The United States of America exists as a place where people worldwide can come and begin a new life without the terrors that they would leave behind. It is where ideals and thoughts are free to fly, being a part of the American Dream. At Right Wing 247, our mission is to make sure that these freedoms are never taken away by the controlling liberals seeking to destroy America from the inside out. 

The liberal media is the outlet that is used to push anti-American ideals and thoughts on people. The poison is well-hidden in a barrage of stories and news reports made-up by the left-wing liberals. They constantly tell people want and how to believe. And they even make up data that they push off as fact. Right Wing 247 exists to tell the other side of those stories and reports. 

We are dedicated to providing every American citizen with news and reports that the media fails to report. We make sure to check their news for accuracy and that they are indeed giving an unbiased report. And when they fail, we provide accuracy and source material in an honest and timely fashion. We make sure the conservatives in America have a voice that is heard. 

The liberals pay their media brothers and sisters to come up with fake news. They make sure that they tell only the parts of a story that perpetuates their liberal ideology. But here are Right Wing 247; we take those stories and tell the rest of it, so each American has a complete picture to base their opinion and voice on. 

We believe that only the truth should be told. There is no room for opinionated stories that are not factually based. The mainstream media loves to fashion their reports in this manner. But at Right Wing 247, we desire to continue to counter and fight against the liberal evil trying to take over America.