prison Sentence POSSIBLE. And MAKE sure they pay RESTITUTION in FULL. One Wary and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • What survivors! Shoot them twice and Feed them to the hogs!

    • Seems like you think that some might survive to become an even larger drain to our economy. How could you expect restitution on prison pay or welfare? They would be more beneficial fertilizing somebody’s corn field.

    • Why do you hate America? If you are pro-trump, as you indicate you are, you can’t also be pro-American.

  15. Wow. Really. Are you kidding me? It’s an outrage that these people feel they can have that kind of control. Want to know why they can? Because like everything else, it’s being given to them. That’s right the owners of this restaurant just handed control of their business and their future to the terrorists of the left. Did you tell the police what was happening, if so did they take any action or did they hear about it when you cancelled their order or did you cancel it for some other reason and make this reason up because aligning yourself with the left in Chattanooga will lose way more business than filling the order. I mean really, you don’t have the guts to protect your business, the well being of your family and that of your employees. Your kidding us, right? People have been nice way too long. These people wanting something they think is owed them for something done to others and way too many whites willing to go along , support and bow down to these shit heads. Everyone in this country had better do a gut check. These people don’t give a tinker’s damn about slavery, black lives, white lives or anything thing other than using whatever works to reach their goal of destroying our country and having a socialist society which will be replaced a Muslim dictatorship. There someone has finally had the balls to say it. The deal is I know how this works, how to recognize it and how to combat it. So if we aren’t willing to fight and if necessary to die to defend our way of life , our families and our god given rights we will not have them much longer.

  16. This is hilarious. We find it objectionable that the Restaurant would be threatened and then our comments are to threaten with shooting, flamethrowers, etc. So what we are really saying is that threats of violence are acceptable as long as we are the ones doing the threatening. I do wish that there were more individuals posting comments who could actually make a reasoned and intelligent response. There are a few; but they are few and far between.

    • YOU go ahead and make a reasoned response. 🙂
      Hopefully you get half your sentence in before some little privileged kid dressed in black bounces a brick off your head…
      Don’t you actually know what’s going on ?
      News-people are being chased away, and when they get to ask a question, ANY question, they have an air horn blown in their face.

      The only reason they’re getting away with this nonsense is because someone thinks they can “reason with them”, the police are worried about being fired or arrested for doing their job, by their own mayors, and the sheeple are still in hiding, wondering why this isn’t taken care of FOR THEM…

      • As for seeing what is happening, this is right out of the communist playbook These ” kids” learned this approach in your leftist controlled public schools Destroy the Family, destroy religion, induce panic, get rid of law enforcement and the people will panic asking the Government to take control. Most of those in government are now socialist leaning (thanks to pubic schools). Trump was the last great chance to end this Mark the words of a 70yr old vet you haven’t seen anything yet if the Democrats win in 2020. Cambodia, Venezuela was them getting warmed up.

    • I think you should go to a BLM rally and reason with these thugs! It’s obvious you have not had an encounter with these peaceful protesters or you wouldn’t be able to type with your broken hands, arms or head! Break out of your bubble and come see the real world!!

  17. Locked and loaded it’s what they understand no more mr. nice guy they’ll beat your wife kick your kids while their shopping. Now is the time to take a stand N. N.

  18. SCR*W the terrorists…..Mow them down….businesses need to shoot to kill if these thugs and terrorists come near ther establishments…

  19. That’s why the second amendment was made. Use it. Tell the bastards that you are scared for your life…count 3 and open fire. Shoot the first one to set foot on your property, and don’t stop until you’re out of ammo or they run away.

  20. People are getting sick and tired of this politically correct B S all in the name of “peaceful protests”. so , let me get this straight. If someone has a business and tries to serve the public, whether they be the police or civilian, if these leftists decide your in the cancel culture, then they threaten to burn a business or cause fear and mayhem in the name of a just cause? Give me a friggin break. I think its time to protest groups promoting hate and violence such as Antifa or radical leftists. The officials running the states need to implement laws to have policies in place so people just trying to live and hold their business or position such as a police officer are not intimidated or threatened with violence. This is not a socialist country, but if these anarchists/antagonists are allowed to keep harassing and intimidating society, then it will be. Vote out the Officials who allow this anarchy

  21. Put the bastards on a revolving spit over the red hot coals of the pit, and serve up some real southern barbeque !!

  22. Humpty dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty dumpty had a great fall

  23. Why were bakeries sued and or shut down because they did not make cakes for same-sex marriage. Simple, the fags and dykes were denied something which was offensive to the bakery. Now a restaurant is threatened to be burned down for providing meals to a particular group of customers. Any body or group who comes to my house demanding I take down my flag, paint my house a different color, or some other bull shit , i’m locked and loaded.

  24. These potesters are ow being Terrorist and should be treated as Terrorists, SHOOT THEM

  25. This is way out of control. We need to stand up and do something. This can’y go on. Who the hell do these people think they are and where ARE THE LOSERS GETTING MONEY TO SURVIVE? THE TRASH IS A PACK OF TERRORIST FREELOADERS. WE NEED TO TAKE THEM DOWN!!!

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