Toronto BLM Leader Calls White People “Subhuman” and “Genetically Defect”

Yusra Khogali is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Toronto but she has found herself in the news for different reasons lately. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she referred to white people as a “genetic defect of blackness”. If she felt so strongly about this, why did she delete the post once she started to feel the heat on social media?

In another Facebook post, Khogali went on to call white skin subhuman. She even called white people “recessive genetic defects”. Khogali believes that black people could simply use their dominant genes to wipe out the white race, if it comes to that. We wonder who taught her about genetics but that is another story for another time.

This would be scientists went on to say that white people’s “higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors” were to blame for their suppressed melanin production. She believes that melanin is linked to better bone structure, hearing and vision. Khogali was not content to stop there. She also said that melanin directly communicates with cosmic energies.

Her rants about white people were not limited to Facebook, either. The Twitter universe was also treated to a diatribe about her desire to kill white people. She even asked for the strength of Allah to keep her from doing so. Many of these posts are from 2016, which implies that she may be thinking a bit differently now.

Regular Twitter users know that this is not how the game works, though. If you are found to have had opinions that people do not agree with, it does not matter if the tweet has been deleted or if the person has evolved when it comes to their viewpoints. They are raked over the coals as if it just happened yesterday and threatened with the loss of their career.

That’s the way that the liberals have wanted to play it for a long time now. As soon as these actions work against them, they are the first to cry foul. Khogali knew that these tweets would come back to haunt her one day and she even penned a column for the Toronto Star. “Somehow a tweet I wrote out of anger months before our protest began has become a bigger media story than our protest’s many and profound accomplishments,” she said at the time.

The noise that surrounded her tweet was enough to drown out the positive effects of the protests, or so she claimed. The New York chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement has also found themselves in hot water over recent comments that were deemed to be a terrorist threat. The mainstream media is completely controlled by the Democrats and no one seems willing to call these people out.

Anyone who criticizes anything that is done by a Black Lives Matter protester is called a racist. The leftists are terrified of these accusations and that’s why they hide their feelings. They feel like they should just go along with whatever is being said so that they can fit in. As a result, no one ever says what they really think. Instead, they are more willing to go with the flow and never question anything.

The nation is in a dangerous place and in a small way, it is almost comforting to see that these issues have such a profound effect on the rest of the world. Americans are often led to believe that the rest of the world has achieved racial utopia. We are told that everyone else is so much more advanced on these topics than we are.

Canadians are often fond of acting like they have solved racism but they clearly have a long way to go if these are the kinds of fights that they are having. Hopefully, Khogali has realized that her words have more power than she may have realized. After all, the reactions would be much different if the situations were reversed.