BLM Supporters Shoot First, Ask Questions Never

There’s something to be said about civil discourse. Let’s have a conversation and work out our problems. Let’s see if we can’t compromise or help one side learn more about where the other side is coming from.

Supporters of Black Lives Matter have shown that they aren’t interested in civil discourse.

They don’t want to ask questions or get to know why a person says what they say. Instead, they shoot and walk away. With a clear conscience, too, because they don’t see anything wrong with their approach. That, alone, should explain that BLM isn’t focused solely on police reform as they claim to be.

An Indiana woman was shot and killed following an argument with supporters of BLM. Why? Because those who are a part of BLM have no problem with killing people who can’t agree that only black lives matter in today’s world.

Jessica Doty Whitaker, a 24-year-old woman, was walking the Indianapolis Canal Walk with her fiancé and two others around 3 a.m. following the night of 4th of July. Someone in the group used a racial slur among the conversation they were having.

Strangers nearby heard the comment and confronted Whitaker and her group. Jose Ramirez, Whitaker’s fiancé, identified that the group yelled, “Black Lives Matter.” Someone in the group, Whitaker or another, responded with “All Lives Matter.”

The “All Lives Matter” response is a trigger to many of the BLM supporters. They don’t want to acknowledge that every life matters – only black ones. What they somehow miss is that “all” encompasses black. They want it to be all about them, and they’ll commit cold-blooded murder to get people to understand that.

Rather than walking away after the spat, a clear misunderstanding of how one group believes in Black Lives Matter while others say that All Lives Matter, the BLM protesters walked away with a chip on their shoulder.

Minutes later, those same protesters opened fire from nearby. Whitaker was struck while the BLM group ran away.

Ramirez said that he thought the argument was cleared up. Instead, they sat on St. Clair and waited for the group to pass. Ramirez also admitted that he returned fire but did not hit anyone.

Whitaker was killed. All because those who support BLM don’t know how to allow people to remain if they have a different viewpoint. Ramirez says that the hardest part is that he has to explain to Whitaker’s three-year-old son what happened.

Unfortunately, Whitaker’s death isn’t the only death that has occurred in the Indianapolis canal area in the past month. The local police have acknowledged that they will increase patrols in the area during the overnight hours. Luckily, their budgets haven’t been cut (yet), allowing them to increase patrols.

Meanwhile, there are countless other deaths similar to what happened to Whitaker happening all across the United States.

Those who are not only supporting and defending Black Lives Matter but also on the front lines protesting in the name of BLM have sent a clear message. They’re not interested in talking it out. They’re not interested in hearing your viewpoint. They don’t believe in allowing people to have different thoughts on the subject. If they hear that you disagree with them, they will shoot to kill. And, because they’ve been so vocal about cutting budgets for the police, they will probably get away with it, too.

When did it become okay to not be able to talk about differences? How are any of us supposed to learn from each other if we cannot talk?

The Black Lives Matter group has managed to silence so many into submission because of their ability to commit murder and get away with it. Yet, the Dems keep playing right into their hands, cutting away police budgets to make it easier for the murders to happen.

This is putting a whole new meaning to the idiom of shoot first and ask questions later. BLM is shooting to kill, so questions will never happen.