BLM Protests Once Again Turn Violent, Injures 4 NYPD Officers

New York City leaders and residents are starting to become truly concerned with the rash of violence that is currently taking place. A pro-police march had been scheduled to head across the Brooklyn Bridge, raising awareness about their concerns. Faith leaders led the march, in hopes of talking some sense into the protesters that are tearing the city apart.

Of course, a counter-protest took place during the march and now multiple officers have been injured. Four officers were wounded as a result of the altercation. Chief of Department Terence Monahan is among the officers who were injured. There is no information about any charges that has been made immediately available.

The pro-police group simply wants to put a stop to the violence, while the counter-protests are looking to continue it. The Black Lives Matter protesters that have been camping out by City Hall saw their chance and they took it. They blocked the marchers and the police issued various warnings to the crowd. When they were not willing to move, arrests were eventually made.

Officers are also accused of roughing up protesters. A photo is already circulating of one of the counter-protesters being grabbed by their hair by one of the officers in question. Those who would like to see video of the arrests are welcome to watch the clip of what took place during these dueling protests.

This is what America has become now: two different groups with completely different goals and objectives, constantly fighting with one another. At some point during this whole mess, someone even showed up with a cane and started swinging it at the officers as hard as they could. What was that going to accomplish?

It’s like people want brownie points for being violent to the police and no one is willing to give them out. The attacker was finally willing to settle down once an officer decided to point a taser in their direction. The video that was released by the officers in question is disturbing, to say the least. These officers deserve to have the ability to protest. Progressives should not have a monopoly on who can and cannot protest current conditions.

That’s why the police are releasing the photos of the damages that took place and the injuries that they suffered. They want the world to know what they are going through on a daily basis. We fully understand where they are coming from there. There are many officers who are simply trying their best to do their jobs and they are not looking to harm anyone. The progressives do not realize that.

They want to paint all officers as evil, so that they are able to swindle the general public into their way of thinking. Chief Monahan was even willing to stand with the Black Lives Matter protesters last month. Someone tell that to the crazed maniac who was swinging a club in his direction. They had no idea that the Chief had taken a knee with the protesters, they just wanted to swing first and ask questions later.

The news reports from this protest are disconcerting. The police are already battling against the perception that they need to lose their funding. Now, they are unable to engage in counter-protests without being treated as villains. If the citizens of this country can protest on a regular basis and their rights remain protected, everyone deserves the chance to enjoy that same right.

That’s not how it works with the progressives. They are the only ones who can protest or speak out. Anyone else who does is met with violence and scorn. That’s not the way that civil discourse works but judging from the most recent actions of the hysterical left, we are well past that point. We just hope that all of the liberals are prepared for whatever is about to come their way next.