US Navy Stands Their Ground in South China Sea Against China’s Aggression

China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea have been summarily rejected by the United States. The United States State Department has denied the claims that are being made by the PRC. They do not have any rights to any of the territory outside of the 12 mile nautical limit. Beijing’s claim to the territory was found to be unlawful and incoherent.

Sec. Pompeo offered up a statement on the matter and no words were minced. The Chinese are not going to be able to treat the South China Sea as their own personal empire. The nation’s allies in Southeast Asia are certainly breathing a sigh of relief. Their rights need to be remain protected, even when the Chinese are not willing to do so.

The freedom of the seas will remain protected at all times. These are not mere words, either. The United States is putting its considerable military might to good use. A United States Navy destroyer decided to conduct a freedom of navigation operation recently. Ralph Johnson is the United States warship that was sent into the South China Sea.

The Spratly Islands have been modified by the Chinese, as they look for ways to bolster their own military presence. Runways for various aircraft have been added and there are more weapons in these locations than ever before. It is easy to see why the United States felt the need to get involved in this region as quickly as possible.

Without our assistance, the Chinese would have continued to bully the nations that are trying to survive in this region. When two different U.S. carrier strike groups decided to operate in this area earlier in the month, the Chinese were quick to claim that the groups were only allowed to operate at their pleasure. This is the type of misinformation that they love to dabble in.

The Navy was not pleased by the idea that they are only allowed to operate “at the pleasure” of the Chinese. That’s why they took to Twitter immediately. It’s sad that this has become the new battleground online but here we are. The Chinese love using their social media networks to spread lies and half truths and they do not like being corrected.

They are going to have to get used to it. This is simply how things work when you decide to lie about your level of involvement. Now, the Chinese are trying to flip things around and blame the United States for what is taking place. They believe that the United States is responsible for trying to incite a confrontation. How can this be true, though?

The Chinese decided that they wanted to engage in the sort of posturing that leads to major problems later on. You can’t puff your chest out, attempt to take over the high seas and try to play the victim later on. “Under the pretext of preserving stability, it is flexing muscles, stirring up tension and inciting confrontation in the region,” said the Chinese embassy.

It’s a good thing that there are countries like ours that are willing to stand up to the bullies. No one is stopping to consider Hong Kong during all of this because that’s how the Chinese want it. Their attempts at expanding their territory are not usually met with much resistance. That’s why they are so stunned by the idea that someone would step up to the plate. The United States is not here to be pushed around.

A dispute like this one is not going to be going away anytime soon. The United States and China have had no shortage of disagreements over the past few years. Many expert analysts believe that there is something of a cold war going on between the two countries. While no one can predict what is going to happen next, we stand with the nations that have been adversely affected by what is taking place in the South China Sea.