Minneapolis Protests Turn Into Shooting Gallery. More Than Two Dozen Shots Fired

Minneapolis has seen untold amounts of death and destruction since the death of George Floyd. The rioting has not stopped since. There have been breaks in the action but they never seem to last very long. Unfortunately, a false report led to mass outrage and people reacted before they had a chance to hear the correction.

What was originally reported as a fatal police shooting was actually a suicide. That did not stop people from taking to the streets anyway. Police were approaching a resident when he happened to pull out a gun and end his own life. A tragic situation, of course, but no reason to start rioting once again.

The police were immediately blamed. No one bothered to track down any more information about the shooting. It was assumed that the officers had murdered the man. All it takes is a false rumor to lead to widespread rioting and looting at this point. It’s terrifying, to say the least. The Minneapolis Police Department did not exactly help matters, either.

In order to clear their own names, they released a video of what had taken place. While we understand where they were coming from, there’s never really a good time to release a clip of someone else’s suicide. Local newspapers have already realized the error of this decision, taking the video down and issuing the necessary warnings about public safety.

Later in the evening, things somehow went from bad to worse. Over two dozen shots were fired by the protesters. The initial reports claimed that the shots had been fired directly at police officers but there was no confirmation. There is precious little information being offered about the shooting at the moment.

The anti government militia groups were on the scene, as the Boogaloo Boys threatened to take decisive action if the officers harmed any of the protesters. Many businesses in the city have been looted and destroyed. The police have also announced that they are no longer able to assist those who are in need of help in this area.

Anyone who was injured as a result of these protests will be brought to the hospital, instead of receiving assistance from the authorities. The situation is ongoing and more updates will be provided as we receive them. With any luck, the true story is going to be given a chance to circulate and things are going to calm down a bit.

This provides little solace to the business owners and residents of Minneapolis who are not involved in the riots. Whenever these incidents happen, cities are being torn apart before anyone even has a chance to learn more about the facts. This story offers a chilling glimpse into what can happen when false rumors are accepted as fact.

We always knew that it would come to this one day. Someone would spread a false rumor online about officers targeting an innocent civilian and things would be burned to the ground before anyone had a chance to find out what was really going on. What truly worries us is that this is the beginning of the end. No one is ever going to want the real facts when they can allow their emotions to carry the day.

None of these people are going to be offering any apologies for what took place. They are not going to be there to help the business owners pick up the pieces or assist those who have been displaced by the fires. It’s all a big game to them. These folks have been protesting for three months now, causing damages that will never be repaired and creating scars that simply won’t heal.

The mainstream media did not offer any reports on this story because the liberals overreacted and that doesn’t make for good ratings. If they can’t tell people what they want to hear, they don’t speak at all. Minneapolis is continuing to suffer because of this liberal bias.