(Video) BLM Publicly Announces Lynching Strategy for NYPD Officers

A Black Lives Matter protester took to the streets yesterday with a message that is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who still considers themselves a supporter of the police. He relayed the message over a megaphone, so there is no doubt about what he was saying and why. “I wanna put my foot on his f—ing neck like he do us,” the man said.

We are still in a state of lockdown and many children have no idea if they are going to be able to attend school in the fall. All of that is fine, though, as long as the progressives are able to take to the streets and demand the murder of police officers. This is Marxism run amok. The Department of Justice needs to get involved before the inevitable happens.

Is the DOJ going to sit on their hands and wait for an officer to be murdered before they finally decide to do something? We hope that’s not the case but it is hard to figure out what their strategy would be otherwise. The rule of law has gone out the window. Left wing terrorists are roaming the streets with absolute impunity.

Social distancing does not matter anyone, apparently. Just a few weeks ago, anyone who was willing to gather in a large crowd was a big old meanie who did not care about potentially killing off someone’s grandparents. It’s funny how all of those rules and stipulations melted away once the liberals decided that they needed to take to the streets.

Sure, there are some who will say that their reasoning is just and that they are not looking to party. They are fighting against inequalities. But if this is the case, when does it end? The people who wanted to argue against the stay at home orders are wrong but those who are willing to fight for different causes are right. That’s what the rest of the nation is being told at the moment.

This mentality has created an environment where people see no problem with taking to the streets to shout about lynching the police. It’s terrifying to anyone with a pulse and those who are not worried need to remove their heads from their sphincters. Liberals have a strange way of acting like the problems that affect society as a whole are not theirs to worry about.

Seattle has already taught them a serious lesson. The liberal leaders there have allowed their city to be taken over by the progressives and wouldn’t you know it? Shootings are now taking place on a regular basis inside of their autonomous zone. Sure, their mayor may have finally gotten up off her duff to do something about it but not until multiple people have been shot and killed.

People who are looking to get back to work are facing jail time and fines. What about those who are marching in the streets, demanding the death of police officers? No one seems to care if these people are reprimanded at all. The videos that we have been seeing are quite chilling and we hope that everyone is able to remain safe during this nationwide free for all.

Anyone who wants to yell anti police slogans through a megaphone is free to do so. Anyone who wants to run around and tear down statues is also free to do so. Meanwhile, anyone who is looking to earn some money or regain a semblance of normalcy is treated like a leper. It’s truly an upside down world that we are living in these days.

The man in this clip said what he wanted to say, with no fear whatsoever. Free speech is great but people also have the ability to respond to what you say in the way that they see fit. This is definitely something that has been lost on the liberals as of late.