Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Mob Violence and Murder

Mike Lee decided to put his cards on the table recently. He has grown weary of the Democrats and elected to finally do something about it. They were dared to block woke riots’ denunciation. Can you believe that they actually did? Bob Menendez is the one who stepped up to the plate, though. He objected and kept them from having to face the consequences that they have created. That kept them from actually having to get their own hands dirty in the process.

The rest of the caucus is not going to want to touch this one with a ten foot pole. If you would like to read Lee’s entire resolution, it is well worth your time. A Provo, Utah driver was attacked during a Black Lives Matter protest, which did not sit well with Lee. He wants to make sure that the looters and rioters are considered separately from the good, honest folks who are merely exercising their constitutional right to protest.

That should have made it easier for the Democrats to offer their support. After all, this is exactly what they wanted. They claimed that they merely wanted to protect the constitutional rights of those who are protesting. From where we are sitting, it seems like they are merely trying to cover for their enjoyment of the violence.

So why did Menendez feel the need to come forward and object to it? No one seems to know what his actual problem was. One of his complaints was centered around slavery era concerns. He believes that these concerns are not being properly addressed. Menendez also wanted to make sure that Trump was held accountable for violence that is taking place.

Whereas America’s law enforcement officers do an extremely difficult job extremely well, and despite the inexcusable misconduct of some, the overwhelming majority of such officers are honest, courageous, patriotic, and rightfully honored public servants

In his mind, the president is inciting violence and he wanted to include a provision that would make the voting process as painful as possible for the GOP. Lee was not willing to go along with this, claiming that it is very difficult for public officials to be criticized. Menendez and the Democrats probably tossed their cookies when they got to the part that Lee added about law enforcement officials.

Most leftists would have probably issued a generic condemnation of the mob violence, just to make things look good. Biden has already done so and his approval rating has not dipped at all. The leftists seem to have a pretty good understanding of who is saying what and why they are saying it. However, agreeing with a resolution that was written by the GOP is a probably a bridge too far for them.

Progressives are currently trying their best to push the defund narrative and police departments cannot be praised on their watch. If they signed something that was written by the GOP in praise of the police, they would probably never hear the end of it from their base. The Democrats are not about to participate in anything that would be considered a form of cancel culture, that is for sure.

The “woke” party has decided to opt against the idea of coming right out and saying that riots are wrong and bad. This is where we have landed as a country. One side is doing everything in their power to put a stop to the violence, while the other side does everything that they can to make sure that the issues continue taking place.

Menendez was not content to stand in the way of Lee’s resolution, he took it a step further by asking for a formal reprimand. Of course, that was never going to happen but you can’t blame the guy for being ready to try anything. The Democrats will throw everything at the wall, in hopes that something will actually stick. We wish them the best of luck with that.

That way, they can do their Weekend At Bernie’s routine with Joe Biden and act like he is the magical elixir for all of this nation’s issues.