Report: Flynn Was Targeted Because He Knew Brennan and Co Were Spending Billions off Books

Sidney Powell paid a recent visit to Vicki McKenna’s radio show and she dropped a major bomb on listeners. Lifezette issued a report about the information as well. For those who are unfamiliar, Sidney Powell served as Michael Flynn’s attorney. As it turns out, Flynn was a deep state target and he knew too much. That’s why he needed to be silenced.

According to Powell, things go even deeper than that. Flynn was on the verge of auditing intelligence agencies because he was well aware of the billions that had been siphoned off by Brennan and company. John Brennan was the CIA director at the time and he was engaged in all sorts of shady dealings. Allow us to find our surprised faces.

“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

When Powell first took over the Flynn case, she noticed a few things that were rather troubling and egregious. The government had yet to inform him about what had been disclosed to his defense team before he issued his plea. The government was also not willing to disclose the true facts associated with the case. In other words, the entire thing was made up and as soon as a legal representative who wasn’t compromised got the chance to take a look at it, this became obvious.

One – he was not properly informed of what the government had even disclosed to his defense lawyers prior to the plea.

Secondly, the government didn’t disclose a fraction of what it should have disclosed (i.e. the whole case was made up).

And three, he was prosecuted and threatened with the prosecution of his son.  That’s how they coerced the guilty plea.  It was just unconscionable conduct to threaten to indict him and his son the very next day and give them the Manafort treatment if he didn’t enter his plea right then, and I’m convinced it’s because they knew right then the press was going to explode with the Strzok-Page text messages and everything.

Flynn’s prosecution was also paired with a horrific threat. His son was going to be prosecuted if he did not cooperate. That’s how they were able to garner the guilty plea. It’s unconscionable for the government to coerce a defendant in this manner. Who wouldn’t say whatever they had to say to save their child from a cumbersome legal procedure that was initiated by someone who did not have their best interests at heart?

It’s a decision that any parent would make and anyone who says that they would have left their child to fend for themselves is a liar. Powell’s revelation makes a lot of sense. It is easy to see why the government was interested in silencing someone who would be willing to expose the corrupt actions of an acting CIA director.

Brennan is just like any other Democrats. Sure, he may say all of the right things about law and order but they are all lies. He can pretend that he on the side of justice but in reality, he’s just looking to line his own politics. Since Flynn was willing to blow the whistle on the whole thing, he had to be silenced. It’s not like Powell has much motivation to lie here.

For the Democrats, this is yet another example of their willingness to use the legal system to benefit themselves. They are only interested in dealing with crimes when they feel like there is a direct benefit to be enjoyed. How is Brennan still walking free, by the way? You would think that the Democrats would have had the same energy for Brennan that they had for Flynn but of course, that was not the case.

Sidney Powell would have never made this sort of allegation if she was unable to prove it. There’s no reason for her to risk her ability to practice law just so that she can stick it to the Democrats. That’s why she went ahead and let the whole world know about what took place. If she was not willing to allow the Democrats to run roughshod over the legal process and she was ready to risk her own reputation to share the news, what does that tell you?

The leftists are going to do everything in their power to speak ill of her but that’s to be expected. It’s par for the course at this point. Flynn is going to need some serious protection going forward. He is going against some of the most dangerous people in the world and if he does not already have a personal security detail, he needs to be obtaining one as quickly as possible….for his own good.