Ultimate Insult: NYC Dems Want Cops to Buy Their Own Liability Insurance or Get Fired

New York City has decided that they are going to slash their city’s police budget considerably. Since the money is going to be redistributed to various causes that are related to social justice, many are wondering how that deficit is going to be handled going forward. We are getting our first glimpse into the new world order and it is not pleasant.

Once the crime rates in New York City start to skyrocket, we do not want to hear any complaining from the peanut gallery. This is what they are asking for and this is what they are going to get. City Hall has decided that they are standing with the folks who believe that the police need to lose their funding.

People are going to get very litigious once they are forced to deal with the insanity that will take place. The worst part of all is that the budget cuts will lead to all sorts of issues for the police. Can you believe that they are going to be asked to obtain their own liability insurance going forward? We all knew that the money had to come from somewhere but this is a bizarre turn of events.

State lawmakers are churning out more proposed laws to hold cops accountable for misconduct.

A bill introduced by state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) would require police officers to obtain personal liability insurance to cover civil lawsuits filed against them for excessive force and other abuses as a way to deter misconduct.

Under current law, cops who are sued are represented by the city law department and taxpayers foot the bill for any verdict or settlement.

Biaggi’s proposal would require each officer to obtain individual liability insurance. The city or other local governments would still be required to cover the basic insurance policy to cover tort litigation costs.

This is how the elders believe things should go, so here we are. On one hand, we believe that the city may be onto something. Since no one is going to be kept safe anymore and the lawsuits are sure to start pouring in, the city will need all of the money that they saved to deal with them. While the idea has not been locked into place as of yet, the New York state legislative representatives are already looking into it.

Police officers should be held accountable for any and all misconduct that takes place while they are in the line of duty. That does not mean that they should be left without any protection at all, though. If this legislature is added to the docket in New York state, officers would essentially be left to fend for themselves. Anyone and everyone could accuse them of misconduct and their personal liability insurance policies would only continue to skyrocket.

Tort litigation costs would still be covered by the state government in these instances, which allows the police officers to breathe a very small sigh of relief. The idea of forcing the police to deal with the financial consequences that are associated with misconduct is one of those ideas that sounds much better on paper than it does in execution.

What happens when the first office is immediately bankrupted by a series of false allegations? People would have the ability to unfairly target officers that they do not like and that should not be the goal of police reform. When the unfounded claims against police officers start to pile up and destroy the justice system as we know it, the same people who were all for this will change their tunes rather quickly.

There are also those who believe that police officers are being treated like second class citizens. The initiative that is being discussed right now is going to cause way more problems than it solves. There are other bills like this one being put on the table all over the country, which should scare anyone who truly believes in the rule of law. That does not mean that we are willing to excuse the actions of officers who murder in cold blood.

They need to be held responsible for their actions and that is all there is to it. Does that mean that we support the idea of offering people an incentive to lie about the actions of various police officers? No. Anyone with half a brain can probably tell how this one is going to work. When New York City officials are up to their necks in frivolous lawsuits, they will wonder why they did not listen to the people who expressed their alarm.