Watch: This Is What Teaching Will Look Like If Dems Get Their Way

If CDC guidelines are adhered to, parents all over the country are going to be struggling to teach their little ones. This should be obvious to anyone but the Democrats are still standing in the way. Conservative Mama is here to provide a much needed moment of levity during all of the serious discussions, though. The clip is designed to show us what teaching is going to look like if the Democrats are able to get their way.

She’s such a gifted performer, it’s a shame that her clips are limited to the Internet. With any luck, she’ll get her own TV show when this is all said and done. The fall schedule is probably going to be pretty barren anyway. We could use some new shows to watch once we are done binge watching all of our old favorites, that is for sure.

All jokes aside, this clip offers a fascinating glimpse into what the nation’s school systems will look like if the CDC guidelines are followed to the letter. Our children need to get back to school and they need to learn in an environment that is safe and clean. If they are unable to do so, who knows what type of effect a prolonged delay will have on their development?

This is not a question that parents are willing to find out more about. That’s why Conservative Mama’s video has struck such a nerve. Parents all over the world are waiting and hoping that they can send their kids back in school. Americans are especially concerned because the coronavirus is far from under control.

Since there is not going to be a vaccine that is readily available by the time September rolls around, schools and parents are going to have to be creative to keep their children safe. While Conservative Mama’s video is meant to be a joke, it underscores the challenges that educators are going to face. It is already tough enough to keep kids focused and on task when they are in school.

Now, teachers are being asked to contend with a whole new set of issues. Children are not going to want to wear their masks and masks also provide ample opportunity for mischief. Teachers should not have to deal with these concerns. It’s not like any of the parents who are dying to get their children back out of the house are going to want to pay more for the privilege.

Teachers weren’t paid enough before the pandemic took place and they certainly aren’t going to be paid enough to worry about all of these CDC guidelines. We hope that the video shows people the futility of trying to make children follow such rules. Many parents are probably going to opt to home school their children if they are too afraid to send them to school.

As for the schools themselves, they are being threatened by President Trump if they do not open their doors. They will have their federal funding taken away from them in these instances. It remains to be seen if Trump can actually go through with this threat or if schools are going to give into the pressure to open. We suppose that the situations will vary from state to state.

For example, Montana students and parents will probably feel a bit safer than students who are being asked to go back to school in one of the COVID-19 hot spots. Florida and Texas students and parents are probably a bit more worried than parents who reside in other states and it is hard to blame them.

Over the next month or so, the debate about trying to send children back to school will continue to rage on. Be sure to follow Conservative Mommy on Twitter, so that you can check out more of her hilarious videos. She’s one of our favorite Twitter accounts and she always has us in stitches.