Is This Real? Twitter Censors Images of Bean Cans as “Sensitive Content” Because They Are Goya

The Democrats and the cancel culture police are coming together to censor the rest of us once again. This time around, you won’t believe what they are teaming up against. Goya Foods is their target and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so ridiculous. When Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue decided to praise Trump, the leftists bared their fangs and went for the kill.

Democrats have elected to start boycotting all of the company’s products. We highly doubt that they were even using them in the first place but bear with us here. They are making sure that everyone knows they stand against anyone who stands with Trump. In their infinite genius, they are even suggesting that people purchase the items and donate them to their local pantry.

What sense does that even make? If you are boycotting a company, you do not spend any money with them for any reason. For example, let’s say that you are boycotting Starbucks. It’s not a coffee shop that we would be frequenting anyway but follow along if you can. If that is the case, you’re probably not going to go to Starbucks and buy a bunch of coffees to pass out on the street.

That is not how the Democrats operate, though. They are more interested in signaling their virtue. Twitter users were willing to jump into the fray almost immediately, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one whatsoever. That’s how that site (or app, depending on your personal browsing tastes) works. People find something to be mad about and work backwards from there.

The same people who have probably never consumed any Goya products in their life are now acting like they are going to cause the company real harm. We are sure that Goya is shaking in their boots about this one.
“Oh no, a bunch of smug white leftists who have never purchased our products are mad. We had better think long and hard about what we have done,” said no company ever.

Twitter has taken the nonsensical behavior to a whole new level. They are now censoring any images that contain Goya products. The company is probably banking on the fact that they are Trump’s preferred communication medium. What are they going to do when that goodwill runs out? That is something that they have to think about. Eventually, Trump’s patience with their shenanigans is going to run out and they will be left holding the bag.

They had better hope that the leftists are still able to support them once they have finally been canceled by the Trump administration. The MRC Latino account was one of the first to point out the silliness and we are already laughing. They pointed out the amazing levels of sensitivity that are on display here. The hysterical left never stops trying to top themselves, that is for sure.

Something is happening here and we are not sure what. Even a clearly satirical post that contained an image of Goya cans wearing a MAGA hat was censored. People cannot take a joke anymore and Twitter is leading the charge. The same site that allowed themselves to become a never ending snark factory is now trying to put a stop to people making jokes.

Cancel culture has come for the foods in your pantry. After the CEO of Goya Foods risked controversy to express his support for President Donald Trump, Twitter has mysteriously censored two images of Goya Foods.

MRC Latino’s official Twitter account asked on July 11, “Why is Twitter placing warning labels on a picture of a stack of adobo Goya? To whom is SEASONING ‘sensitive content’?” A massive boycott was launched against Goya Foods after its CEO Robert Unanue gave a speech at the White House Rose Garden this past Thursday. Unanue proclaimed that Trump was “a builder,” like his own illustrious grandfather, and called for Americans to pray for their president…

…A Twitter user responded by tweeting an image of stacked Goya adobo canisters July 11. A Day prior, the same user posted a can of Goya’s black beans wearing a MAGA hat. Twitter censored both posts, placing an interstitial, or filter, on them and  suggesting the images contained “potentially sensitive content.”

The irony is so thick, you could almost choke on it. Twitter was perfectly fine with enjoying the notoriety associated with allowing Trump to use their platform but now they are trying to change their tune. The sensitivity that they are displaying is funny to most of us but we can see why Trump and his administration are getting annoyed.

It’s not like the Goya CEO said or did anything wrong. All he did was provide his honest opinion about the current president. Nowadays, that is all it takes to wind up on the wrong side of the news cycle. We wish the left the best of luck with their boycott, though.