NYC Bans All Gatherings Except Violent BLM Riots and Looting of Course

Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray recently decided to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place in New York City. The beleaguered mayor has found himself in hot water over and over again ever since the riots began. That’s probably why he decided to partake in this event.

Activists painted “Black Lives Matter” on one of the streets in front of Trump Tower. This is fairly tone deaf when citizens are wondering when businesses will actually open and violence is soaring throughout the city. It makes them wonder if the mayor is actually on their side or if he is looking for another photo op.

This Communist mayor was more than happy with his decision and he headed to CNN’s airwaves to crow about it. He told Wolf Blitzer that all large gatherings are going to be banned in New York City going forward. Of course, this does not include the protests or riots. These folks can still gather in the streets on an everyday basis, if they so choose.

Concerts, fairs and parades are going to be canceled through the month of September. To his credit, De Blasio is putting together a plan to get kids back into schools, albeit on a more limited basis. New York City’s summer has effectively been canceled. The Black Lives Matter protesters are the only ones who have rights in New York City.

Everyone else is stuck fending for themselves. If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, that’s because it is. Wolf Blitzer did not seem to worried, either. His big concern was centered around the US Open. He’s just hoping to see one of his favorite tennis tournaments and this is symbolic. No one seems to mind what is happening in New York City because it does not actually affect their day to day.

New York City residents are going to start leaving in droves, if they haven’t already. Why would anyone want to live in a city that does not take their basic rights seriously? If mass gatherings are okay for the rioters, why should anyone else be forced to stay indoors? When the counter protests start again and people want to know why they can’t have the same rights as the folks who are smashing up the city, De Blasio will be the first to cry foul.

The liberal leadership in cities like these are biting far more than they can chew. Sure, it may look nice to see a mayor standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters but it is purely a political move. De Blasio will backtrack on everything that he is saying at the first sign of push back from his voting base.

Right now, he’s playing a deadly game of chicken with the local police officers. On one hand, he wants to make sure that the city remains safe. On the other, he is telling the police to stand down. These are opposing goals that cannot both be met and De Blasio knows it deep down. That’s why he is doing whatever he can to buy himself some time and keep the anti police contingent off his back.

New York City is being turned into a Democratic utopia (translation: hell hole) right before our very eyes. De Blasio seems far more concerned with pandering to the leftists who are tearing up his streets than the people who are being displaced by the rioters. He’s putting all of his eggs in the liberal basket and we will see how that strategy serves him when the next election rolls around.

By then, he will be doing whatever he can to walk back his latest comments. He’ll want to make sure that he can appeal to both sides of the aisle, as this is something that any self respecting politician cares deeply about. We wish the mayor the best of luck with that endeavor. He is certainly going to need it.